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Monday’s Poem: The Moon

We had a New Moon in Virgo last week, the subject of a couple of my posts. And as I mentioned I am fond of tracking and very attuned to the moon. Grandmother has been the subject and object of many poets through the ages. I am not immune to her pull on my inner waters! So, to celebrate her waxing time, I offer this:

The Moon

The moon waxes
Reminding us of the
Fullness of time.

The moon climbs
Reminding us of the
Need for effort.

The moon shines
Reminding us of our
Inner work.

The moon wanes
Reminding us that our
Fullness ends.

The moon sets
Reminding us of the
Need for rest.

The moon hides
Reminding us of the
Inner dark.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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