This Issue of Balance

Yesterday I posted a message I channeled from The Divine Feminine as a response to Rosemary’s post from them the day before. And as I look back on it I realize I have been receiving a lot of information on balance lately. What’s going on?

Here’s the key quote from The Divine Feminine:

The Goddess is in you just as the God is in us. We are inseparable yet dual. We inter-penetrate one another, affirm one another, in fact, manifest one another. And there is the problem with the dual nature of existence, of consciousness, just as there is a necessity to it. Often there is an imbalance in our natures. In you men, when the masculine over-powers the feminine, there is too much action, too much aggression. When the feminine over-powers the masculine there is too much inaction, too much passivity. The mirror image of this imbalance is true for women.

While all of existence has this dual nature, it is the imbalances in that duality that are the root of difficulties. Restoring balance is critical to righting the wrong in everything, from paddling a canoe to improving one’s health; from improving one’s relationship to re-opening the Federal government of the US.

Interestingly we don’t wish for a static balance either; in this case there is no change, no dynamic to press for the evolution of consciousness. So, there is a need for some disturbance to balance to power progress. The dynamic seesaw of restoring, losing, restoring balance generates the spiral of evolution. Balance is desired; imbalance is required. But an over-imbalance can also lead to arrested development.

In my lifetime there have been a number of wars fought around the world over little and large territories and ideologies. I was nearly drafted into one such war, in Viet Nam, in which nothing at all was gained and so much lost. I believe The Divine Feminine was addressing this type of imbalance when they spoke of too much action, too much aggression. The predominance of war in the past 70 years is all about this imbalance. And I can only hope that the return of The Divine Feminine to power can begin to restore a balance and channel resources toward a more creative energy and away from this destructive energy of conflict.

We are in the Astrological Sign of Libra. This is about balance. For the New Moon in Libra I cast an I Ching Gua (or hexagram) that translates as “Little Exceeding.” (see Monday’s post). This divination for the month is about following the middle way – follow the way of balance.

How do we do this? Practice awareness. Go back to the practices that work for you, whether they are some form of meditation, a form of physical exercise (yoga, qigong, jogging) that leads you into a state of awareness, activities that bring you into the present moment, like creating ritual space. Just take a breath and do a quick “gut check” to ask yourself if you are feeling balanced in the present moment; and if not, take another breath to see what balance might feel like.

And don’t expect to remain there fully present and in balance 100% of the time! There are many sources of distraction, many events in a day that throw us off balance. These events and sources are our teachers; we learn from them and then we breathe and come back to balance.

Balance is the key. How do you restore balance in your life?

PS: If you are in the Annapolis, Maryland area, I am beginning a new series of Qigong classes next Monday, October 14. Check details here.

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