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ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Love Energy + 3rd Eye Energy = Transformation

Every human on Planet Earth is responsible for their own personal growth as well as their contribution to the evolution of human consciousness.

And, as every entrepreneur knows, working on yourself is working on your business. Everything boils down to personal transformation and the continuation of a path of personal growth.

Relationships depend on growth or they stagnate. Careers, businesses, parenting skills, partnerships, education – all require that there be learning and growth to succeed.

Are you committed to your own personal growth and transformation? Do you know how to do that? Are you willing to ask for help or start learning some new ways to grow?

Let’s start with the energy of Love at the heart center level. Self-Love starts with an acceptance of who you are, right now, right here, just as you are. In this place you can reach the elevated level of Love vibration. If you have self-doubt or self-criticism you anchor your heart energy to a lower vibration.

What do you know about your 3rd Eye? It is in your forehead between your eyebrows and connects you to the higher wisdom in the Universe. This is your antenna. It is not just an idea but an energy center that vibrates at a high enough frequency to connect you to the wisdom vibration.

Think about the power of connecting these two centers, allowing two high vibrational energy frequencies to unite. The power is the energy of transformation. And YOU transform YOURSELF!

Through meditation, soul work, counseling, shamanic/spiritual healing and other spiritual technologies you can clear away blocks and lift your vibration to these higher level frequencies. If you practice regularly, you can grow and expand on this path of transformation.

The wisdom of transformation abounds in the Universe but it is your job to find a connection to that wisdom. Love energy is the glue that holds the Universe together and Self-Love is the greatest appreciation of the gift of your life that you can show the Universe.

On a personal level, when you connect two energy centers in your energy body, you lift the vibrational frequency of your whole field. Does this all sound a bit woo-woo to you? Frankly, it’s not. You have an ability to connect to wisdom in the Universe and this description speaks to the ‘receiver’ in your head as your crystal radio. Tune the dial and hear the Wisdom Show!

Love? That’s not woo-woo. It just is. Love is the attracting force of the Universe. Love is not a romantic thought or Valentine’s Day feeling. Love is an energetic force that has great power in our lives and in our societies.

Now combine these frequencies and feel the power of the shift we call ‘Transformation.’

Transformation is the energy, the engine of evolution because it is such a powerful energy. Your personal transformation work carries all of humanity along with it. Your learning how to transform yourself contributes to the evolution of human consciousness

Yes, that’s a big responsibility. Remember that you signed up to come onto the Planet Earth at this time so that you could transform for the good of all!

Thank you!

PS: This post is a deeper exploration of a topic from Rosemary’s evening Satsang event in October. Every 3rd Saturday, at 7:00 pm Eastern time, Rosemary hosts Satsang for all who would join her in the exploration of evolving consciousness. This event can be attended in person and online using video-conferencing services.

Get more information and sign up here  The next Satsang with Rosemary is November 16 at 7:00 pm Eastern.

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