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ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Intuition-Based Success

Is following your intuition the path to success for you?

No matter how you define success, following your intuition, your inner guidance, will lead you along the path of the most personal growth and will show you every step of the way, if you allow it.

Are you following your intuition these days? Are you tuning in to your inner guidance and making decisions based on your ‘gut feelings’? Most successful people do.

In relationships, there is a lot to be learned by listening to what is unsaid rather than jumping on the words the other person is using. Have you learned to pay attention to those other signals, with non-judgment and without ego? Your intuition can let you know a lot more about what is going on than a particular circumstance might reveal.

At work are you allowing your inner guidance to speak to you about choices you are making or are you trying to analyze your way to success? Sometimes we use intuition in one area of our life but not in another, especially not in our work, but your intuition knows a lot more than you can consciously consider. Practice pausing and asking yourself what intuitive feelings you are getting before you make the next decision in your work. See how the information flows to you.

In life we can sometimes agonize over the next step to take. You can struggle with all the pros and cons and can stay stuck for long periods as you do the analysis. What if you started the process by tuning in to your inner wisdom to seek guidance? Would you trust that guidance?

Everyone has intuition. There are messages for us all the time. It’s not really about developing intuition – it’s about learning to trust your own intuition enough to take action on the guidance you receive. And the first step in learning this is to love yourself, all of you, including your intuition, enough to know that you are enough!

Self-Love is not the same as being ‘self-ish.’ And we’re not talking about ego here. Self-Love relies on an acceptance of self as a human being who is on Earth to learn lessons, to grow and expand, to become more aware and more conscious of the one’s place in the Universe with each step along the way.

Self-Love leads you to live your Life Purpose with passion. Self-Love permits you to love another unconditionally because you do not need for them to define you. Self-Love helps you to trust the wisdom that resides inside you, without needing confirmation from others, so that you can follow your inner guidance as shown to you through intuition.

Self-Love. Intuition. Success.

Allow your inner wisdom to show you the road to your success. Follow your inner guidance.

Trust your intuition. ACT on the messages that you are given.

The road to success has street lights along it. They are activated by your intuition. Take the next step as the light shines upon it today!

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