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MONDAY’S POEM: The Crystal Cave

In my meditations I have been doing a lot of traveling lately. There are two ends of the journey, both caves. I wrote about one last Monday. Here’s “part 2” of that poem:

The Crystal Cave

The hollow in the Earth
Is but a gateway to the
Ocean voyage through the
Stars to a distant light
That is just here.

It is a stargate linking
Earth hollow echoing laughter
To the Crystal Cave echoing light,
Reflected light from numberless
Points on the Ocean of Light.

Floating in the very center
Of the Ocean of Light in the
Very center of the Crystal Cave,
Light beings of pure consciousness
Gather expanding their radiance.

The songs of their light echo through
The vastness carrying the
Sparkling ship on its return voyage
Through that stargate to arrive on the
Near shore of the hollow in the Earth.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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