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I Ching Gua for the New Moon and New Wood Horse Year: Tai-Advance!

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I love my new “habit” of casting an I Ching Gua just after the new moon of every month (moonth). And with this new moon that we experienced yesterday (4:38 pm Eastern time), the new moon in Aquarius, we also ushered in the Lunar New Year, the Chinese New Year which is the year of the Wood Horse. What better time to do a divination using the I Ching and the yarrow stalks I manipulate to cast a Gua or six-line hexagram to help sense the energies coming in to support our journeys?Tai-Advance

And I am very excited by the Gua I cast. It is pictured here as three solid, yang lines on the bottom, the trigram for Heaven, and three broken, yin lines on the top, the trigram for Earth.

The Chinese word, Tai, is very auspicious. In fact Alfred Huang, author of The Complete I Ching writes: “Tai is one of the most auspicious words in the Chinese language.” It has many meanings, including peace, safety, security and good health. It originally meant “more than” or “most.” It indicates the condition of being “more than great.” Master Huang chose the meaning “advance” for Tai. The image he paints from the ideograph for Tai is one of “running water proceeding forward smoothly and with great ease.”

There were no changing lines in this Gua. Sometimes this can be inauspicious indicating stagnation in the energy. In this case I think what it means is we can expect the energy of advancement in a peaceful way for the entire year! It is a Wood Horse year after all with lots of energy coming to us for strong support.

Another indication that this Gua extends for the entire year is that it is a “tidal” Gua, which means it is associated with a particular lunar month of the year, the first month; in other words the exact month for which I cast it! Not only is the Gua itself auspicious, it is in an auspicious place, its natural place, for the year.

There is also a strong meaning of cooperation held in this Gua. Heaven, the lower trigram seems to be in the opposite place, below Earth, the upper trigram. The meaning here is that Heaven and Earth are working together to support humanity, just as Horse and Human work together for great productivity, advancement!

This energy is already beginning to play out in my life. Last weekend Rosemary held her first annual Possibilities Playshopa gathering to create a guide book for the lunar 2014. She and I worked together to conduct and video the Playshop so we could share it with people who couldn’t attend in person. It was a great success and people who did attend gained great benefit, clearing blocks, gaining a guide for the year and laying out the lunar year, all 13 moonths, beginning with today. We are letting the moon energy guide us through the year!

And with this tremendously auspicious Gua, I am ready for a fantastic year!

Do you feel this “advancing” energy?

Get Ready for the Big Shift! – Richard’s Commentary

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You’ve been hearing about this “big shift” from Rosemary, many others and me for a long time. We talked about it leading up to that momentous pivot point of the Winter Solstice of 2012. And we have been talking about it for more than a year since that point. Is it coming? Is it here? And most importantly:

Are you excited about taking a quantum leap forward in your life?

I am excited! And I do sense this is the time. Rosemary says this:

Now is the time! The world around you is showing you in not-too-subtle ways that you have turned the corner into the place where you are facing the biggest shift of your life. Are you willing to shift?

But notice something here: she is not talking about something on the outside; this is not necessarily a change that is coming at you. She says, “you have turned the corner.” Indeed we have all turned a corner and we now have to embrace what we have generated.

This “change energy” is an internal potential. The calendar has little to do with it other than to focus our attention and intention on a specific time. Yes, there are many factors pointing to this time as important: a Mayan calendar change, a rotation of the wheel of the Zodiac through to a new sign, other calendars, other potential physical shifts in galactic space, even a potential shift in the Earth’s magnetic poles.

But the shift Rosemary and I are talking about is a shift in consciousness. Yes, this shift may be influenced by one or more of these external factors. But, the important shift comes from within. This is a shift in awareness. This is a shift in who we think, and feel, we are as conscious beings.

So, the question of being ready does not motivate building a bomb shelter, stocking the basement with a year’s supply of food and water, getting all of our affairs in order or preparing in some physical way for impending earth changes. Preparation is an internal check-in; it is a matter of preparing our bodies, emotions, minds and spirits for the next phase of human evolution.

If you are reading this post you are a “cultural creative”, you are on the leading edge of expanding human consciousness. And you are key to this coming shift!

How do you get ready? That may be a personal question you must answer for yourself; you are likely already preparing, may even be fully prepared. Here’s what I’m doing:

I am meditating more – more frequently through the day and for longer periods of time. I am reading through the Kalachakra Tantra Rite of Initiation by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Jeffery Hopkins. I am practicing yoga and qigong. I am practicing the six Transcendent Perfections of Buddhism (as best I can). I am attending to my body, speech and mind. And I am planning to attend the Kalachakra Initiation of 2014 in Ladakh, India this July.

I may not be ready for the “big shift” but I am “being the big shift.” I am practicing what I can to be prepared. And I am excited!

The Moon is new today at 4:38 pm Eastern Time. This marks the end of the old Lunar year and a shift into the Year of the Horse. I feel the energy gathering and galloping in. I am as ready as I can be for this shift and the bigger shifts to come.

I hope you are ready with me!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Get Ready for the Big Shift!

January 29, 2014 Leave a comment

Are you ready? Are you prepared to shift? Are you excited about taking a quantum leap forward in your life?

Now is the time! The world around you is showing you in not-too-subtle ways that you have turned the corner into the place where you are facing the biggest shift of your life. Are you willing to shift?

Or are you feeling a bit scared and wishing you could turn around and go back to the way things were?

Think of a baby in the midst of the birthing process. What if the baby decided to turn around and stay inside Mommy? It might be thinking, ‘I don’t know what’s out there so I think I’ll just stay here where it’s comfy and warm.’

That is what you do when you choose not to grow, when you opt out of your next quantum leap, when you try to keep things just as they are.

It is easy to look around for the quantum leap when everything feels as if it is falling apart in your life. This is the point at which you might as well leap because there is just nothing for you if you stay stuck where you are. It is more difficult, though, to leap when things seem to be going smoothly and you don’t want to take a chance on ‘rocking the boat.’

Ah, that’s when the quantum leap is most powerful, however!

You are always at a point of choice about your life and how you will live it. You can always choose to resist the tide of change and remain stuck where you are, not doing the personal growth work that is available to you. But this choice takes so much energy that you will exhaust yourself and still be stuck. Why choose this?

When you decide to GROW you face a field filled with possibilities that beckon to you to leap in, choose a path, try it and decide to stay on that path or choose another one to try. When you fully participate in life and go for the quantum leap, even more possibilities will open up before you.

That’s how possibilities work. If you feel as if you are looking through a narrow field into choices that look like ‘either-or’ choices, one or the other opportunities, then it is your field of view that needs to change first. There are always possibilities, even if you cannot see them in this moment. There are plenty of possibilities that are the ‘and’ kind, the ones where you can have this AND that. But if you only look through the lens of ‘either-or’ you will miss all the other options!

This is a time filled with great potential for each person on Planet Earth. The energy field is shifting. The magnetic field, the poles, the very Planet herself – all are contributing energy to support you in making your Big Shift.

We are in the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy, looking out in every direction at the rest of the Galaxy. Where would you like to leap? You have the power to move forward in any direction.

Shift and leap. Examine the possibilities in 360 degrees around you. Reach out beyond the first ones that you see and look for the possibilities that might seem to be just beyond your reach. Make bodacious claims for yourself about who you are and who you can be.

Shift. It is a choice and there is an amazing world of possibilities just beyond your view. Leap into it!

ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: The Big Shift is Coming!

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My Two-Minute Video for this Week: The Big Shift is Coming!

Monday’s Poem: Tonglen

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As we move toward the close of the old Water Snake year and toward the Wood Horse year I am doing some “housecleaning.” Tonglen is a practice a bit like housecleaning!


Eagle flying high
Beating heart
Wing rhythm
Revealing depth.

Deep winter sky
Layers of white
Pale Sun
Struggling to warm
Still returning.

Sleeping bear
Bear breath deep
Slow rhythm
Taking in the dark
Breathing peace.

Power to each breath
Inhaling misery
Transmuting rhythm
Alchemy of Love
Exhaling tranquility.

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

The Last of the Water Snake

January 24, 2014 Leave a comment

I don’t know about you but I’m glad we have a New Moon and a Chinese New Year coming in a week from today. Yes, this is the last week for the year of the Water Snake and I’m not sorry to see him slither away!

We are soon moving into Wood Horse, or Green Horse energy. The New Year begins on January 31 and I am sensing some very good energy coming our way. I’ve hinted at this before and will expand a bit on my thoughts today. For next week’s Friday post I will report my I Ching Gua cast and reading, not just for the new month but for the entire New Year. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile here’s what I think we can expect for the Wood Horse Year. First Horse aspects: from Wikipedia we can read the characteristics of Horse energy and people:

Idealistic and impulsive, the Tiger, Horse and Dog [note Horse is a member of this trine] follow the beat of their own drum. Defiant against injustice, these three signs wilt without large amounts of physical affection and loyal support for causes. They are productive, enthusiastic, independent, engaging, dynamic and honorable. They can also be rash, rebellious, quarrelsome, hot-headed, reckless, anxious, moody, disagreeable, and stubborn. Although these three signs are loyal, they can be very protective when lied to.

I sense a lot of energy coming in with the Horse Year; “productive, enthusiastic, independent, engaging, dynamic and honorable” are excellent energy descriptions for what is coming.

Furthermore, it is a Wood Horse Year we are coming into. Not to get too technical here, but the fixed element for the Horse is Fire. Wood feeds Fire, naturally, so a Wood Horse Year will be all “fired up.” Fire is of the heart; Wood will feed the “enthusiastic, engaging, dynamic” characteristics of the Horse.

I am particularly looking forward to this Wood Horse Year because I am a Wood Rooster. First, Horses and Roosters get along well. Second, my Wood element will feed the fiery Horse with even more Wood element. What I have to watch for is not to “burn my energy” too brightly or hot (no “hot-headedness” for me).

I am not one to put a lot of trust in predictions. What I do enjoy is sensing the energies intuitively through the various tools I use, from drawing and reading cards of various decks to casting I Ching Gua (hexagrams) for the New Year and each of the subsequent New Moon. It’s working with these intuited energies that can make a difference rather than relying on a reading of astrological signs. That said I do believe that the overall energy of the Chinese Zodiac can have an impact on events. Why? Because we are always at choice; our choices are influenced and made based on what we believe. If I choose to believe the incoming Wood Horse Year has good, plentiful, helpful, productive energy in store for us, then I will tend to look for and feel these positive effects.

What is your birth sign and element? How do you think you may interact with the Wood Horse energy? Do a little research; have fun with it! Here is a link to the Wikipedia page to get you started: Chinese Zodiac.

And say goodbye to Water Snake!

Possibilities Are Right in Front of You – Richard’s Commentary

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Rosemary opens her post with a wonderful belief:

The ‘possible’ is constantly under attack because someone thinks it is improbable, or impossible, or difficult, or ‘not the way we do things.’

I call this a belief because it comes from an optimist! Optimists believe in the “possible” – and everything is possible!

I’ve been an optimist my whole life. I too believe anything is possible. This doesn’t mean everything I’ve ever attempted in life has succeeded, been possible in the long-haul. But this hasn’t changed my basic belief.

One of my last major programs for the company I retired from a few years ago was a satellite-based tracking system that we targeted to long-haul trucking companies. The idea was to offer a low-cost, easily installed device that could pin-point a unit’s location and even communicate with the driver using text messaging. The concept was developed long before smart phones, texting, immediate GPS-based location services, super-cheap hardware and ubiquitous cell-phone coverage. We developed the technology from the ground up and partnered with a new satellite company. We faced many hurdles, delays, technology short-fall, cost-creep and even market push-back. I was in charge of marketing and welcomed the possibility of major market penetration. I became really excited when we developed a device to track truck trailers when they were decoupled from their trucks. In fact during testing with a customer we actually located and recovered two trailers that had been stolen and taken into Mexico; we even helped recover the load on the trailers!

Exciting, right? My sales team began to take orders. The “pipeline” was growing! Majorpossibility here! Then…further delay; satellites didn’t launch as scheduled; technology failed; delivery of component parts was late; competing technology came on strong; and the company, wisely, withdrew development funding from my program. I took nearly a year to shut the program down, redistribute staff, sell off piece-parts, resolve lawsuits and close the program office.

Possibility turned to failure. I look back on this as a wonderful example of a “possibility right in front of me.” In this case it was handed to me; and I grabbed it and took it as far as I could. The program did not succeed; but I did! I made sales. I installed units and they recovered stolen equipment. That possibility was realized. And, oh by the way, I had a heck of a good time doing my darnedest to make the whole thing work. I even learned a great deal about the trucking industry! There was a lot of success inside this program that I look back on with good feelings and pride.

Eternal optimist? Yes. And I have had many great possibilities fall into my lap since that “failed” program. They keep on coming. My next one for 2014 involves a major trip mid-year that is exactly inline with my purpose and my entire world-view. It may be the biggest possibility of my life so far. I will be sharing more about this possibility as it unfolds, as I unfold it! Stay tuned!

Are you an optimist? Do you look at all the possibilities right in front of you? Do you follow Rosemary’s advice?

There are possibilities right in front of you but you may have donned your filter-glasses so that you can’t see them. Take off the glasses. Part the veil. Reach for the possibilities and stop listening to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it.

Impossible things are happening everyday!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Possibilities Are Right in Front of You

January 22, 2014 Leave a comment

The ‘possible’ is constantly under attack because someone thinks it is improbable, or impossible, or difficult, or ‘not the way we do things.’

This year, embrace ‘possibilities’ as your theme. Search for the possible. Learn to recognize the possible. Talk about the possible. Catch yourself cancelling an idea before you’ve explored the possibilities. Catch other people trying to squash your dreams of what is possible for you.

So often we start out making a plan, setting goals, creating ‘resolutions’ because we think we should. The first rule of goal-setting is that it be realistic. ‘Realistic’ can be the enemy of ‘possible.’

Now, realistic can also just be realistic. But I have seen too many dreams crushed under the accusation that they are not realistic and therefore must be discarded.

What would happen today in the US if the President were to suggest that, in a decade or less, we would walk on the Moon? And, yet, despite all the naysayers, this country made that happen. (I know, there are those who say we didn’t really do that but, remember, I worked for NASA on the Hubble Space Telescope Project and I don’t think they can create a coverup that big!)

Possibilities draw us up to our greatness. Possibilities stretch us beyond what is comfortable and realistic to the former you and invite you to grow, to expand, to explore beyond what you already know into the possible you.

What is possible for you to consider? What dreams do you have that you can pursue?

In working with clients I sometimes have to catch them speaking a belief as if it is a rock-solid truism about how the Universe works. When we address that belief AS a belief, the world of possibilities can open up for them and the excitement starts.

Who is limiting you? Not ‘what’ is limiting you, but ‘who’? The answer is YOU. Even if you think you can list a bunch of folks who are holding you back, the real answer is YOU. You are believing the limitations of the past, the definition of ‘realistic’ that someone else has planted as a truism. You believe of yourself that you might not be able to reach for that dream and so you decide not to reach at all, rather than suffer the indignation of a potential failure.

There are so many possibilities and they are lurking right in front of you but they might be hiding behind that veil of illusion. Take some time alone to reach behind the veil and see what is there. What might you do if you forget about how you will accomplish it and just seek the possibilities? What dreams may lie beyond the veil that you haven’t dared to dream because you didn’t think they were realistic?

Our stories and myths contain all sorts of impossible things happening. Cinderella marries the Prince. Rodgers and Hammerstein even wrote a song for their version of Cinderella titled ‘Impossible’ that contains the line, ‘Impossible things are happening everyday.’ Rumpelstiltskin thought it was impossible that the miller’s daughter would guess his name but guess it she did.

There are possibilities right in front of you but you may have donned your filter-glasses so that you can’t see them. Take off the glasses. Part the veil. Reach for the possibilities and stop listening to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it.

Reach for the Moon. Impossible things are happening everyday!


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Rosemary’s Two-Minute Video for this Week: Possibilities

PS: Do you want to open up the possibilities for you in 2014? Join Rosemary’s playshop, in person or by video link, and expand your vista of possibilities; then lay out your play script for 2014! January 25. Details Here

Monday’s Poem: Dark Lady

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We are now on the downward slide to the new moon and the Lunar New Year. At the end of January we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year and move from Water Snake energy to Wood Horse energy. I am very much looking forward to this change. For one thing my dominant element in both my Chinese astrology chart and as determined by my personality and behavior traits is Wood. So, I am anticipating great things in 2014. But first we have some cleaning up to do. We have another dozen days to clear away, let go of the old energies and staleness of the ending Water Snake year. It’s time to use the waning moon energy to take away the dreck of 2013. Release the old to make room for the new!

And to celebrate this feeling of cleaning house and letting go, the shrinking of the moon to darkness, I offer this poem I wrote about four years ago, at another pivot point. From January 28, 2010:

Dark Lady

Companion of the night,
You lead the way down
Where the Moon hides in the Sun.
All secrets are revealed.

Lover of darkness,
You show deep shadows
Where the Sun cannot reveal.
The unknowable rests there.

Wife to my healing spirit,
You carry me down
To discover there, together,
The deep Truth known through all time.

©2010 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.