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ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Possibilities Are Right in Front of You

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The ‘possible’ is constantly under attack because someone thinks it is improbable, or impossible, or difficult, or ‘not the way we do things.’

This year, embrace ‘possibilities’ as your theme. Search for the possible. Learn to recognize the possible. Talk about the possible. Catch yourself cancelling an idea before you’ve explored the possibilities. Catch other people trying to squash your dreams of what is possible for you.

So often we start out making a plan, setting goals, creating ‘resolutions’ because we think we should. The first rule of goal-setting is that it be realistic. ‘Realistic’ can be the enemy of ‘possible.’

Now, realistic can also just be realistic. But I have seen too many dreams crushed under the accusation that they are not realistic and therefore must be discarded.

What would happen today in the US if the President were to suggest that, in a decade or less, we would walk on the Moon? And, yet, despite all the naysayers, this country made that happen. (I know, there are those who say we didn’t really do that but, remember, I worked for NASA on the Hubble Space Telescope Project and I don’t think they can create a coverup that big!)

Possibilities draw us up to our greatness. Possibilities stretch us beyond what is comfortable and realistic to the former you and invite you to grow, to expand, to explore beyond what you already know into the possible you.

What is possible for you to consider? What dreams do you have that you can pursue?

In working with clients I sometimes have to catch them speaking a belief as if it is a rock-solid truism about how the Universe works. When we address that belief AS a belief, the world of possibilities can open up for them and the excitement starts.

Who is limiting you? Not ‘what’ is limiting you, but ‘who’? The answer is YOU. Even if you think you can list a bunch of folks who are holding you back, the real answer is YOU. You are believing the limitations of the past, the definition of ‘realistic’ that someone else has planted as a truism. You believe of yourself that you might not be able to reach for that dream and so you decide not to reach at all, rather than suffer the indignation of a potential failure.

There are so many possibilities and they are lurking right in front of you but they might be hiding behind that veil of illusion. Take some time alone to reach behind the veil and see what is there. What might you do if you forget about how you will accomplish it and just seek the possibilities? What dreams may lie beyond the veil that you haven’t dared to dream because you didn’t think they were realistic?

Our stories and myths contain all sorts of impossible things happening. Cinderella marries the Prince. Rodgers and Hammerstein even wrote a song for their version of Cinderella titled ‘Impossible’ that contains the line, ‘Impossible things are happening everyday.’ Rumpelstiltskin thought it was impossible that the miller’s daughter would guess his name but guess it she did.

There are possibilities right in front of you but you may have donned your filter-glasses so that you can’t see them. Take off the glasses. Part the veil. Reach for the possibilities and stop listening to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it.

Reach for the Moon. Impossible things are happening everyday!


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Rosemary’s Two-Minute Video for this Week: Possibilities

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Monday’s Poem: Dark Lady

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We are now on the downward slide to the new moon and the Lunar New Year. At the end of January we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year and move from Water Snake energy to Wood Horse energy. I am very much looking forward to this change. For one thing my dominant element in both my Chinese astrology chart and as determined by my personality and behavior traits is Wood. So, I am anticipating great things in 2014. But first we have some cleaning up to do. We have another dozen days to clear away, let go of the old energies and staleness of the ending Water Snake year. It’s time to use the waning moon energy to take away the dreck of 2013. Release the old to make room for the new!

And to celebrate this feeling of cleaning house and letting go, the shrinking of the moon to darkness, I offer this poem I wrote about four years ago, at another pivot point. From January 28, 2010:

Dark Lady

Companion of the night,
You lead the way down
Where the Moon hides in the Sun.
All secrets are revealed.

Lover of darkness,
You show deep shadows
Where the Sun cannot reveal.
The unknowable rests there.

Wife to my healing spirit,
You carry me down
To discover there, together,
The deep Truth known through all time.

©2010 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

Eclectic Friday

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In the “way old days” well before I retired from the corporate world I loved Fridays, not because they were the day before the weekend but because they were “casual Fridays.” Remember that? We could come to work without a jacket and tie. There were still rules: no jeans, shirts with collars, no canvas shoes…we had to look decent. And if we had customers visiting it was most certainly back to the uniform: jacket, tie, shoe-laces…

Then we moved into “flex-time” when we could work longer days and take every other Friday off. Those were the days for play! I loved these Fridays; Rosemary and I would have breakfast together at our favorite little breakfast/lunch shop, we’d catch up with each other and our lives, we’d do some planning and just be casual with one-another. There were still Fridays when travel took me out of town. There were still customer visits that had to be made if they were available on my Friday off. But those free Fridays – what a gift! Three-day weekends that were somehow better than Monday holiday weekends; it was almost like playing hooky – other people still had to work!

Now that I am retired from all the corporate “rules” – no matter how much they “flexed” there were still ways to dress and time-sheets to complete – Fridays are still precious days. Is my sense of a more relaxed day a holdover from my corporate experience? Is there still some excitement surrounding the last day of the week? For one thing Rosemary’s weekly Ezine is published and out; we finish that task on Thursday nights, complete the video, format the email, update the website. Some Thursdays grow into long days and late nights; glitches do have a way to slow the publishing process.

But here it is; the Ezine is out, it’s Friday morning and all I have to do is finish this post. Then I can do with this day whatever comes to mind; whatever opportunity pops up. It’s no longer “casual Friday” or “Friday off” but “Eclectic Friday” for me! And these Fridays are more precious to me than they ever were when the corporate dress-code relaxed and the work schedules relaxed.

But I wonder if we’ve become too relaxed. I just had a conversation with some friends about “jeans to the opera.” I have a fabulous, although now they may be out of style, collection of ties hanging, forgotten, in my closet. I do wear a western-style bolo tie occasionally when I want to feel (or appear) as a Coloradan. But even weddings, funerals, theater, have become the domain for sweats! And the styles seem to reflect this overly relaxed attitude – worn-out jeans, ripped shirts, shoes with missing laces! Or are the attitudes a response to the styles?

Yesterday I wrote about the societal aspects of “connection.” I firmly believe that the human species is a collective creature; we survive because we are social beings; we evolve in community, learning from one-another and growing together. Does it matter how we appear to one-another? Does our style, our manner, our attitude, our demeanor, our appearance matter within the community?

I’m not sure I can even answer these questions for myself. But I do know I love Fridays; and this Friday I am free to be eclectic!

Have a fabulous weekend!

The Power of Connection – Richard’s Commentary

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“Connection” is Rosemary’s word for 2014. It is not surprising that early in the year she would choose this to write about. This word, in all of its meanings, can be taken in many directions. Rosemary goes through a long list, connection to Higher Self, connection to guides and angels, connection to others (both positive and negative connections to the people in our lives), connection to our purpose. All of these are important connections to be aware of, to remember; as Rosemary writes:

Connection is an energetic that, at its highest level, we all seek. We want to feel connected to others, to our guidance, to Source. In seeking we sometimes forget that it is not to be found outside ourselves, but to be remembered as an inner truth.

For me her point here is if we are disconnected from ourselves, from that “inner truth”, then can we be connected to anything or anyone on the outside? And how easy it is to disconnect, to fall into isolation, to withdraw. I wonder sometimes if this isn’t at the root of the issues we face as a society, as a country, as a culture looking for something on the outside, some connection we are longing for but have no means to identify or find.

I don’t really want to get into politics here but somehow this word “connection” brings up social concerns. Humans are a connected species. We wouldn’t have survived and evolved over the millennia if we had been an isolated, individualistic being; in the wild we are not strong enough, don’t have all the necessary skills within ourselves to go-it-alone.

How many of the political battles we see raging in this country, whether it is over healthcare or foreign aid, political favoritism or retribution are about social issues, connections. It almost seems that people divide along the lines of: “we are all in this together” or “I’ve got mine; you need to be strong enough, work hard enough to get yours” – a survival of the fittest mentality!

Interestingly, since Darwin comes to mind here, much of the current research on the evolutionary process reveals that it is cooperation that is a primary mechanism for evolution, not competition! And we have to connect to cooperate, connect to survive and evolve!

Connection, beyond the necessary interdependence for survival, does begin within. When we are connected to ourselves, to Source, to Angels and Spirit Guides, we gain a certain level of confidence that can lead us outward to find healthy connections with others. When we are connected to our purpose our connections become productive and benefit society, the greater whole beyond ourselves. These vital inner connections are the ground for our being human, for lifting our spirits to join with others, in connection, in community to move and evolve consciously.

Are you connected?

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: The Power of Connection

January 15, 2014 Leave a comment

Who are you, really? Are you connected to your inner essence or are you going through the motions of your daily life, waiting for ‘someday,’ or retirement or the kids to leave home? Are you truly connected to your Life Purpose? Do you feel you have a connection to inner wisdom and guidance when you have a question?

‘Connection’ isn’t just about the electricity that flows through your house, waiting for a lamp to be plugged in and connecting. Sometimes we can fool ourselves into believing that we have to do something to get connected, just like that lamp.

But the truth is that we are always in a state of connection. All we have to do is to remember that this is so.

You are connected to your Higher Self at all times. Do you take advantage of that connection and access the wisdom that is available there?

You are connected to Source Energy, the energetic flow that is the source of abundance in the Universe.

You are connected to the Angels and Spirit Guides who can help you in your life but they are waiting for you to invite them in, to remember your connection.

And you are connected to other people through the cords of connection that have been established throughout time. Some of these connections are working for the highest good of all involved and others are drains of energy that aren’t supportive of your personal growth. Do you know how to determine the difference and what to do to disconnect the energies that don’t sustain you?

Connection is an energetic that, at its highest level, we all seek. We want to feel connected to others, to our guidance, to Source. In seeking we sometimes forget that it is not to be found outside ourselves, but to be remembered as an inner truth.

Are you seeking Connection? Are you feeling disconnected or connected to energy drains instead of supportive energies? What are you going to do about this?

Let 2014 be the year that you decide to connect to the parts of yourself that you have disowned, have disconnected yourself from. Decide to connect to the energies that support your personal growth this year. Find experts who can help you connect/disconnect as you need.

Start with connecting to your inner guidance. How do you do this? Meditation is a good way to start. Get still and listen to that inner voice.

Pay attention to the signals you receive from your intuition. Journal and allow yourself to write whatever wants to flow through your pen. Take a class that gives you an opportunity to make the connection to inner guides, your Higher Self.

Sometimes you are connected to energy that drains you. Learn how to disconnect or find someone to help you disconnect the cords that are holding you back from growth. Connection is as much about connecting to the energies that are supportive as it is about disconnecting from those that are not. You might need expert help to detach from energies that you aren’t conscious of being there. You will feel free when you have taken care of this.

Connect to like-minded people who support you along your path and with whom you can share your gifts to support them. This is not the time to be isolated from what is going on around you. The world has fewer boundaries than it used to and you are called to reach across the miles to those with whom it is time for you to connect. With 21st Century technology you can stay connected around the globe. It is no longer necessary that you find a tribe with which to connect in your own back yard.

Most importantly, connect with your higher purpose, the reason you are living this life on Planet Earth. Discover your Life Purpose and commit to it. When you connect to Purpose you feel fulfillment and joy. You will find your days opening before you with wonder and light. And you will be connecting to the other souls who have been waiting for you to show up and connect.

Do it now!

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ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Connections for 2014

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Rosemary’s Two-Minute Video for this Week: Connections for 2014

PS: Do you want to create some new connections in 2014? Come to Rosemary’s playshop, in person or by video link, and connect to a great group; and lay out your play script for 2014! January 25. Details Here