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MONDAY’S POEM: Connection

August 4, 2014 Leave a comment

The theme I started today’s poem with is “Connection.” I am feeling connected. The last several days have been all about connection: from our trip south, connecting along with way with family and friends, to the event we attended with Red Elephant and connecting with the “herd” at the Stand, Speak and Profit program, to the Ashram, Amrit Yoga Institute and yoga practice, and now prepared to return “home” – to reconnect. The Big Connect for these days is to the future – our newest grandson, Tristan, who brings a new light into the world! Can I summarize all of these delicious feelings in a poem?


I like the feeling of the word.
I like the sense of it –
The two “ns” in the middle
Are connectors –
Like twins holding hands
Across the word.

I like the feel of the “co”
Within the breath –
A catch in the throat and
A soft exhalation.

Across the “ns” we connect
With the click
In the throat and
With the tongue.

Another quieting sound
Of the breath moving to the close
Of the word
With the trailing n.


We are all looking for connection.
And as with all things conscious
The connection begins within.
There is no outer; we create with
The connection within.

It is all inside.
And from there the connection
With breath begins
The connection with the All.

It is deep, inside.
It grows there expanding
Ever deeper and higher and wider
Taking in the totality of it all.

Connection can only expand
From the inside.
Just as all love flows
From self-love,
So too does all connection flow
From inner connection.


It is all right here.

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

Connect! – Richard’s Commentary

April 17, 2014 Leave a comment

We are all connected in so many ways. Do you ever consider just how connected we are? Thich Nhat Hahn speaks of this as interdependence. I heard him speak years ago about this concept of interconnectedness, not just with humans but with all things. It’s his way to begin to explain shunyata, or the Mahayana Buddhist philosophy of “emptiness.” We are interconnected with and interdependent on every atom and molecule on earth (and beyond)!

So as Rosemary writes:

Your life is all about connecting. You were born into a family or chosen by one. You have chosen friends and partners. You bore children or sired them. You have worked with people, paid some for services, gone to the doctor, bought groceries. Every thing you have done has contained an element of connection.

How deep does your “connecting” go?

All of these external, intricate interdependencies at the material, physical level are only a small (maybe miniscule) part of our connectedness. Rosemary urges another way to “Connect”  to the inner you:

When you connect with the inner you, you are tapping into your own power, your essence. When you have a strong connection to your inner wisdom, your guides, you gain clarity and confidence.

How vast is this connection for you? When you let your imagination run free how much ground does it cover, how many worlds do you visit?

Rosemary mentions many ways to connect to the inner you: meditation, contemplation, visualizations, writing. For those who don’t have a formal practice even daydreaming is a way to connect. Prayer is also an excellent way to connect and listen!

But how many of us resist this inner connection? How many even blot it out through various means of escape? Even in prayer it is easy to externalize the conversationmaking appeals to the Almighty out there somewhere in the Universe! Do we ever stop to listen, to keep this conversation bidirectional? When/if we do listen, where do we hear that voice?

Often people need help with this inner connection. For many indigenous peoples they relied on shamans as intercessors with the Spirit World. Western people rely on their priests and/or psychologists to facilitate the inner dialog. This is a wonderful way to begin the conversation. Sometimes we need translators to interpret the symbols. Sometimes we need validation that what we are hearing/feeling/seeing is true for us.

If you need help to jumpstart your inner connection, get it. The inner world is vast beyond belief. The inner connection, the inner dialog can take you on journeys beyond your wildest conscious imagination if you allow and listen. Your purpose calls you to this and your passion is waiting for you, just there, inside!

Have fun; have a great ride. And don’t worry about sending postcards!


April 16, 2014 Leave a comment

Your life is all about connecting. You were born into a family or chosen by one. You have chosen friends and partners. You bore children or sired them. You have worked with people, paid some for services, gone to the doctor, bought groceries. Every thing you have done has contained an element of connection.

Do you love to walk in Nature? Aren’t you connecting with Mother Earth, with the plants and animals as you walk?

Do you go to a job? Eat in a restaurant? Go shopping? Get together with friends for lunch? Spend holidays with the family?

It’s always about connecting.

And how much time do you spend connecting with the inner you? Have you connected with your inner wisdom, your guides, your angels, your intuition? This is the most important connecting you can do.

When you connect with the inner you, you are tapping into your own power, your essence. When you have a strong connection to your inner wisdom, your guides, you gain clarity and confidence.

People today seem to be searching for connection but looking outside for a place to ‘plug in.’ The real connection that they are seeking isn’t outside; it resides inside. Are you one of the seekers of an outside connection or are you remembering to connect to the inner you?

You don’t need to have a great love interest to be connected. It isn’t having a great job or a best friend or a perfect family that will give you the feeling of connection that you seek. All of those connections might be nice, but the most important one is the one that reaches inside you, into the depths of your inner essence, and brings forth the passion, your purpose, your inner divinity and shares that with the outside world.

It is a tall order to make that inner connection and then to share what you find with the world. Your inner light shines so brightly that it can dazzle those who wish to stay in the dark. Your inner guidance will point you in the direction of manifesting your dreams. The inner gifts that you reveal when you reach inside might frighten you with their intensity.

Are you ready to connect?

There are many ways to do this connecting. Your inner light is always shining. If you feel disconnected it is merely a forgetting, not a true disconnection. Meditation, guided visualization, working with a counselor, journaling – all of these techniques will help you to make the connection.

Many of the clients I work with are seeking the wisdom that they cannot hear from their own guides. Often I speak what they think they have been hearing and the guides are using me to confirm the message. It is a matter of trusting what you hear.

Do you trust the inner guidance that you receive? This is the most important aspect to the connection.

If you receive guidance after you connect but you do not trust the message, you will continue to stay stuck where you are. And isn’t the point to move forward, to grow?

Trust me when I tell you that you will have the energy to grow, to move forward, when you are connected to that inner YOU. Your passion, your purpose, your inner wisdom – all are ready for you to connect.

Are YOU ready? Connect!

Ro Pic Sig

Eclectic Friday

January 17, 2014 Leave a comment

In the “way old days” well before I retired from the corporate world I loved Fridays, not because they were the day before the weekend but because they were “casual Fridays.” Remember that? We could come to work without a jacket and tie. There were still rules: no jeans, shirts with collars, no canvas shoes…we had to look decent. And if we had customers visiting it was most certainly back to the uniform: jacket, tie, shoe-laces…

Then we moved into “flex-time” when we could work longer days and take every other Friday off. Those were the days for play! I loved these Fridays; Rosemary and I would have breakfast together at our favorite little breakfast/lunch shop, we’d catch up with each other and our lives, we’d do some planning and just be casual with one-another. There were still Fridays when travel took me out of town. There were still customer visits that had to be made if they were available on my Friday off. But those free Fridays – what a gift! Three-day weekends that were somehow better than Monday holiday weekends; it was almost like playing hooky – other people still had to work!

Now that I am retired from all the corporate “rules” – no matter how much they “flexed” there were still ways to dress and time-sheets to complete – Fridays are still precious days. Is my sense of a more relaxed day a holdover from my corporate experience? Is there still some excitement surrounding the last day of the week? For one thing Rosemary’s weekly Ezine is published and out; we finish that task on Thursday nights, complete the video, format the email, update the website. Some Thursdays grow into long days and late nights; glitches do have a way to slow the publishing process.

But here it is; the Ezine is out, it’s Friday morning and all I have to do is finish this post. Then I can do with this day whatever comes to mind; whatever opportunity pops up. It’s no longer “casual Friday” or “Friday off” but “Eclectic Friday” for me! And these Fridays are more precious to me than they ever were when the corporate dress-code relaxed and the work schedules relaxed.

But I wonder if we’ve become too relaxed. I just had a conversation with some friends about “jeans to the opera.” I have a fabulous, although now they may be out of style, collection of ties hanging, forgotten, in my closet. I do wear a western-style bolo tie occasionally when I want to feel (or appear) as a Coloradan. But even weddings, funerals, theater, have become the domain for sweats! And the styles seem to reflect this overly relaxed attitude – worn-out jeans, ripped shirts, shoes with missing laces! Or are the attitudes a response to the styles?

Yesterday I wrote about the societal aspects of “connection.” I firmly believe that the human species is a collective creature; we survive because we are social beings; we evolve in community, learning from one-another and growing together. Does it matter how we appear to one-another? Does our style, our manner, our attitude, our demeanor, our appearance matter within the community?

I’m not sure I can even answer these questions for myself. But I do know I love Fridays; and this Friday I am free to be eclectic!

Have a fabulous weekend!

The Power of Connection – Richard’s Commentary

January 16, 2014 Leave a comment

“Connection” is Rosemary’s word for 2014. It is not surprising that early in the year she would choose this to write about. This word, in all of its meanings, can be taken in many directions. Rosemary goes through a long list, connection to Higher Self, connection to guides and angels, connection to others (both positive and negative connections to the people in our lives), connection to our purpose. All of these are important connections to be aware of, to remember; as Rosemary writes:

Connection is an energetic that, at its highest level, we all seek. We want to feel connected to others, to our guidance, to Source. In seeking we sometimes forget that it is not to be found outside ourselves, but to be remembered as an inner truth.

For me her point here is if we are disconnected from ourselves, from that “inner truth”, then can we be connected to anything or anyone on the outside? And how easy it is to disconnect, to fall into isolation, to withdraw. I wonder sometimes if this isn’t at the root of the issues we face as a society, as a country, as a culture looking for something on the outside, some connection we are longing for but have no means to identify or find.

I don’t really want to get into politics here but somehow this word “connection” brings up social concerns. Humans are a connected species. We wouldn’t have survived and evolved over the millennia if we had been an isolated, individualistic being; in the wild we are not strong enough, don’t have all the necessary skills within ourselves to go-it-alone.

How many of the political battles we see raging in this country, whether it is over healthcare or foreign aid, political favoritism or retribution are about social issues, connections. It almost seems that people divide along the lines of: “we are all in this together” or “I’ve got mine; you need to be strong enough, work hard enough to get yours” – a survival of the fittest mentality!

Interestingly, since Darwin comes to mind here, much of the current research on the evolutionary process reveals that it is cooperation that is a primary mechanism for evolution, not competition! And we have to connect to cooperate, connect to survive and evolve!

Connection, beyond the necessary interdependence for survival, does begin within. When we are connected to ourselves, to Source, to Angels and Spirit Guides, we gain a certain level of confidence that can lead us outward to find healthy connections with others. When we are connected to our purpose our connections become productive and benefit society, the greater whole beyond ourselves. These vital inner connections are the ground for our being human, for lifting our spirits to join with others, in connection, in community to move and evolve consciously.

Are you connected?

ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Find Compassion in Yourself

November 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Rosemary’s “Three-Minute” video for the week: Find Compassion in Yourself

Note: this clip was taken from our November gathering for Satsang.

PS: You too may experience channeled messages from Rosemary. In fact you can receive personal messages from Guides, Spirits, Angels and loved ones who have crossed over at the next event: a Conversation with The Other SideDecember 6 at 7:00 pm Eastern. Click for details


July 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Rosemary’s “Two-Minute” video for the week: Energy and Freedom

PS: Rosemary’s Conversation with The Other Side this Saturday, July 13, promises to be another great evening. For a sample of the depth and detail of the messages you can expect to hear, she has posted some samples on her website: Sample Messages. Go to the link to hear and see how this works and how you can benefit with messages from The Other Side! Attendance is easy from anywhere in the world!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: What Is Your Spiritual Practice?

Do you meditate every day?  Are you following a yoga or qigong or tai chi practice?  Do you go for a walk in nature and call it a spiritual practice?  Do you write in a journal?

How do you feed yourself spiritually every day?

So often we jump out of bed and start getting wrapped up in our to-do list.  We have lists of lists and feel ready to spring into action checking things off.  And, yet, at the end of the day, is that activity really the most important way you could spend your time?  If you run out of day before you run out of to-do’s have you really spent your time wisely?

Let’s look at 2013 as the Year of Transformation that it truly is.  What are we transforming?

How high on your priority list is your spiritual practice?  If it’s not number one then maybe it’s time to re-examine those priorities.

This isn’t about religion but about the total YOU, the whole-istic YOU, the YOU who lives on Planet Earth in 2013 for a Purpose.  The YOU who was born for a reason.  The spiritual YOU lives in the Universe as a particular being at a particular moment in the life of the Universe so that you might play your part in the unfolding plan that the Universe has been revealing for millennia.  You fit into a much bigger picture than your to-do list would indicate.

And every day it is good to check in and see how you’re doing with regard to that unfolding plan.  Remember, this life isn’t about what you are DOING, but who you are BEING.  Does your to-do list sometimes get in the way of your being you?

Allow yourself to define your spiritual practice by what feeds your soul.  What uplifts you?  How do you want to feel today?

It doesn’t really matter what you choose as your spiritual practice so long as it is important to your spirit and you do it consistently.  Do you pray?  Just when you need something or in thanksgiving or praise?  Do you exercise?  Is it just for your bodily health (or the eye candy at the gym?) or are you honoring your physical body and its assistance in your fulfilling your purpose on Earth?

Meditation can be a simple, short time to tap into something greater, to ask your higher self for guidance about the day.  Of course, it can also be more elaborate, take more time, be more formal and contain even richer wisdom for you.

The Eastern practices, like qigong, tai chi and yoga, invite you to connect to your body and your breath in specific ways so that your energy can be organized for your day.  Sometimes just tapping into ‘the feeling state of the Divine’ can bring you joy and peace for your day.

Choose a practice that you will commit to doing every day this week.  Maybe it’s drawing a card from an oracle deck, or sitting with your morning coffee and watching the birds at the feeder outside your window.  It doesn’t have to be formal and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  But choose something that helps to feed your spirit and do it every day.

Watch how your to-do list takes on a new meaning in the context of your ‘to-be’ time!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: “How Far is Your Reach?”

December 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Here’s Rosemary’s commentary on her weekly video I posted yesterday:

Entrepreneurs will be thinking of their businesses when they see this question. A Mom might think of the impact her parenting will have on the future of her children. A doctor might be considering the families of patients they have treated. What are your thoughts about your reach?

None of us lives in isolation from others. We are all connected. People often feel disconnected from others and alone, but this is the illusion that our minds create within us. You are never disconnected – you might only believe, mistakenly, that at this moment you are not connected to any others. But this fallacy masquerading as the truth will only cause you to isolate yourself further.

Do you have family members? You are connected. Do you have neighbors? You are connected. Did you ever go to school? You are connected to classmates no matter how long ago you were in the classroom. Do you have a doctor? Dentist? Insurance agent? Friend? Book Group? Favorite restaurant?

Every person with whom you come into contact has a connection to you. The Hawaiians call this an ‘aka cord,’ a silvery thread of energy that is created when you connect with someone. Sometimes these cords are powerful energy connections and sometimes they are weak. Some have positive effects and others are energy drains. They can last a very long time.

In my coaching/counseling work I am often helping clients to cut these cords and reclaim their own energy, their power. But the cords that support the highest good of both parties get energized and enhance the connection.

Even when you are not aware of a connection to a particular person, you are connected to all of humanity. When you took your first breath of life at your birth you became a human being and a part of the human consciousness that lives on Mother Earth. Your actions have consequences. Your thoughts have effects. Your energy emanates outward, whether you pay attention to that or not.

Think about someone you love and your heart opens up and the energy can reach out 50 feet from you. I recently demonstrated this at a talk I gave about our energy bodies. My subject was my husband, Richard [a good sport!] and I asked him to think about a problem he was working on. Then I measured his energy field with dowsing rods. It was very close to him. This is the brain energy field. Then I asked him to open his heart and send out Love. The building was too small for me to back up enough to reach the end of his energy field, the energy emanating from his heart center.

Now, think about how, if you open up your heart before you walk into a room, you are sending out Love energy for 50 feet ahead of you. You can connect with everyone in a room this way, with the wonderful, high-vibration energy of Love.

If you interact with people from a place of Love, especially when you start with Love for yourself, your connections will be strong and energetically beneficial. When you spend any time with thoughts that are not at this vibration, you are hurting yourself more than anyone else or any other situation. This is why the power of positive thoughts is to benefit YOU!

You have connected with people from all walks of life, from many different locations, all ages, beliefs, nationalities. And those cords that connect you reach beyond space and time. Keep only the ones that are for your highest good. Cut those that no longer serve you. But know that there are others around the globe who are radiating Love and you are connected to them.

This might sound tricky and I’m happy to help you make sure your own energy field is clear. Just remember that you are not alone on the Planet Earth. Monitor your thoughts and the energy radiating from you. Make yourself a beacon of Light and Love in the world. And know that you are also the recipient of Light and Love from many who wish that for you!

I know I wish you to connect with Light and Love!


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“How’s Your Health?” A Commentary from Richard

November 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Have you reviewed the video and commentary by Rosemary from her FREE weekly MuseLetter? I posted them over the past couple of days; and if you want to receive them directly you can subscribe here. And today here are my thoughts on the question Rosemary asks:

In her Video and Commentary this week Rosemary asks a broad question about health. On the surface this may seem to be a simple, straightforward question. For the most part when we think of our health we immediately scan our physical bodies for anything that may be signaling a pain or illness. But probing the question of our health is a much deeper subject than that first reaction!

We have four bodies, at least! And Rosemary addresses each of them in her commentary posted yesterday. For optimum health we need to “treat” each of these bodies and balance them. For men this can be a real challenge!

Last week I wrote of the emotional body and one emotion I am particularly familiar with, Anger! In Taoist philosophy the ancient Chinese identified five primary emotions and their correlating virtues. For example Creativity is the virtue corresponding to Anger. The other four emotions are Anxiety, Worry, Fear and Grief. Treating these emotions and moving them, transforming them to their virtues is the work we must undertake at the emotional level to achieve a healthy emotional body that in turn supports the physical body’s health.

Today let’s look at Anxiety, a serious emotion affecting so many of us in Western Society. Here in the US we are nearing the end of a polarizing National election. And in the Northeast US we are cleaning up and recovering from a devastating storm, Hurricane Sandy. This election cycle has seemed to go on forever! And with the long prediction of Sandy’s potential as an historic storm, it seemed larger than any storm could live up to; yet for many, it did! Just holding the energy of these two intertwined events is sufficient emotional strain to give the healthiest person a severe case of Anxiety!

What do we do?

Anxiety is often associated with our place in society, our standing within our family, group, tribe, nation, world. It is about who we are; it is deeply connected to self-esteem issues. Using the Tao as guidance, the emotion of Anxiety is associated with the heart and small intestine; it is the Fire Element emotion. The virtues that correspond to Anxiety are Connection and Joy, clearly virtues of the Heart. Moving Anxiety to Joy is a natural transformation as we work on our place within the human family, recognize the importance of that place, our being in that place and the Connection we have with others from that place. And once we have that Connection, deep Joy is there for us. The process here is remembering our own connections. “It’s a Wonderful Life” that famous Christmas Capra movie, is an excellent reminder of just how connected we are in this life and how vital to the overall scheme we are.

The process is reasonably simple: breathe into your Heart Center. Visualize a ruby red light streaming in to your chest to cauterize the wounds inflicted by Anxiety and transform those wounds to Connection and Joy. We are humans, a connected species. We live in groups and survive through cooperation and connectedness. Anxiety is created through our sense of
disconnectedness. Breathing the color Red in to our Heart Center restores this sense of togetherness in all of Life’s experiences.

My 15-year-old granddaughter just came down to visit and to apologize for her over-reaction to an incident around the dinner table this evening. I accepted and in turn apologized for my own over-reaction! It reminds me of our connection; our heart-connection. Family, friends and neighbors, communities, cities, states, countries…we are all connected. We can transform our Anxieties through remembering all of our Essential Connections and taking great Joy in those Connections!


PS: Tomorrow, November 2, just in time for All Souls Day, the Day of the Dead, you are invited to a Conversation with The Other Side! Rosemary brings in the Energies, Loved Ones who have crossed over, Angels, Spirit Guides, all manner of extra-dimensional beings during this time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest! Join me! Learn more here!