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September 1, 2014 Leave a comment

Life is so interesting! Last week I finished a summer series of Qigong classes with the theme: “Transforming Emotions to Virtues.” I followed the Five-Element scheme so deeply rooted in Chinese approaches to life and health. And my first class several weeks ago was on the Wood Element and transforming Anger to Creativity through Forgiveness.

Today, as I searched through my archives and journals for a “Monday Poem” I came across this one I wrote in February 2010.  This was a few years before I began my intense practice of Qigong and study of the Five Elements! But even then I knew how to transform Anger. And yes, my predominant element is Wood!


It’s easy:
Just fear the mistakes,
Fear failure.
How does that feel?

Anger is a defense.
Anger trumps pity.
It is better than loathing.
It can feel good.

Anger can be productive.
It can motivate.
It can compensate,
And cover insecurity.

Mostly it destroys.
Shiva rises and
Clears the path
Through the waste of failure.

Anger operates at
An instinctual level.
Grow and forgive.
Breathe and live!

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

Love and Life Purpose – Richard’s Commentary

July 18, 2013 Leave a comment

The heart of the message from The Divine Feminine channeled by Rosemary for this week’s Mystic Message is:

The work of the enlightened ones and all spiritual students who wish to support the evolution of human consciousness is to spread the high vibration energy of Love into the energy grid of the Planet. This energy attracts assistance from other realms to amplify the energy on Earth.

I would like to think I am a “spiritual student” and certainly wish to support the evolution of human consciousness. And yet I seem to fail so often in so many ways! Or do I? Here’s this week’s story:

I “lost” my sunglasses. They happen to be an expensive pair that I like; I’ve had them for several years and have taken very good care of them. My first reaction when I lose something is to begin a frantic search. Searching with no results leads to frustration. The longer the search the greater the frustration. And when the long search is fruitless, frustration turns easily to anger.

The anger is self-directed. I am at fault for misplacing/losing the sunglasses. I am further at fault for wasting all the energy in the search, then the frustration, then the anger. And though the anger is self-directed, it is not necessarily self-contained. It spills over through a bad mood. Everyone around me experiences my loss!

After much consternation a night passes without their appearance. My temper is vented in my “morning pages” and through writing out the story a perspective begins to emerge: this is a small loss, my frustration and anger are over-blown, there is a lesson here, the Mystic Message this week is about Love, beginning with self-love.

Ah ha; there can be no love without first loving one’s self. And self-directed anger over small errors is the antithesis of self-love. Directing this anger-energy into the grid of the planet is the antithesis of what a “spiritual student” needs to strive for; and it likely “attracts assistance from other realms” that I would rather not attract!

The trouble is I’m an Enneagram type 1, “The Perfectionist.” And I really struggle with this pervasive characteristic, or motivation in myself. Sometimes it is a harsh, unforgiving task-master riding on my shoulders. I want things, events and people to be correct, to go the right way, to be smooth and cooperative, to follow rules…to be perfect. And when things, events, people go awry, I too easily move to anger. And where is the love in that?

There are many lessons in this story. The main one I choose to take away today is one of “awareness.” And I am practicing this lesson, it seems, on a moment-to-moment basis (and maybe that’s the point!). It is time to become fully aware, moment-to-moment!

A few days ago I offered the story of Tenno and his umbrella. Did he get angry with himself when he failed to answer Master Nan-in’s question about placement of his umbrella? No. He simply surrendered to his need for more study and practice – 10 years more!

After writing these thoughts down in my “morning pages” the day after my loss, I felt better. I accepted the lesson and my imperfection. I realized my anger-energy was pointless and wasted, maybe even damaging! I let go of the sunglasses. They had served me well; it was time to move on. It was time to practice love!

That evening I found the sunglasses, buried in a chair I had been using. My relief tangled with my realization that I had learned another (again) lesson on love. If I had started with love, even self-love for attracting a valuable lesson, I would have saved myself a lot of time and dark energy, and maybe I would have found my sunglasses earlier in the day!

I remain a “spiritual student.”

“How’s Your Health?” A Commentary from Richard

November 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Have you reviewed the video and commentary by Rosemary from her FREE weekly MuseLetter? I posted them over the past couple of days; and if you want to receive them directly you can subscribe here. And today here are my thoughts on the question Rosemary asks:

In her Video and Commentary this week Rosemary asks a broad question about health. On the surface this may seem to be a simple, straightforward question. For the most part when we think of our health we immediately scan our physical bodies for anything that may be signaling a pain or illness. But probing the question of our health is a much deeper subject than that first reaction!

We have four bodies, at least! And Rosemary addresses each of them in her commentary posted yesterday. For optimum health we need to “treat” each of these bodies and balance them. For men this can be a real challenge!

Last week I wrote of the emotional body and one emotion I am particularly familiar with, Anger! In Taoist philosophy the ancient Chinese identified five primary emotions and their correlating virtues. For example Creativity is the virtue corresponding to Anger. The other four emotions are Anxiety, Worry, Fear and Grief. Treating these emotions and moving them, transforming them to their virtues is the work we must undertake at the emotional level to achieve a healthy emotional body that in turn supports the physical body’s health.

Today let’s look at Anxiety, a serious emotion affecting so many of us in Western Society. Here in the US we are nearing the end of a polarizing National election. And in the Northeast US we are cleaning up and recovering from a devastating storm, Hurricane Sandy. This election cycle has seemed to go on forever! And with the long prediction of Sandy’s potential as an historic storm, it seemed larger than any storm could live up to; yet for many, it did! Just holding the energy of these two intertwined events is sufficient emotional strain to give the healthiest person a severe case of Anxiety!

What do we do?

Anxiety is often associated with our place in society, our standing within our family, group, tribe, nation, world. It is about who we are; it is deeply connected to self-esteem issues. Using the Tao as guidance, the emotion of Anxiety is associated with the heart and small intestine; it is the Fire Element emotion. The virtues that correspond to Anxiety are Connection and Joy, clearly virtues of the Heart. Moving Anxiety to Joy is a natural transformation as we work on our place within the human family, recognize the importance of that place, our being in that place and the Connection we have with others from that place. And once we have that Connection, deep Joy is there for us. The process here is remembering our own connections. “It’s a Wonderful Life” that famous Christmas Capra movie, is an excellent reminder of just how connected we are in this life and how vital to the overall scheme we are.

The process is reasonably simple: breathe into your Heart Center. Visualize a ruby red light streaming in to your chest to cauterize the wounds inflicted by Anxiety and transform those wounds to Connection and Joy. We are humans, a connected species. We live in groups and survive through cooperation and connectedness. Anxiety is created through our sense of
disconnectedness. Breathing the color Red in to our Heart Center restores this sense of togetherness in all of Life’s experiences.

My 15-year-old granddaughter just came down to visit and to apologize for her over-reaction to an incident around the dinner table this evening. I accepted and in turn apologized for my own over-reaction! It reminds me of our connection; our heart-connection. Family, friends and neighbors, communities, cities, states, countries…we are all connected. We can transform our Anxieties through remembering all of our Essential Connections and taking great Joy in those Connections!


PS: Tomorrow, November 2, just in time for All Souls Day, the Day of the Dead, you are invited to a Conversation with The Other Side! Rosemary brings in the Energies, Loved Ones who have crossed over, Angels, Spirit Guides, all manner of extra-dimensional beings during this time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest! Join me! Learn more here!

“Are You Flipping Out Over Something?” A Commentary by Richard

October 29, 2012 Leave a comment

As I indicated last week when I posted Rosemary’s video from her MuseLetter (subscribe here) I am posting my thoughts on that video on my blog. Without further introduction, my thoughts:

I was particularly struck by the topic this week: Flip-Out.  In fact I too often find myself flipping-out and almost always over very small things. Computers suddenly running slow, or even worse, crashing for unknown reasons; a lost item, like keys; a negative checking account balance when there should be plenty of cash available; a credit card that inexplicably fails to work (and this is worst if it’s a client’s charge that won’t go through!); the dog’s 2:00 am need…the list can be nearly endless! Are these life and death issues; of course not. But in our hustle-bustle lives they do add fuel to the fire of an already hot burn life-style that keeps pace with a 21st Century clock!

Is it a particularly male thing to flip-out over small things? Rosemary goes through life at a pretty calm clip; her life is just as complicated as mine. She writes and speaks this week about a “Toolbox of Resources.” Well, I’m a pretty resourceful guy; I’m on the journey with her. And yet my fuse is so much shorter. But I’m ready to learn these lessons; the 2×4 upside the head is beginning to hurt, get through to me!

I am examining my tools and resources. In the last few months I have rediscovered the Tao, the ancient Chinese philosophy known as The Way. I have read fairly extensively about Taoism, studied it as part of my seminary program, practiced off and on through authors such as Mantak Chia, studied and memorized sections of Lao-Tzu’s Taoteching, consulted the I Ching, and practiced Tai Chi. And recently I found an excellent Qigong instructor who has brought me back to this Way. And there are some significant tools and resources to be found here.

Managing my “flip-out moments” is certainly a skill I am working on. An emotion I frequently reach for in these moments is “anger” in its various forms. I can too easily flash to a white heat over some relatively small irritation. I cool quickly and then realize the exaggerated reaction as an unproductive response to the situation. And I ask myself, “why the unbalanced reaction?” And, “why the wasted energy?”

The Chinese Masters identify anger as one of the obstacles to finding The Way. In addition to wanting to reduce my expenditure of energy on a wasted emotion, I want to overcome this obstacle. And, oh by the way, mastering anger will go a long way toward improving my environment!

In the Taoist traditions negative emotions, like Anger, can be transmuted into their corresponding virtues; in the case of Anger the work is to transmute it to Creativity or Resourcefulness. Wow! What if my wasted anger energy can be channeled into creative energy? What a concept!

This is not as easy as it sounds, however. But in my mind it is clearly worth the effort; I choose creativity over anger, calm over flip-out, any day! Rosemary mentions meditation as an approach to “hit the pause button” in the midst of over-reaction (or better yet before the reaction even occurs!). Qigong is often referred to as “Meditation in Motion” and I am finding this practice is a way to pull my energy and my resources, my consciousness, into the present moment when I can be fully aware of my environment, my reaction at any given moment to the environment and to then respond appropriately. When I am very, very present I can actually catch myself on the verge of anger and quickly seek a creative response, diverting the anger into resourcefulness! I have a long way to go to catch myself every time, or even often! But it’s good work for the journey!

Guys, Rosemary has many ways to channel the flip-out mode into presence of mind. Her toolbox is filled with fun things and even some neat toys! Sometimes it may seem easier just to go with the reactive emotion of the moment; but too often the consequences of the easy route bite painfully.

Flip-out reaction or creative response? The choice is yours if you are willing to do the work!



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