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ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Commitment and Solutions

April 30, 2014 Leave a comment

A message from The Divine Feminine:

“Dear Ones,

You are being invited into a new level of conscious living on Planet Earth at this time. Will you accept the invitation?

For so many of you there have been problems in your life that you have struggled to handle. Money, relationship, children, career. These problems exist in the 3-dimensional world of Planet Earth. Your pain, whether only emotional or a combination of emotional/mental/physical, is also a 3-dimensional pain.

But we would tell you that there are many dimensions beyond the 3 you are considering and your solutions lie beyond where you are searching for them.

Have you learned to access your Inner Wisdom? Your Spirit Guides and Angels? Do you meditate? Pray? Journal? Seek counseling/mentoring?

We understand that, when there are problems in life, it is tempting to constantly consider the problems while hoping for the solutions to appear. You are, however, not a slave to your circumstances or to your problems. You are empowered to seek solutions wherever they may reside. And focusing on the problems continues to give them power in your life.

The empowered approach to solutions is to seek them without the attachment to the problem. If you focus on your problems you energize them at a low vibrational density that causes you to anchor yourself in that density. If, instead, you focus on what you can do to shift your circumstances, what you can try, even if success is not guaranteed, then you can operate at a higher frequency level and lift yourself out of your story.

Solutions are always available. They may not be the solutions you want but you are always presented with only those situations that you are ready to handle. Sometimes the solution is to decide to take no action. Or maybe to change your thinking about what you have decided to call a ‘problem’ so that you can accept the situation and no longer deem it a ‘problem.’ And sometimes there are actions to take to move you toward resolution.

No matter where the solution lies, your responsibility is to your personal growth and, therefore, you must be committed to working in a way that is focused on evolving and not just on ending a problem.

Concentrate on your commitment level to that which you desire. Are you congruent? Are you committed enough to sacrifice something to achieve your goals? Are you committed enough to focus on where you want to be instead of what has happened or where you have been?

This is the commitment that problems invite from you. Do what is required for you to grow through the experience of finding solutions. Focus on what you DO WANT and commit your energy to making that happen, even if it scares you.

Your level of commitment to changing your circumstances determines the success of your efforts to change.

It is always about commitment.

And so it is.”

Thank you for this message.

I invite you to look at your life and your challenges and commit to taking some action toward what you desire rather than focusing on what is happening around you. YOU can change yourself and, thus, your life.

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CONVERSATIONS THAT HEAL: Rosemary speaks about Angels, Guides, Spirit Guides

March 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Angels, Guides, Spirit Guides – how do they interact with us and how can they help us to heal?

Listen to this Conversations That Heal Radio Show where Rosemary is interviewed by Susan Jacobi and learn the answers to these questions! It’s 30-minutes of information that reveals the unseen helpers in our lives.

Radio Show Link

The Power of Connection – Richard’s Commentary

January 16, 2014 Leave a comment

“Connection” is Rosemary’s word for 2014. It is not surprising that early in the year she would choose this to write about. This word, in all of its meanings, can be taken in many directions. Rosemary goes through a long list, connection to Higher Self, connection to guides and angels, connection to others (both positive and negative connections to the people in our lives), connection to our purpose. All of these are important connections to be aware of, to remember; as Rosemary writes:

Connection is an energetic that, at its highest level, we all seek. We want to feel connected to others, to our guidance, to Source. In seeking we sometimes forget that it is not to be found outside ourselves, but to be remembered as an inner truth.

For me her point here is if we are disconnected from ourselves, from that “inner truth”, then can we be connected to anything or anyone on the outside? And how easy it is to disconnect, to fall into isolation, to withdraw. I wonder sometimes if this isn’t at the root of the issues we face as a society, as a country, as a culture looking for something on the outside, some connection we are longing for but have no means to identify or find.

I don’t really want to get into politics here but somehow this word “connection” brings up social concerns. Humans are a connected species. We wouldn’t have survived and evolved over the millennia if we had been an isolated, individualistic being; in the wild we are not strong enough, don’t have all the necessary skills within ourselves to go-it-alone.

How many of the political battles we see raging in this country, whether it is over healthcare or foreign aid, political favoritism or retribution are about social issues, connections. It almost seems that people divide along the lines of: “we are all in this together” or “I’ve got mine; you need to be strong enough, work hard enough to get yours” – a survival of the fittest mentality!

Interestingly, since Darwin comes to mind here, much of the current research on the evolutionary process reveals that it is cooperation that is a primary mechanism for evolution, not competition! And we have to connect to cooperate, connect to survive and evolve!

Connection, beyond the necessary interdependence for survival, does begin within. When we are connected to ourselves, to Source, to Angels and Spirit Guides, we gain a certain level of confidence that can lead us outward to find healthy connections with others. When we are connected to our purpose our connections become productive and benefit society, the greater whole beyond ourselves. These vital inner connections are the ground for our being human, for lifting our spirits to join with others, in connection, in community to move and evolve consciously.

Are you connected?

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: The Power of Connection

January 15, 2014 Leave a comment

Who are you, really? Are you connected to your inner essence or are you going through the motions of your daily life, waiting for ‘someday,’ or retirement or the kids to leave home? Are you truly connected to your Life Purpose? Do you feel you have a connection to inner wisdom and guidance when you have a question?

‘Connection’ isn’t just about the electricity that flows through your house, waiting for a lamp to be plugged in and connecting. Sometimes we can fool ourselves into believing that we have to do something to get connected, just like that lamp.

But the truth is that we are always in a state of connection. All we have to do is to remember that this is so.

You are connected to your Higher Self at all times. Do you take advantage of that connection and access the wisdom that is available there?

You are connected to Source Energy, the energetic flow that is the source of abundance in the Universe.

You are connected to the Angels and Spirit Guides who can help you in your life but they are waiting for you to invite them in, to remember your connection.

And you are connected to other people through the cords of connection that have been established throughout time. Some of these connections are working for the highest good of all involved and others are drains of energy that aren’t supportive of your personal growth. Do you know how to determine the difference and what to do to disconnect the energies that don’t sustain you?

Connection is an energetic that, at its highest level, we all seek. We want to feel connected to others, to our guidance, to Source. In seeking we sometimes forget that it is not to be found outside ourselves, but to be remembered as an inner truth.

Are you seeking Connection? Are you feeling disconnected or connected to energy drains instead of supportive energies? What are you going to do about this?

Let 2014 be the year that you decide to connect to the parts of yourself that you have disowned, have disconnected yourself from. Decide to connect to the energies that support your personal growth this year. Find experts who can help you connect/disconnect as you need.

Start with connecting to your inner guidance. How do you do this? Meditation is a good way to start. Get still and listen to that inner voice.

Pay attention to the signals you receive from your intuition. Journal and allow yourself to write whatever wants to flow through your pen. Take a class that gives you an opportunity to make the connection to inner guides, your Higher Self.

Sometimes you are connected to energy that drains you. Learn how to disconnect or find someone to help you disconnect the cords that are holding you back from growth. Connection is as much about connecting to the energies that are supportive as it is about disconnecting from those that are not. You might need expert help to detach from energies that you aren’t conscious of being there. You will feel free when you have taken care of this.

Connect to like-minded people who support you along your path and with whom you can share your gifts to support them. This is not the time to be isolated from what is going on around you. The world has fewer boundaries than it used to and you are called to reach across the miles to those with whom it is time for you to connect. With 21st Century technology you can stay connected around the globe. It is no longer necessary that you find a tribe with which to connect in your own back yard.

Most importantly, connect with your higher purpose, the reason you are living this life on Planet Earth. Discover your Life Purpose and commit to it. When you connect to Purpose you feel fulfillment and joy. You will find your days opening before you with wonder and light. And you will be connecting to the other souls who have been waiting for you to show up and connect.

Do it now!

PS: Do you want to create some new connections in 2014? Come to Rosemary’s playshop, in person or by video link, and connect to a great group; and lay out your play script for 2014! January 25. Details Here

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Stay Happy Through the Holidays!

November 27, 2013 Leave a comment

It’s that time of year when the stores seem to reach out to grab you to come inside and spend your money. The meals and parties get you focused on food and drink. You have to make sure you can get to all the events, have the right clothes, the right gifts, the travel arrangements. And for many it is a time of overwhelm.

For others, though, it is a very lonely time. You might be worried about finances and wishing you had more money with which to buy gifts. You might not have any family to visit or they are too far away. You might be looking at the holidays with no plans or parties or meals to attend.

And for a few you might have family gatherings in which to participate that you are not really anticipating with pleasure.

Even those who love the holiday season can have expectations that are not met and, thus, experience disappointment.

Let’s make this year the year of truly ‘Happy Holidays’ no matter what your personal circumstances might be!

The first step to staying happy through the holidays is to do a realistic and honest assessment of this time of year for yourself. Do you really need to buy everything that you usually do? Do you need to put as much pressure on yourself as you usually do? Do you need to attend every party? Every gathering?

What is your energy level now, as the holidays approach? Do you need more rest and self-care than you need excitement and company? Why not choose a different pattern to your holidays this year?

How are your finances? Do you get stressed out by spending before the end of the year and then worrying about the bills in January? Do you buy a lot of gifts because you feel you must instead of genuinely wanting to share?

The honest assessment leads you to understand what YOU need in this season.

Next, ask yourself if you really must spend time with people who upset and disturb you or if you can find time for yourself without that burden this year. This might even be your family. Are you looking forward to seeing them or do you dread the time you spend there?

Consider a new way of operating through the holidays this year.

Everyone around you is struggling with their own life lessons. Somehow the holidays come with Hallmark Cards and Norman Rockwell expectations that nobody really experiences. If you put self-care at the top of your agenda, IT IS NOT SELFISH!!!! Let me repeat that – Self-Care is not being self-ish!!!

Taking care of yourself might be limiting what you spend this season to what you can comfortably afford. Make some gifts. Give away something that’s meaningful to you and share its story with the recipient. Go to bazaars and thrift shops and find unusual items that will delight someone.

Look at your calendar for the rest of 2013 and decide what you will do for yourself. Rest. Relax. Pamper yourself. Watch movies that make you smile. Hang out with friends or go on a silent retreat. If you’re lonely, find a shelter where they need volunteers. If you’re overwhelmed with social ‘obligations,’ decide how to handle the schedule to preserve your energy for the activities that matter most to you. Ask for help if you need it.

Spend some time planning for 2014. This doesn’t have to mean the big New Year’s Resolution list, but pick a theme for the year that resonates with your heart. Delight yourself with your plans. Dream BIG!!!

Remember that everyone around you has something going on in their life that they are having to handle. Take care of yourself so that you can show up fully present to everyone else. Be CURIOUS . This helps to keep you focused on the mysteries and not on what upsets you. Have healthy boundaries. Eat healthy foods. Take care of your own health.

Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have at any given moment – even you!

May you truly have Happy Holidays this year!

PS: Need help making it a happy holiday time? Looking for guidance and additional resources from beyond the norm?  You can receive personal messages from Guides, Spirits, Angels and loved ones who have crossed over at Rosemary’s next event: a Conversation with The Other Side December 6 at 7:00 pm Eastern. Click for details


October 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Don’t put off until tomorrow what the Universe wants done today!

Pay attention to the signals you receive that something is calling to you to be examined today. You might feel it as a flash of insight, a thought about a person you might contact, a picture of something, or a nagging feeling about something on your to-do list.

When you are connected to your inner wisdom and your spirit guides, you can check in to see what your next step is. Sometimes the message might be to capture the idea and then schedule it, even if it is not to be acted upon today. But often we challenge or question the energy of the guidance and step back to analyze until we have moved away from pursuing the action.

What ideas have you had for something to do that you have analyzed yourself away from doing?

There is a difference between paying attention to the signals from the Universe and procrastination. When you follow the energy of the idea you receive then you are staying in the flow of the creative energy that comes to you from your connection to Universal Flow. Learn to discern this energy from ‘shoulds’ that your ego presents to you from old tapes that are playing in your unconscious mind!

Procrastination is fighting against the feeling that the Universe wants you to pay attention to something and you are choosing to ignore that signal. Did you know that procrastination could take a lot more energy than following the flow?

I’ve learned that lesson! Sometimes it’s important to delay a project until the time is right, but it is very easy to put off tackling something because we feel afraid to face ourselves in that situation. Many of my clients are working from a space where there is an unexamined belief that holds them back from displaying their magnificence. It might be an ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘who am I to think I can do this?’ or ‘what if I fail?’ belief that is stopping the flow, holding up the action.

YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!!! Let me state that unequivocally. The Universe is very wise and doesn’t give you a task that you are not ready to accomplish. The creativity that brings you flashes of insight is a force that is presenting solutions, even if you are not sure of the problems yet.

All you are being asked to do is to pay attention. In every moment you are being shown signs that reveal the Universe to you. When you are paying attention to the signs, your next step is to take action on those that require it of you.

If you are unsure about the action to take, if the road doesn’t seem clear to you yet, then ask for help and guidance from someone who can see the road ahead for you. This is why it is so important to learn to get in touch with guidance, whether through a counselor or your own inner guidance. Invite the angels to reveal to you what you are to do. Talk to your guides.

And if you feel the urge to use the good china for hot dogs and beans, then do so! Take the action that you feel led to take!

PS: Are you waiting to hear Guidance from The Other Side? Are you looking for advice from beyond the usual? Join Rosemary for Satsang, this Saturday, October 19 at 7:00 PM Eastern. If you are in Maryland, join us in person. Or, join us by televideo conference or simply by phone. Learn more and Register Here.

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: You are a Multi-Dimensional Being!

October 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Let’s hear what The Divine Feminine say about this:

“Dear Ones,

We are The Divine Feminine and speak to you from the Realm of The Divine Feminine. This is one of the Dimensions that you have been hearing about.

There is nothing scary about dimensions or the beings that inhabit them. Our role in coming into your life is to assist you in your path of personal growth.

You can think of us as your Higher Self, that Voice of Wisdom that you hear on the inside. Some might call our messages ‘Intuition’ and that is fine, for no matter how you label the guidance that you receive, the important thing is to discern and to heed that guidance.

Consider that you are living with a Conscious Mind and an Unconscious Mind at this very moment. Your Conscious Mind is thinking about the words that you are reading and your Unconscious Mind is keeping the systems of your physical body operating without your conscious involvement. In this very same moment your Higher Conscious Mind is connecting you to spiritual dimensions that afford you the opportunity to learn and to grow and to expand your awareness and understanding.

Are you so focused on your physical experience that you are ignoring the information coming to you through your Higher Conscious Mind? Sometimes the messages are subtle, such as those contained in your nighttime dreams. Sometimes they are what you might label as ‘coincidence’ or ‘synchronicity.’ And sometimes the messages are attention-getting in their impact on your life, such as an illness or accident or relationship upheaval.

Most assuredly, however, there are messages available to you from the many Dimensions in which you dwell.

Some people have easier access to the information in these Dimensions than others and we speak through them to get the message out to the broader audience. All of you, though, have the ability to perceive messages for yourself when you listen to the guidance you are already receiving.

When we say that you must use discernment this is not to scare you or to make you concerned about so-called ‘negative energies’ or the source of your guidance. The means of discernment are simple. How do you feel when you receive the information? Does it make you feel uneasy because it contains judgment or criticism or invites you to do something about which you feel uncomfortable? Is that discomfort because you are being invited to stretch your comfort level into a new expansions of your personal growth or is there a moral component to your unease?

True guidance contains wisdom that leads you in the direction of your personal growth and spiritual expansion. You will never feel judged or criticized by a guide who is helping you to grow because every experience is a growth opportunity. If you feel uncomfortable it might be because your beliefs have led you to interpret as truth an old tape playing from your history that has nothing to do with your current lessons.

It is helpful to consult with someone who can assist you in creating clear connections to your guidance and to help you learn to discern the guidance that you can act upon and that which is coming from your beliefs and ego.

Keep thinking of yourself as a multi-dimensional human and you will learn that you have access to information, guidance, wisdom, help from many sources.

And so it is.”

Rosemary comments: Trust that you have the connections you need to be guided in your life. If you don’t feel you can hear the guidance, ask for help!