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December 8, 2014 Leave a comment

The video for today’s post not only has a message for you to consider it also announces that my husband, Richard, and I are taking some time to reflect. We are “taking stock” of many things during Solstice time, as the light here in the Northern Hemisphere dims and we retreat inward. With the Sun the MuseLetter and this blog will dim for a time.

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Take Stock:

Have a wonderful holiday time!




ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Start with Gratitude

December 3, 2014 Leave a comment

Now that we are in the full swing of the Holiday Season Rosemary offers some good advice for the whole month of December in her “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Start with Gratitude

You Are the Best Holiday Gift – Richard’s Commentary

December 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Well, it’s all over! Or, is it? Yes, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice and Christmas are behind us. But we have the Gregorian New Year, Epiphany, the Lunar New Year, and a whole new year of holiday’s coming up. And we have today, December 26. Many people are out returning or exchanging the gifts they received. They are back in the hustle/bustle of shopping for the post-holiday bargains; maybe some are even getting ready for next Christmas, buying up trimmings and paper and lights and party goods for the holidays of 2014!

However, if you carried the meaning of yesterday message from Rosemary with you, then your gifts to others, those gifts of yourself – a smile, a kind word, a hug at the right moment, and even an attitude of cheer through the day, those “gifts of yourself” cannot be exchanged, they can’t be taken back; but of course, they might be returned!

Every Christmas for I don’t know how many years now, my brothers and their families put on a Christmas dinner for those in my tiny home town that don’t have family, might not be able to purchase a fancy dinner with all the trimmings, or are just feeling the need to be with others at Christmas. Yesterday they went through two big turkeys and a giant ham, serving over 70 people with great food, warm cheer and smiles all around. When I talked to my older brother around 7:30 last evening he was already dozing off, beat from the hard day’s work; but he was so upbeat we gabbed for almost an hour. He gave the gift of himself and received so much more. His cheer was infectious!

So, hear Rosemary’s advice in your heart: Think outside the box of your own feelings. It doesn’t matter whether you are smiling all the time or crying all the time. There is more in you than just those feelings. And there is more around you than just what you are feeling today. Today is a holiday too; every day is a holy-day if we are present to every moment and present to how we are a present to the world!

And: Stay upbeat, if you can. Smile if you feel like it. Ask for help if you need it. Find someone with whom you can let your hair down and be yourself and share your feelings without judging yourself. Then find someone who might need a helping hand and offer that hand, outstretched because giving is great and receiving is, too. Be the gift that keeps on giving; and enjoy the gifts of a smile, a hug, a cheerful greeting you receive from others. And take these gifts into 2014, because that way it will be a wonderful New Year!

PS: Next year will be wonderful! How do I know? Because I listened to a message from The Divine Feminine channeled by Rosemary on the Winter Solstice; and they offered guidance and advice on what we might expect in 2014 and how to approach the year’s upcoming energy. Expect more change! The transformation continues! If you missed the message it is now available as an MP3 recording for a modest price; check out the details here: Winter Solstice Mesage

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Stay Happy Through the Holidays!

November 27, 2013 Leave a comment

It’s that time of year when the stores seem to reach out to grab you to come inside and spend your money. The meals and parties get you focused on food and drink. You have to make sure you can get to all the events, have the right clothes, the right gifts, the travel arrangements. And for many it is a time of overwhelm.

For others, though, it is a very lonely time. You might be worried about finances and wishing you had more money with which to buy gifts. You might not have any family to visit or they are too far away. You might be looking at the holidays with no plans or parties or meals to attend.

And for a few you might have family gatherings in which to participate that you are not really anticipating with pleasure.

Even those who love the holiday season can have expectations that are not met and, thus, experience disappointment.

Let’s make this year the year of truly ‘Happy Holidays’ no matter what your personal circumstances might be!

The first step to staying happy through the holidays is to do a realistic and honest assessment of this time of year for yourself. Do you really need to buy everything that you usually do? Do you need to put as much pressure on yourself as you usually do? Do you need to attend every party? Every gathering?

What is your energy level now, as the holidays approach? Do you need more rest and self-care than you need excitement and company? Why not choose a different pattern to your holidays this year?

How are your finances? Do you get stressed out by spending before the end of the year and then worrying about the bills in January? Do you buy a lot of gifts because you feel you must instead of genuinely wanting to share?

The honest assessment leads you to understand what YOU need in this season.

Next, ask yourself if you really must spend time with people who upset and disturb you or if you can find time for yourself without that burden this year. This might even be your family. Are you looking forward to seeing them or do you dread the time you spend there?

Consider a new way of operating through the holidays this year.

Everyone around you is struggling with their own life lessons. Somehow the holidays come with Hallmark Cards and Norman Rockwell expectations that nobody really experiences. If you put self-care at the top of your agenda, IT IS NOT SELFISH!!!! Let me repeat that – Self-Care is not being self-ish!!!

Taking care of yourself might be limiting what you spend this season to what you can comfortably afford. Make some gifts. Give away something that’s meaningful to you and share its story with the recipient. Go to bazaars and thrift shops and find unusual items that will delight someone.

Look at your calendar for the rest of 2013 and decide what you will do for yourself. Rest. Relax. Pamper yourself. Watch movies that make you smile. Hang out with friends or go on a silent retreat. If you’re lonely, find a shelter where they need volunteers. If you’re overwhelmed with social ‘obligations,’ decide how to handle the schedule to preserve your energy for the activities that matter most to you. Ask for help if you need it.

Spend some time planning for 2014. This doesn’t have to mean the big New Year’s Resolution list, but pick a theme for the year that resonates with your heart. Delight yourself with your plans. Dream BIG!!!

Remember that everyone around you has something going on in their life that they are having to handle. Take care of yourself so that you can show up fully present to everyone else. Be CURIOUS . This helps to keep you focused on the mysteries and not on what upsets you. Have healthy boundaries. Eat healthy foods. Take care of your own health.

Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have at any given moment – even you!

May you truly have Happy Holidays this year!

PS: Need help making it a happy holiday time? Looking for guidance and additional resources from beyond the norm?  You can receive personal messages from Guides, Spirits, Angels and loved ones who have crossed over at Rosemary’s next event: a Conversation with The Other Side December 6 at 7:00 pm Eastern. Click for details