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Freedom and Energy – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary concludes her comments on the Mystic Message, posted her yesterday, by stating:

Freedom and energy – intimately connected and your choice!

We are always about choice! That’s the great thing about being human, and as I wrote last week in remembering what the 4th of July celebration is all about, it is our freedom to choose that makes us unique; unique as Americans in this 21st Century and unique as human beings on this planet, Earth. We are free to choose to remain just as we are, whether that’s “stuck” in some place of comfort and security or launching on yet another adventure to see how far the next road takes us. We can choose to remain complacent or we can screw up our courage and take a new path, set our sights on a new vision.

Rosemary and I will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of our marriage on July 22nd. Just the other day, July 9th, we remembered our first meeting…40 years ago! I haven’t consulted Rosemary yet; we actually renew our commitment to “another year” on our anniversary. But I already know what my answer to the question is! After 40 years of adventure why would I choose to get off the road and settle for the easy track?

I know I have the energy. And I know I have my purpose still challenging me to “get on with it!” Hey, I am building more Qi every day, breathing life and vitality into my Tan T’ien, balancing my chakras, keeping fit and healthy for the continuing journey ahead!

And well you may wonder about all of this! If you’ve been following Rosemary and/or me for any length of time you know the depth of understanding she offers. If you read this blog, her weekly newsletter, published for over four years now without missing a beat, you know the richness of her material, the serious commitment she has to her purpose and the vibrant community she and I are building. You may even have a taste of her sources, The Source, the incredible reach she has to the many dimensions she hears, sees and senses with all of her being. The clarity of her access and the purity of her channel are unquestioned.

I choose to remain on this path with Rosemary, this highway of adventure in all realms of our existence, from the simple physical life on Earth to the travels through multiple dimensions to other worlds where we encounter other beings, angels, guides, loved ones who have died, both recently and long ago. No door seems to be closed to her loving curiosity and her gentle questions. Teachers come to her to guide both her and all of humanity, those with the openness to listen, to be with her as she seeks.

You too may choose this experience. It takes an open mind, curiosity and even a little courage to seek out what Rosemary can reveal. Some people have come to her with doubt, trepidation, even undisguised skepticism. None have left without receiving confirmation that Rosemary offers wisdom, comfort, guidance and insight from The Other Side.

I am not writing this post as an ad for Rosemary, but as a tribute to our decades together and the wisdom she has brought to me. I have received many messages over the years through Rosemary from what we call The Other Side. This is our simplified name for the many dimensions Rosemary reaches. It is as if the normal three or four dimensions we live in melt before her “gaze” and the past, future, extra-terrestrial, angelic realms, and the after-life open to her. She not only brings guidance and wisdom through from these extra-dimensional “places”, she even dialogs with guides and answers questions participants in her conversations bring.

Events with Rosemary are educational, enlightening, transformative and even fun. We laugh with loved ones who have passed but are having a grand time on the other side. We marvel at some of the advice from historical figures. We wonder at the teachings of future beings as they reveal how important our lives now are to them, then!

And now you have a choice! You too can participate in a Conversation with The Other Side with Rosemary as she shares messages specifically for you brought to you by your guides, your angels, your loved ones who have crossed over. It is as easy as dialing a phone or clicking a link on your computer. If you are lucky enough to be in the Annapolis, Maryland area you can even attend in person!

Your next opportunity is Saturday, July 13 at 7:00 pm Eastern time. And this is the bargain of a life-time at $55 for the entire event, two hours of teaching with personal messages for everyone.

But don’t wait too long. Limited space is available; everyone gets a message so only 12 people attend.

And in case you wonder how all this works, we have posted sample messages on Rosemary’s website; these were messages for me channeled through Rosemary at our last event in June. You can watch Rosemary in action here.

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 13, 7:00 pm Eastern. It’s your choice, if you have the energy!


PS: Ready to register? Click Here

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