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Freedom and Energy

When your energy is locked up inside you, there can be no forward motion in your life. Do you feel stuck in some area and are you unsure of your roadmap out of the stuck place?

The first place to look is to examine your life for the places where your life looks the same as it did one year or five years or ten years ago. Are you clinging to something familiar merely because it is familiar or are you constantly re-evaluating yourself and your life for the ways in which you can grow and expand? When you put your attention to your personal growth you will find the energy to move forward.

Staying in a stuck place actually takes more energy than moving with the flow of life. Does this surprise you? Being stuck means that you are resisting the natural flow of growth and evolution. It takes a lot of energy to deny yourself the opportunities that present themselves for you to enjoy forward motion and the expansion of your consciousness.

There are always lessons to be learned, experiences to be enjoyed, new frontiers to explore. Every new thing learned expands your awareness so that you can never go back to the time before you learned that. You do, however, always have the freedom to choose to ignore the lessons that present themselves to you.

And energy flows where your attention goes. On what are you focusing your attention? Do you think more about what you lack in your life or are you putting your attention on manifesting your dreams? The energy needed for manifestation comes from the belief in your ability to realize those dreams. If you have limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that keep pulling your attention back to what you don’t have, the energy will not flow into the attracting force needed for manifestation.

Of course, you are free to choose where you will focus your attention, but when you realize that you do have choice, why would you focus on lack?

Freedom doesn’t just mean the freedom to choose. It also means the freedom to BE. You can be free of the bonds that keep you tied to the past, to negative thoughts, to limiting beliefs, especially those that are sourced from someone outside of yourself. You are free to choose to BE the person you were born on Planet Earth to be, to live your purpose.

When you put your attention on being instead of doing, your energy flows into being the you you were meant to be. Doing, taking action in your life, then follows being yourself.

Where are there energy blocks in you, in your life? Identify the stuck places and take action to move the energy through the blocks. Free up any stuck energy so that you can truly be free. Focus your attention on manifesting your dreams and watch how much energy can then flow into that manifestation.

Freedom and energy – intimately connected and your choice!

PS: Rosmary’s Conversation with The Other Side this Saturday, July 13, promises to be another great evening. For a sample of the depth and detail of the messages you can expect to hear, she has posted some samples on her website: Sample Messages. Go to the link to hear and see how this works and how you can benefit with messages from The Other Side! Attendance is easy from anywhere in the world!

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