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If you are reading this blog at all regularly you know I publish a poem on Mondays. Why only Mondays? So here is a poem for Friday.

A few years ago I committed to publishing a book of my poems; I planned to call it Rhythms and Cycles. As plans sometimes go I have not published that book yet. But I have collected a number of poems to include. And since many of you have liked my poetry over the last number of months, I’ve decided to offer some entries from the unpublished book.

This first Friday Poem is in honor of the New Moon coming tomorrow. And I’ll be casting an I Ching Gua for the next moon cycle to publish on Monday, so this entry will carry you through to next Friday’s Poem…

Dark Goddess
February 26, 2010

As the Moon waxes to fullness
We know She will collapse,
Again, into darkness.

As She collapses into Herself
Descending into the underworld
We know She will rise again.

She is the Dark Goddess, The Dark Mirror.
Her inner light is hidden deep within,
As She reflects, at times, the light of others.

She is a deep and mysterious Goddess.
She absorbs all our cares and woes.
Like the Grandmother, She comforts.

This Dark Goddess has a rhythm
All Her own. She is an independent
Wanderer, this Wonder of the Night.

As She rides through Her courses
At times blotting even Sun
We watch in awe and praise Her.

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.