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We moved through a powerful Full Moon in Virgo yesterday, 1:08 pm Eastern time. Unfortunately by dark and Moon rise we were under heavy cloud cover with the first flakes of snow falling! But I felt her swollen presence even if I could not see her.

In her honor I offer you this poem I wrote a few years ago. The Moon has been our constant companion across the eons; she helps us with time and she helps us remember.

Moon Times
(September 3, 2011)

The Moon waxes
Reminding us of the
Fullness of Time.

The Moon climbs
Reminding us of the
Need for effort.

The Moon appears
Reminding us of our
Inner work.

The Moon sets
Reminding us of the
Need for rest.

The Moon hides
Reminding us of our
Inner dark.

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.