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The moon is new today, Friday, June 27. She is exactly conjunct the Sun at 4:10 AM Eastern in the sign of Cancer. As my readers know I pay close attention to the moon cycles. Just after the New Moon, sometime today, I will cast an I Ching Gua to “read” the energies for the coming month using this ancient Chinese method of divination. I’ll post my results here on Monday.

Meanwhile here is a reworked poem from four years ago. Yes, I was celebrating New Moons back then too!

New Moon Goddess

New Moon Goddess is dark,
Casting no shadow.
She is gone now, licking
Bloodless wounds down under,

Her return, anticipated
But never quite certain.
Will she be there, two-days’
Peering through slit curtain?

Will she wink in the west,
Then slide out of sight
Still tempted to remain down,
Under, through the night?

Or, will she return, more robust,
Ever bright, casting lengthening
Shadows across two-weeks’
Passing until, as we trust

She stands once again
Opposed to the Father,
Glowing her fullest,
Casting love in the bargain?

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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