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A FRIDAY POEM FROM RHYTHMS AND CYCLES – “The Molt (Molting by the Light of the Moon)”

Tomorrow is the full moon in Capricorn, when the moon is exactly opposite the sun, still in Cancer. As always I pay close attention to the moon’s cycles; she and her movements around the Earth affect us in so many ways. I like to be aware of these influences, not to look for excuses for my feelings and behavior but to understand them and modify them as appropriate. Sometime it can be like shedding a layer of skin!

The Molt (Molting by the Light of the Moon)

The great moon swells
To her fullest magnificence.
She takes on all we have to give her,
Stripping us of the surplus, refuse.

It can be a painful time
Of loss and grief, of letting go.
Like snakes in their skin, crabs their shells,
We twist and scratch to transform.

In the midst of the molt
We are left wounded and vulnerable.
This is a rough and dangerous time
To release the old and trust the new.

And then we crawl out
Into the light of the Full Moon
Stiffening shells, thickening skin,
Armoring once again our New Self.

The shadows recede
Hiding no longer the threats once held.
The night sky bright light encouraging,
We stand taller in new Minds.

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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