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MONDAY’S POEM: Sunday Bright

I could have published this yesterday as “Sunday’s Poem” but then I wouldn’t have had the motivation from the Message from The Divine Feminine that Rosemary offered last evening during her “Oracle Speaks” event. The message was very direct, yet universal. “We are the Light.” And in all things we are to bring our light into the world, in everything we do, everywhere we go, all that we BE.

I had planned to publish a different poem this morning, but as I thought about the message from The Divine Feminine I changed my mind and chose this one:

Sunday Bright

New day, new light
Celebrate the Sun’s Day.

New week, new right
Recognize the week’s way.

Travel on, write a song
Synchronize the rhythm long.

Make a wish, keep it real
Offer it as gods’ own grace.

Ask your heart, “how you feel”
Step on out at your own pace.

Celebrate throughout the week
You know deep down of what we speak!

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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