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I love this time of year; fall is my favorite season. For me the season actually begins with Lammas, that special cross-quarter day in early August when the harvest begins (and it is my birthday!). Now as we move deeper into September and toward the Autumnal Equinox the light begins to play tricks with our eyes. It’s as if the ripe crops of gold are reflected in the light itself, that golden quality that speaks of rest and peace.

This week’s blogs have been about the light, we humans as “the Light of the World.” But let’s not forget Father Sun, Grandmother Moon and all the Celestial Lights to show us the way!

Light and Dark

The Moon waxes to fullness and light.
The days wane to deeper darkness.
The lush green begins to dry and fade.
The shade of Sun’s shine turns gold.

Shadows shrink with the rising Sun.
At noon, high light, they disappear.
With the onset of evening they grow
Long again blending with the dark of night.

Moods wax and wane with cycles and seasons.
Blood ebbs and flows with the pulsingThree Lights.
Choices are many, path forks lie ahead.
Seek light to illuminate those less shadowed.

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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