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ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Brain Science, Storytelling, and YOU!

May 15, 2013 Leave a comment

Recent studies of the science of the brain are showing us that we can create new neural pathways by thinking new thoughts.  And the more we think those new thoughts, the stronger those pathways grow.  By the same token, old pathways can break down with misuse or get rewired.

Wow!  That means you can give yourself a new brain by thinking new thoughts!  As The Scientific Mystic, I think this is cool science!

Of course, if you reinforce old thoughts, old patterns, you strengthen those pathways.  Hmmmmm…  That means that if we keep telling the same old stories, thinking the same old thoughts, we dig ourselves into deeper trenches in our brain that make coming out of those trenches more difficult than they need to be.

This is bad enough when we keep retelling our own stories.  Do you know some people who seem to be stuck in their victimhood because they keep re-telling their story and they never change the ending to claim their power now?  It’s as if they are magically drawn to the past and they somehow get stuck there.  We do that to ourselves unconsciously, too.  We hold onto grudges because we keep reliving that past hurt or anger or upset and we reinforce the patterns of old.

We don’t need to keep doing that, however.  Many survivors of horrendous abuse can tell you that, although it is extremely difficult work, therapy has helped them to move on from their victimhood.  In my coaching practice I can see amazing progress in the clients who work to shift their stories into being the empowered hero of their own lives.  As a matter of fact, I don’t work with clients who are unwilling to write a new story because we have so many tools to facilitate the shift that there’s no need to stay stuck.

The most insidious stories are those that come down the family tree, or from a parent or authority figure from our childhood.  These we accepted, as children, as absolute truth and haven’t brought them up to be re-examined in light of our adult understanding.  They run the program of ‘Me’ at the unconscious level and we don’t even know whose story is creating our life.

The first step in becoming the hero of your life is to look at your stories.  What are they?  Are they true?  Or do you keep re-deciding to believe something that might not be true in the present moment?  You are always at choice about what to believe.  This is an active process.    But first you must bring your beliefs into the open so that you can decide with consciousness whether or not you want to keep believing that way.

What you thought about the world when you were 7 years old just might not be true for you at 37 or 57 or 77.  Maybe it’s time to re-decide?

How exciting that brain science in the 21st Century is helping us to shift!  We have amazing techniques available to shift our neurology by thinking new thoughts, writing new stories.  We can live a conscious life by examining the thoughts we have, the stories we tell ourselves and others, the beliefs that underlie the choices we make.

I recently heard Candace Pert, PhD, a molecular biologist, speak about science and spirituality.  She wrote the book, Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine.  I love what she said about the Brain:  “The Brain works by making up stories.  People sometimes rent out space in their brains to people who have been dead for years by telling and clinging to old stories.”

Make sure YOU are the one who decides which stories to tell and which ones to evict!

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April 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Where is the newness in your life?  Are you in a rut?  In a routine that doesn’t allow you time and/or space to grow?

Now is the time to explore the ways in which you have gotten stuck and are holding yourself back from your expansive greatness.  Sometimes it seems easier to stay put, to stay where things are simple, uncomplicated, the same.  But are you growing?

If you are alive in a human body then there is something more for you to learn.  That’s what the human life is all about.  We are learning machines, from the moment we’re born and we have to figure out how to get around in this physical world.

Babies are growing and exploring and trying new things all the time.  All those ‘No!’ messages are helping the baby to learn what can and can’t be done, what’s safe and what’s not, what’s accepted and what’s not.  As we get older we start giving ourselves those ‘No!’ messages for very different reasons.

What would you like to learn or explore that you are telling yourself ‘No!’ so you will stop exploring?  What learning experience are you denying yourself because of a list of reasons that might, possibly, be excuses for maintaining the status quo?  How are you holding yourself back?

Brain science is discovering fascinating things about how we think and how we can change our thoughts.  Every thought either reinforces a previous thought or creates its new pattern in our brain.  The thoughts we repeat deepen the groove of that thought and make it easier to revisit.  New thoughts must be repeated to create a deeper pattern and, if left unvisited, will wither away.

What are your patterns of thinking and what would you like to change?  There are techniques for making those changes, and to change your mind you have to be conscious of your old patterns and the new patterns that you want to reinforce.  You can do this!

And what new stimulus is there in your environment to keep you growing?  Or are you content with the status quo and resisting forward motion?

Living a Conscious Life requires that you accept yourself on a path of growth and that you are proactive about seeking to expand your awareness and advance your understanding.  You are not the kind of human being who believes you are done learning new things and are content to sit around without exploring any new ideas.  You challenge yourself to grow and to explore.

This task is not as easy in a vacuum as it is with a like-minded tribe.  Who is your Consciousness Tribe?  With whom can you explore ideas, share thoughts without concern about judgment or condemnation?  Where are the people who will challenge you to consider a viewpoint that you haven’t considered before?  Do you have these folks in your sphere?

Or are you content to hang out with people who represent the ‘you’ of decades ago, who will not challenge you to think outside the box of your old ideas?

Your tribe is yours to find.  Sometimes we need a new tribe.  Sometimes our tribe grows with us and we can stay with the same explorers while we all expand our consciousness.

Are you being challenged to find something new in your life?  Ponder this thought today and then look around you and your day-to-day life.  Maybe it’s time to try on something new and see how it fits.

What’s new with you today?

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