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How Do You Do Intuition?

November 15, 2013 Leave a comment

In yesterday’s post I commented on an article by Rosemary: Success-Based Intuition. But maybe I put the cart before the horse (no reference to Monday’s poem intended!). Do you know how to access your intuition so you can use it for success? I mentioned somewhat humorously that I rely on Rosemary’s gut in important matters. We do share our feelings, especially gut feelings about our unfolding life and partnership. And I am the first to say Rosemary is more attuned to her intuition than most people I know. I also admit that I sometimes struggle with tuning into my own intuitive ability. I have to work at it!

How do I work at it? I had to think about this because our homework assignment for Rosemary’s Unlocking the Mysteries of Intuition class yesterday was to report on how we used intuition through this past week. Here is part of my homework report:

As one example I did get my pendulum out to test a decision. I learned dowsing and the use of a pendulum to help with decision making from Rosemary years ago. In my use this week my pendulum confirmed the decision I was leaning toward, so I made that decision. And I think it was a good one. Another example was a hit I received while writing my “Morning Pages” which I do almost every morning – three hand-written pages following Julia Cameron’s recommendation in her The Artist’s Way. As I look at this one example I realize I frequently get good intuitive hits when I write these pages.

A third example of how I “do intuition” is through the use of card decks of different types, from Tarot to oracle-type decks. I am currently using two decks, the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Dr. Doreen Virtue, and the Aleister Crowley Thoth tarot deck (an interesting balance of light and shadow between these decks!). I draw two cards every morning after my “Pages” to tune into the energies for the day. And I always receive excellent guidance.

But these are technologies or aids in tuning in. There is a more fundamental part of this intuitive process. And this is what I wrote in my pages yesterday:

These [intuitive] flashes come to me when I am at ease, breathing, present and open. They aren’t forced. They aren’t thoughts or ideas, really. They don’t come from the ego. They come when I care. They come when I am feeling at peace, in grace. In this sense they are natural, instinctual but much more than animalistic. There is a higher consciousness to them.

And it is true they can only come from love. And this self-love is a mysterious thing. It, again, is not the ego. It is much higher. It approaches Self-Love. It is a loving state rather than a narcissistic self-love state of the ego. This is a key point, a key distinction. There is an at-one-ment to this love. This cycles back to atonement – forgiveness – grace. There is an inner sense of groundedness that gives rise to gut feelings. Again, it is a natural place of higher consciousness. It comes when there is a deep connection within, to that which is below and that which is above!

Intuition is a hard thing to grab hold of. But I think we all know what gut feelings are. The trick is to tune in, trust, then follow. It takes practice. We all can do it, even us guys!

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Question your Questions! –Richard’s Commentary

February 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Questions, questions! Where do I go for answers? Seems like we are constantly assessing and reassessing as we move through the early years of this 21st Century. Now we are in the teens! Is it time to begin to grow up into this era?

And sometimes we don’t want to hear the answers so we don’t ask even the safest of questions. How many of us are really interested in hearing the unvarnished truth about the environment? Our youngest “child” is back in college at NC State and taking some classes in environmental studies toward his geology degree. Some of the new facts coming up in his course work are scaring him! There are some serious problems out there: melting ice, ocean temperatures, ocean currents, salinity changes, bio-mass expansion, methane build-up, it goes on and on. Our computer models can’t even keep up because the data is off the charts!

Then there’s the “soft science.” I just finished a book by Drunvalo Melchizedek, The Mayan Ouroboros. Yes, I read some far out books, and no, I don’t believe every word. However, I do enjoy counter-balancing all the so-called “facts” of science with information coming in through various channels, including my own and Rosemary’s. And more often than not, 80% of the information we read in some of these “far out” books corroborates our own information! OK, so maybe sometimes we are a bit far out there too.

But here’s what Rosemary is offering in her message this week: “Question everything!”

I start with questioning myself; and yes, I question my questions. Am I listening to my inner guidance? Am I double checking my inner guidance? Are my practices right for this time? Do I need to change my diet? Am I spending too much time practicing and not enough doing? Am I sleeping too much, or too little? Are my priorities set correctly? You get the picture, right? This is about awareness. This is an awareness practice!

I am reminded of a Korean Koan that I frequently fall back on; actually it’s like another practice. The koan is simply to ask: “What is this?” when faced with an issue. Ask it inside and listen for the answer. And when you get that answer, ask again: “What is this?” You keep drilling down as deeply as you can go until the issue is resolved or the answer to the question is satisfying. When facing a dilemma I often fall back on this practice and simply ask myself: “What is this?”

This is where I go for the answers: inside. And if the answer doesn’t bubble up I go to external sources; and then I test their answers inside. How does the answer feel; does it resonate; is it off the grid? And if I can’t feel for the answer I sometimes use an intuitive tool, like a pendulum (I carry one with me almost all the time). And if I don’t have one I can even test something with my body. Here’s an example of that:

When I am looking for an alternative health support item, like an herbal preparation to boost my immune system if I feel a sniffle coming on, I usually face an array of possibilities at the health-food store. So, I narrow the field just by reading labels but still face several options. What I do is a form of muscle testing: I close my eyes and hold the products, one at a time, near my heart and sense the energy. I am usually either pulled a bit forward or pushed a bit back for each item. I reject the ones that push me back (repel) and keep the ones that pull me forward (attract). I continue this selection/elimination process until I am down to the one that’s most effective.

Our body, our heart, our intuitive senses know the answer well before our brain, especially the left side, kicks in with a “logical” one.

The array of questions out there can be overwhelming. There are many complex issues coming forward in the early teen years of the 21st Century! Narrow them down to the important ones and seek for satisfying answers on the inside.

Then be at peace!


“Tools of the Trade” A Commentary from Richard

November 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Have you reviewed the video and commentary by Rosemary from her FREE weekly MuseLetter? I posted them over the past couple of days; if you want to receive them directly you can subscribe here. And today here are my thoughts on the support Rosemary offers for living a conscious life:

In this week’s Video Message and Exploration Rosemary speaks to different tools for inner work and ways to seek inner guidance. This follows the theme from last week as well; inner work during this time of transition, transformation, growth, evolution is critical to maintain balance, resolve and direction. And last week in my commentary I wrote about one of my main tools in my tool box, The Artist’s Way page writing. But this in one of many approaches I use to gain guidance and to confirm I am on the right path.

I have probably used just about all of the tools Rosemary mentions from dowsing with a pendulum (I even make them) to using cards and the I Ching for divination. I draw a couple of cards each day to both set the tone for the day and to gain some insight on the energies. I am currently using the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and a tarot deck by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris along with The Crowley Tarot handbook by Akron and Hajo Banzhaf. I draw a card from each deck and consider both the individual messages and the integrated message from the two. The Virtue deck brings in a light perspective and is almost always positive in the messages it delivers. The Crowley deck is darker and gives me a more nuanced and shadowy perspective on the day. I enjoy combining these and deriving a sense of what might be in store for me. I am frequently rewarded and never disappointed in these cards’ guidance!

I use the I Ching to determine the energies for the month ahead. I cast a Gua (6-lines, two tri-grams) shortly after each new moon (I just cast a Gua yesterday for the new moon in Scorpio). I use the 50 yarrow stalk method (I even harvested and cut my own stalks from a patch of yarrow I grew in Colorado). I thoroughly enjoy the meditative approach to deriving each Yao (line) for the Gua. Again my focus while doing the work is to look for the patterns and energies ahead for the month. The I Ching is a highly intuitive tool and reminds me a lot of dream interpretation work. I treat the Gua as a map and the names, ideographs, decisions and commentaries as symbols and hints for the journey ahead. It is both fun and entertaining as well as deep and meaningful. Maybe at some point in further writings I’ll share my Guas for the months (moonths) and what I see as the way ahead.

Rosemary concludes her exploration and discussion with the use of alters. Yes, I have one, I always have one. I even have a method I use to take part of my alter with me when I travel. I have been using some of the same components, especially an old piece of leather I use as an alter cloth and wrap for my portable bundle of objects for years. The significance for me in using an alter is the passive grounding energy it brings to my inner work. My writing, drawing cards, casting I Ching Guas are all active methods using tools to gain inner insight. My alter just is; it represents my ground of being. The objects and symbols I choose are parts of me, from knuckle bones to stones, from crystals to statues and fetishes, from element representations to pictures, these are all bits and particles of who I am. They hold space and hold me in that space.

And as Rosemary requested I have included here a picture of my current alter configuration…it may appear to you to be a bit messy and cluttered; maybe that’s how my life is right now! (And maybe its state is pointing the way to some external work I need to do!)






What tools do you use for seeking inner guidance? I’d love to hear your answers; please comment!


November 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Here’s Rosemary’s commentary on her weekly video I posted yesterday. She continues her exploration of tools for accessing our inner guidance, the Knower, the High Self who helps us along our journeys of Conscious Living, to Oneness.

Rosemary writes:

If you were a carpenter, you would have a huge toolbox filled with tools that are designed for each specific task that might be required.  If you are a doctor, your office is outfitted with all the tools that you need.  And I’m sure that whatever you do you have gathered to you the tools that you need to do your work.

But what about those intangibles?  What about the tools that aren’t hammers and scalpels and mixers and computers?  How is your toolbox for Conscious Living Tools?

You might think these are not as important as the tools of your trade but I believe they are even MORE important, for success in your work depends on being successful in your life, and the 21st Century is asking us to increase our spiritual tools.

These are not religious tools, but the ones that fit us into a bigger picture than just the physical life we lead.  Do you have a way to connect with your inner guidance?  This can be meditation, journaling, connecting with Nature.  Sometimes it’s useful to have a physical tool, like a pendulum or an oracle deck of cards.  Do you have an altar, formal or informal, where you can light a candle that communicates to your unconscious mind that you are getting ready to focus inward or pray or send your intentions out to the Universe?

Creating an altar in your personal space is a very powerful way to set an intention and support the manifestation of that intention.  You can do this simply by gathering a few objects that are meaningful to you.  This does not have to be a complicated process or a formal one.  In fact, this is so personal that someone coming into your home might not even realize that the collection of crystals on the windowsill or the candle and pictures, etc. on that side table are really your altar.  What’s important is that you create something that speaks to your unconscious mind every time you see it.

Take a space that will be undisturbed and gather some meaningful objects.  Then add a candle.  I like to use candles in glass so that I can leave them burning for a while without worrying.  (And make sure there are no curtains or other flammables that can blow into them!)  You might like incense and you can certainly have an incense burner on your altar (adds the element of air).  Add pictures of spiritual teachers or loved ones or your vision board.  If you do healing work for others you might keep index cards handy so you can put the names on a card on your altar when you are intending to do healing work.

It’s nice to have the elements represented: water, fire, earth, metal, wood. Some add air to the list.  A plant or flower.  A bowl of water, especially sacred or blessed water.  One or more crystals or rocks.  Use your imagination and tap into your own intuition about what is meaningful to you.

If you use some kind of cards to get a message you can place today’s card on your altar.

Have fun with this!  I have put fruit, pictures, jewelry, gifts I am giving – you name it! Anything you put on your altar gets charged with the energy of your intentions.  If you have a new business card, put one on your altar.  A problem you want to solve?  Write it out and lay this on your altar.  Keep a pendulum or other tool on your altar.  Are you having an issue with a person?  Instead of being upset by them, put a picture or their name on your altar, maybe upside down so you’re not going into the negative energy, but set an intention to heal the problem.

There are lots of ways to use your own energy to bring healing into your life and creating an altar of intention is a powerful way to focus your energy on your desired outcome.  This also helps your unconscious mind know the direction that you want to move so it can support you on your journey.

And I’d love to see your altars!  Send me an email with a picture of your altar.  I’ll gather them on my altar to join with you in manifesting your intentions.

PS: Rosemary’s email:

(I’ll be posting a picture of my alter tomorrow!)

from The Divine Feminine: Watch for the Daily Messages from the Universe

May 12, 2010 1 comment

The Mystic Message for the week is about signs from the Universe. Whether these are things that show up in our lives as confirmation, or they are serendipitous events that “just happen” (I haven’t used the word “coincidence” since I read the Celestine Prophecy a lot of years ago), or answers to questions we might have, the Universe is out there to respond to us. We live in a reflexive Universe full of wonder, power, and, yes, answers for us. All we have to do is ask, and then listen/watch for the Universe’s response; another way of saying this: “We are the Universe, and the Universe is us.” (sort of like that old Pogo cartoon where Pogo the Possum says: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” (published on Earth Day 1971).

Do you have a reflexive relationship with the Universe? The Divine Feminine are suggesting we need to “watch for the daily messages from the Universe. And I’d go even farther and suggest we need to “ask” for daily messages. This is a great way to hone our intuitive skills. Ask and then listen. There are many ways to listen: inside, to what your heart or gut or another part of your body might be saying; in nature, to animals showing up or trees waving, or a stream running, or the ocean roaring; just being as you go about your day, someone calls, a package shows up, you get an appointment you were hoping for.

You can also be very direct, as I’m doing on Tuesdays and Thursdays on this blog by using oracle cards or other forms of divination. Go to yesterday’s post to see how meaningful and accurate oracle cards can be. Or get out a pendulum and ask it (and your body) to give you answers; muscle testing is a form of divination not unlike using a pendulum; and there are more esoteric forms of divination, including one of my favorites: the I Ching. One of the keys with any of these tools is to formulate your question or intention carefully. The Universe can get pretty specific, so try to be as direct and specific in your request as possible.

There are also forms of active meditation that can provide answers to questions you may have for the Universe. One of my practices is journaling in the form recommended by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way. I write three long-hand pages in a notebook every morning (at least I try to). For me this becomes a meditation and I often just write what comes to me, without really thinking about it; I simply relax and let the pen write the words. There are many answers to be found in these scribblings. An approach Rosemary suggests is to write down a question with your dominant hand then answer the question with your non-dominant hand. This is a way to activate the intuitive part of the brain. (I would do this but my handwriting with my left hand is so bad I couldn’t read the answer!)

And there are very direct and active ways to seek answers such as Shamanic Journeying, holotropic breath work, yoga asanas, trance dancing, hypnosis, drug induced trance states, etc. All of these approaches I would call reflexive in nature; they are ways to seek answers from our Higher Self, the Cosmos, the greater Collective Conscious of which we are a part.

What kind of relationship do you have with the Universe? I hope it is a trusting one in which you feel supported and your questions are answered. “Watch for the daily messages.”