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September 25, 2013 Leave a comment

From The Divine Feminine:

“Dear Ones,

Help is here! We are working with your personal angels and guides to get your attention so that you can accelerate your personal growth in these turbulent times. Pay attention.

Sometimes the messages are blatant and are held in your face so that you cannot miss them. At other times the messages are subtle and might be repeated many times before you realize that they are, indeed, messages for you to interpret. When you are aware that there are messages available constantly you can notice the many forms in which they come to you.

The form is not as important as the content of the message, for humanity is beyond the point where the form of communication matters. It is much more important that, for the evolving consciousness of the human race, you learn what is the next lesson in your own personal syllabus and continue on your path of growth.

This is not the time to compare yourself to others on the path. Each individual is responsible for their own personal growth and the pace at which that growth is occurring. If you feel that you are not growing as rapidly as you wish, you are in total control of your growth. If you feel that the lessons are coming toward you too rapidly, then ask yourself why the Universe believes that you are ready for these lessons and you do not have the same confidence.

Planet Earth has no time to wait. All who have chosen to be alive in this moment of history have a role to play in the evolving consciousness and in the evolution of the Planet. While you may think that your personal growth is yours alone, that is not true. It is your responsibility and that responsibility extends to all of those around you.

This is why it is so important that you watch for signs, for messages that will guide you in your growth. Does a book fall off the shelf in front of you? Do you keep hearing a particular song? Are you seeing the same numbers or words showing up?

There are many ways that the messages can appear and, when you are open, you will recognize their meaning for you. If you are seeking and not finding, then ask for help from a trusted confidant or counselor. The messages are in front of you. There is no need to work too hard to find them. Relax and look around you. Be aware. Be conscious. Invite your angels and guides to speak to you.

Keep a journal of your dreams and your experiences. Notice patterns. Meditate and remain open to recognizing the signals that there is something important for you to receive. Pay attention to the different ways that signs appear to you.

It is not enough to get the messages and to recognize the meanings. You must also take action on the guidance you receive. Now is not the time to hide!

Be a carrier of information. As you learn, share what you have learned, even if it is just with one person. Connect. The Universe will bring you the connections that are necessary to the growth of all who are evolving.

Remember that your Soul chose to be on the Planet and a part of this moment in human evolution. Rejoice in the part that you are playing.

Be constantly asking yourself, ‘What is the message?’

And so it is.”

— Rosemary’s note: We live in exciting times. Participate FULLY!!!!

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ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: What Crops Up Over & Over?

September 24, 2013 Leave a comment

Here is Rosemary’s “Two-Minute” video for the week: What Crops Up Over & Over?


PS: Are you seeing patterns in your life but not sure what they mean? Do you receive signs and messages you need help with? Apply for a FREE Discovery Session with Rosemary to get help with the hidden messages for your life! Apply Here

It’s a Sign!!! – Richard’s Commentary

February 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Inside-outside; optimism-pessimism; half-full-half-empty. There’s a spiral of thoughts here in Rosemary’s Exploration to digest. And somehow the article this week points directly at me!

I’ve been an optimist all my life. And I live a reasonably healthy internal life and do look for confirming signs all around me. And then I went to the doctor last week.

It’s funny Rosemary should use the example: “You might have been given a medical diagnosis that you don’t like.” My doctor visit, the first in several years, was just routine; I thought I should get a new base-line of all the numbers western medicine is so fond of analyzing. I feel in excellent health, eating well on a pretty strict regimen of raw nut, seed, fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast and lunch, exercising with yoga and qigong, meditating, working for myself and a pretty gentle boss (Rosemary); all good things right? So, the nurse took my blood pressure and seemed pretty alarmed; “all the celery in your smoothies doesn’t seem to be working” she remarked.

OK, I’ve had an issue with high blood pressure before; it’s a genetic condition. I have taken medication in the past but then controlled it reasonably well with Chinese herbs, acupuncture, etc. I thought I was good to go for life! Not so! The external sign here is a warning that things need to change even more.

And I am resisting this change; my resistance is not improving my blood pressure a bit! I am ignoring the external signs, but struggling to change the internal perspective in order to see the external signs change. While I remain an optimist my glass seems to be closer to empty than full! Am I fooling myself?

Since my experience at Qi Revolution with Jeff Primack I have been practicing his Level 1 Qigong Form every day. I am getting prepared for Level 1 training this Saturday. And I am planning to go for certification to teach Level 1 a week later on March 9th. I am optimistic that I can achieve this goal. I am changing my diet to include many of Jeff’s recommendations in his Conquering Any Disease book, following many of his suggestions for reducing high blood pressure (yep, more celery!) and curing heart disease. More internal changes.

Now, I realize this is a life-change and not an over-night change that I’m working on here. It’s only been a week since that doctor visit. But the optimist in me is looking for the external signs to support my internal changes. And my blood pressure remains high; that half-full glass is looking even more empty!

And the spiral continues, but in a downward spin. What is this about? All signs, whether they are inward or outward, point to lessons. There’s something karmic here; something much deeper than qigong practice and meditation. And I need to dig down where that spiral is drilling to wedge out this darkness that is shadowing my optimism. And no matter how deeply we dig for the lead or the gold, there is always another layer to dredge up, examine and alchemically transform. The signs point the way; they are critical signs to follow.

I am reading those signs carefully; I am taking my blood pressure multiple times a day. I am asking many questions and looking deeply in the dark mirror, working to clear it of dust. I am watching but not expecting new external signs any time soon. And that’s OK; I have time.

And I’m taking a newly prescribed drug (two, actually, in one pill). Yes, I have at least temporarily resorted to western medicine’s approach to my condition. I am hopeful this will improve my pressure and give me more time for the natural approach to kick in.

Yes, I read the sign, and while I didn’t like the direction it pointed, I realize there are many more lessons for this western man to learn, many more internal adjustments to make and many more years to practice!



February 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Spring is busting out all over!

Ha! Ha!  Fooled you!  It’s still winter here and we experienced a wintery mix just yesterday.

BUT I did see some flowers popping up through the frozen ground this week.  That gives me hope.

If you look for signs, you will find them.  If you keep your eyes focused on the little bits of snow or the frozen, leafless trees or bushes, that is what you will see.  What are you looking for?

In life we are given many opportunities to declare ourselves optimists or pessimists.  The glass is half-full or half-empty.  The fact is that the 8 ounce glass has 4 ounces in it, but the way we perceive that fact colors how we think about it, talk about it, feel about it.

How are you feeling about yourself, your life, your relationsips, your work right now?  Could that feeling be based on how you talk about something, which is based on what you think about it and how you perceive something that can be reduced to a fact, like the glass holding 4 ounces of liquid?

What signs are you looking for, or are you waiting for something to happen (externally) to change how you feel (internally)?  This, I think, is the crux of the ‘feeling stuck syndrome.’  We keep ourselves focused on that ‘something’ that we expect to change and then we wait for the external to shift so we can shift how we feel internally.  This is bass-ackwards!

Shift inside FIRST and watch the external situation change!  Reach inside yourself for the truth and act upon that, not your perceptions of the so-called reality you see outside yourself.  Where does your hope come from?  Are there signs that you are ignoring because you are looking for something to back up how you are feeling instead of shifting your interior state so that you can see the signs that help you to move forward with great hope?

This game of ‘inside-outside’ can trap us in every area of our lives.  We dislike a person, often projecting unconsciously our own insecurities and faults onto them, then they react to that negative energy.  We are so sure something isn’t going to work out that we talk about that expectation, reinforcing that thought, speaking it over and over again, and then we are so cocky when we say, ‘See!  I told you it wouldn’t work out!’  Often we never even looked for a way to make it work out because we were so sure that it wouldn’t.

And that is what happens to us – we don’t even seek solutions or improvements because we’re so convinced that there are none.

Reach out beyond what you can see to the possibilities that are there.  Keep your mind open to optimism.  Maybe things aren’t as bleak as they seem.  Maybe the glass really is half-full and not half-empty.  Take charge of how you think, speak, feel about something and it just might change around you.

You have the ability to shift your thinking, speaking and feeling.  Sure, there might be some circumstances that aren’t exactly the way you’d like them to be.  You might have been given a medical diagnosis that you don’t like.  You might be in a complicated relationship.  You might have financial issues, or a job you don’t like.  There are lots of things that could be happening around you.

BUT, and this is huge, you have the power to change how you interact with circumstances.  You can get angry, at yourself or someone else.  You can get depressed and close yourself off from others.  You can choose to do something about your situation, such as see a counselor or coach, change your eating program, get another job, move on to a different relationship.  And you can always choose to examine your own thoughts and feelings to decide if this is the level at which you wish to change.

Watch for signs that bring you hope.  If you see something that reinforces a thought that seems pessimistic, take the time to look around for what an optimist would see.  Play the game for yourself, by yourself.

After all, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow on Groundhog Day so we’re sure to have an early Spring, whether you see the flowers yet or not!  It’s a sign!!!

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INSPIRATION FROM ROSEMARY: Decide on the Signs to See

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Rosemary’s video for the week: Decide on the Signs to See

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