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I’m Back; new poem: From the Silence

October 12, 2017 1 comment

I have been silent on this blog. My last post explains a bit; heart attack, etc. And while everyone marvels at the speed of my recovery (and I do too) it still seems glacial. And some of the pace is about rhythm; I haven’t fully regained my rhythm. And this certainly includes my writing, especially poetry. But here is an attempt to gain something back; or should I say step ahead with whatever new is out there to come?

From the Silence

It’s quiet here but for the inner hum,
The music that comes from a million
Invisible violins, the vibration of
Hidden worlds so deeply beneath our ken.

The silence is anything but silent when
We listen with our whole beings,
Every cell attuned to the billion strings
Synchronized in perfect pitch, all to keep us alive.

And from this deepest place, this almost silent
Whorl of stars and galaxies we pause, bend
Our ears to better hear the underlying rhythm
Carrying the melody, ever changing, ever lifting,

Of light, the brilliant music pouring
Down from dawn to dusk to shake us
From our sleep, our silence, our deafness
To the message of Love.




©2017 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.


December 4, 2014 Leave a comment

The title of Rosemary’s post of her poem, Butterfly, holds deep meaning in itself. Thanksgiving and Transformation aren’t words that go easily together, but if we give the pair a bit of thought there is more there.

We are now moving well into the last month of 2014. All the turkey trimmings are gone or put away. Is your sense of “thanksgiving” also put away with the November decorations, thrown out with the bones of the bird? Or do you practice gratitude all year long?

Rosemary’s second butterfly in her poem says: “Nothing is static. Nothing stays the same. The only constant is change.” Can we be grateful for every change? Can we look at every change as part of a greater transformation as explained by the third and smallest butterfly? This is the challenge the poem presents. It is the every day, small changes, moment to moment, that generate the transformations of our lives. And gratitude every day, moment to moment for those small changes leads to “thanksgiving transformation.”

Can you hear the vibration that rings between these two words? There is an echo between them, they are “light shadows” – we are thankful and we transform; we transform and we are thankful – every day and in every way. Thanksgiving Transformation is a state of being – continuous gratitude for the continuous state of change we experience. Thanksgiving Transformation is Life!

There is another pairing of words the squirrel of the poem brings to us: Presence and Preparation. These set up another vibration, the echo between being present in the moment, experiencing it fully, and being prepared for the next moment, that moment of change. It’s almost asking that we exist in two states at once; the dynamic about being prepared for tomorrow’s change while being fully present today is the challenge.

butterflyAnd this dynamic, this vibration is present in every breath, every heartbeat. As we inhale we breathe in appreciation, gratitude, thanksgiving for everything, especially the change of our body chemistry with the intake of fresh air. As we exhale we prepare for the next breath, exhausting the stale, used up air and the byproducts of our metabolism.

From the smallest change in our body chemistry, moment to tiny moment, to the great transforming changes in our lives, day-to-day, year-to-year, we are blessed. At the microcosmic level every moment is a miracle. And at cosmic scales, the beauty of the remnants of a supernova, as just one example, pictured here, are mind-boggling! I am in constant thanksgiving for all of it and all the blessings. I may not always be prepared for the coming changes, transformations, but I can truly give thanks for them!

Thanksgiving Transformation. You can’t have one without the other!

MONDAY’S POEM: The King and Queen

July 7, 2014 Leave a comment

Rosemary and I attended a deep “crystal bowl and grid” meditation Saturday evening. We’ve been going to these as we can; the energy, the vibrational forces and the gathering are always uplifting. This July event seemed particularly powerful and I traveled far! I met the King of Light and the Queen of Love somewhere “out there” well beyond our own galaxy. In writing about the experience yesterday, this is what came:

The King and Queen

The King of Light and the Queen of Love
Unite to show the way Home.
The portal, this dark gateway of bliss
Opens, yawning wide, hungry.

The King in all His brilliance radiates
The white clarity of creative power.
All, the manifest, the presence
Extends from His piercing eye.

The Queen in all Her luminosity absorbs
The black softness of everlasting Love.
All, the unmanifest, the Emptiness
Beckons from Her open Heart.

Rose Astara is the Queen of His Heart.
She embraces all within Her sphere —
And All is within Her sphere —
Trembling at Her call, Her touch.

The King emerges from His trance;
The dance of creating All subsides.
He rests in Her embrace, merging
Through the Portal, arriving Home.

©2014 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Are You the Rose or the Thorn?

March 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Today’s Exploration is a Mystic Message from The Divine Feminine.  Enjoy!

“Dear Ones,

Roses are among the most beautiful flowers on Planet Earth and, yet, roses have thorns on them.  The thorns on the rose stem are not there as punishment but as protection for the beauty and fragrance of the flower.

You are like the rose flower – beautiful to see and enticing with attracting essence of you like the fragrance of attar of roses.  The thorns on your stem are the protective barriers that you have erected to prevent anyone from getting too close to your essence.  The outward beauty attracts but the inner is hidden and protected.

This very human way of being in the world has led many to forget about their own inner beauty.  They have become so used to the thorns that they hold themselves aloof and separate from the essence of others and even from their own.

THIS is the main problem on Earth in the 21st Century – a forgetting, an amnesia of the essence of humanity.

Many see only the prickly thorns of others and focus on the façade that others have erected as protection.  Most have even fooled themselves by their own protective stances into believing that they are what they project to the world.

Nothing could be further from the Truth.

You, Dear One, are as beautiful as the most beautiful rose.  Your essence is as attractive as attar of roses, which has a very high vibratory frequency.  No one can take away or diminish your essence, your inner vibration.  However, YOU can choose to lower your vibration, to appear to the world as someone you are not.

For you, Dear One, are the Light of the World.  You hold a high vibration of Light Essence in you that only you can choose to show to the world.

Are you willing to expose yourself to the world as you truly are at your core?  Or will you choose to continue to hide behind the façade that you have created to fit the model of the world that you want to believe is real?

The light within you is REAL.  The world around you is the collective agreement of all of the facades that people have erected to project an image of an imagined reality.

Break FREE of this projection!

Be the REAL YOU in the world!

Allow others to choose whether or not they will stay behind their façade, but choose to reveal the Inner Light of YOU.

Be the Rose that you are and shed the thorns.  The time is NOW.

And So It Is.”

Rosemary adds:

Remember that you are the Light of the World.  It’s time for each of us to step up to our Soul Commitment and be the person we were born to be.  We all survived the big Shift of 2012 and we can no longer hide our light from each other.  Have you done the work to connect with the Inner You?  Are you confident that you are manifesting your Inner Light to the world?

What are you waiting for?  We’re all waiting for YOU to SHINE!!!

And we love you for letting us share in your Light.  As each of us shines we invite all others to do the same.  Think how great a world we can create when we are all shining as brightly as we can.  Wow!!!

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EXPLORATION: Money Wisdom for 2013 – Richard’s Commentary

January 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Rosemary’s exploration article this week (yesterday’s post) is profoundly simple; and it is profoundly deep and challenging.

This money consciousness, the advice of the Sirius Mystery Temple teachers, is not really new. The basic tenants here are “be wise with your money, be generous, ‘neither a borrower nor lender be’, and don’t forget to have some fun.” This is time-tested wisdom; even Shakespeare offered some of this advice!

This one simple rule about borrowing/lending was violated by our granddaughter recently; the holiday gift giving, receiving, buying was the root cause of her borrowing money from her brother (“The Banker”). Then she became very upset with him when he reminded her of the debt and his interest in collecting. Their exchange created quite a row at the dinner table.

Then there is the National debate and negotiations around the debt ceiling and the gigantic deficit this country operates under. Wow, where is Shakespeare (or Bill Clinton) when we need him!

Loans, deficits, collections aside, the real challenge here is the belief part.

We live in a consumer driven world (how often do we hear the phrase “global economy” these days?). And despite some hints that this drive may be slowing, we continue to consume at a powerful pace that threatens our very existence. And we need money to consume, even to provide the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and some entertainment (to have fun, right?). But isn’t this whole consumer/economic model in which we operate based on a “belief system”? We believe that it is a reasonable economic model to work hard to gain money to buy the things we need and want. Money is the simple exchange mechanism to score the work and reward with the consumables.

But, what if we challenge the most basic tenet here: “money is a scoring system used to judge success”? Beliefs are choices we make. The world has chosen to agree that money is an exchange medium which brokers the deal between work and reward, and to believe in this system. OK, we are probably not going to change this approach any time soon, but my point is even the very underpinnings of our money philosophy are resting on a belief!

A more practical step here is to move up to a slightly higher belief and examine the concept of money as energy. The energy of our work translates to an energy of money (exchange) translates to energy of the things we buy: food, shelter, gasoline, etc. It’s all energy! And this slight shift in our belief about money can break the vicious cycle that money is “reward”, “measure”, “judgment”, “score”, and all the other negative associations we can apply to this energy exchange medium. In fact money is nothing more than an equal sign between operands of the equation with work on one side and return on the other.

(Of course the real meaning and measure of “work” does need to be considered on the left side of the equation. But this is a subject for a different discussion!)

What does it mean to shift our belief to “money is energy”? All energy in the Universe has a cycle to it. There is a vibration involved in everything that moves from the smallest particle to the Universe itself. Rotation and expansion, a throb is the core of existence. When we look at money this way, as having a vibration, a glow, like gold, then we realize it has to move. If it’s static it does nothing; it becomes dead, even a drain. Money wants life; as an exchange it is useless if not operating between work and return.

And this exchange is alive with negotiation, with the give and take (the vibration) of determining value. Again, the money has no intrinsic value. The value is in the “work” and the “return.” The key is in the evaluation of the two sides of the equation; the equal sign, the money, is only the operating agent in the middle.

The challenge for me and the change I am attempting to embrace for 2013 is to discard my belief that money is the object rather than the operator. Sure we all want money, more money. But why is this so? Aren’t we really more interested in negotiating the values of our “work” and our “return.” I’m shifting my beliefs to the two ends of the equation and interjecting some objectivity into my beliefs. Maybe then some of the emotional responses I too often exhibit can be shifted!

Money is only energy! Can you believe that?





PS: If you want more wisdom from The Divine Feminine, The Sirius Mystery Temple Teachers and other sources Rosemary draws upon, you might be interested in Eight Recordings of channeled teaching, guidance for 2013, given to Rosemary at the end of 2012. Explore this opportunity here.