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The Mystic Message of the Week: Are Your Thoughts Filled with Light?

It’s Wednesday and my time to comment on The Divine Feminine’s Mystic Message which Rosemary channeled for this week. (www.wisdomconnections.net)  And the message reminded me of one of my earlier posts on a Korean Zen koan I often use when I need to pause and consider an idea or thought that pops into my head (www.menandthegoddess.com).

The koan question  is very simple: “What is this?”  When something arises in us, especially during mediation, this question is a perfect one for drilling into it, be it a thought, a sensation, a disturbance, even a doze or a dream. And when an answer comes drill down to a deeper layer: “What is this?” The question The Divine Feminine give us is: “What is the source of this thought?” This is more specific and more complicated. It addresses thoughts only and asks for the source. Where does that thought come from and what are the tests I need to apply to it?

The Divine Feminine urge us to a practice of examining our thoughts, testing them, determining not only their source, but also their worthiness compared to our current experiences. Did the thought come from a long held belief? If so, does that belief still have value in my life today? If not then perhaps the thoughts has no value either. When we are willing to examine and test the sources of our thoughts we move through life with open minds.

Creative thoughts need to be tested as well. These thoughts come from “connection to the All, to the Cloud of Knowable Things, to the Source within the Universe.”  But a clear channel to Source is required for clear and creative thinking. Marie-Louise von Franz said: “any kind of mental insight comes from the unconscious.” But the collective unconscious can be considered to contain all of the thoughts, images, dreams, concepts, ideas – good and bad – that humans have experienced across the millennia. The archetypes within this collective are the basis for structures which have been time-tested. I don’t mean to imply here that new archetypes don’t arise; however, existing archetypes can provide initial testing constructs to ensure creative thought is compatible with existing thought and not so outlandish as to be rejected from the beginning.

The Divine Feminine provides us with another test for our creative ideas: are they filled with light? “Learn about yourself by being in a curious state.  Wonder about the root of your current beliefs.” Clarity comes from this inner examination, this curious state. Ask, “What is this? What is the source of this thought?” Challenging ourselves and our beliefs open us to the cloud of knowable things and Source. Being curious about our ideas, thoughts, dreams, experiences and testing them using the archetypal structures of the collective unconsciousness can easily identify the Light-Filled thoughts.

Hold onto these Light-Filled Thoughts; write them down; nurture them; for they are the building material for the continuing evolution of consciousness.

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