Pursuing the Questions

The central subject of the week’s mystic message, channeled by Rosemary as the voice of The Divine Feminine, was “curiosity.” If you haven’t read it yet or need to reread it, here’s the link:  www.wisdomconnections.net.

I like the whole notion of maintaining child-like curiosity. This reminds me of the Zen concept of “beginner’s mind” which is always to be cultivated, even by the most advanced and experienced masters; in fact it is those sages who have mastered beginner’s mind! Curious how circular this whole thing is!

It is this very curiosity that continues to pull me into deeper understanding of The Feminine. As we move more toward balance between masculine and feminine energies which are currently driving forward progress in our world and within humanity, it is imperative, especially for those of us with an imbalance of masculine energy, to understand the shifts.  And there are always shifts.

As The Divine Feminine tell us many people now are invested in maintaining the status quo. How short-sighted! Consider where we would be if those Sumerians of the 3rd millennium BC decided to maintain the status quo! We would still be honoring Inanna in all of our important celebrations (well, maybe that would be a good thing!); and we would still be in transition between nomadic and agricultural life-styles. (Again, there may be some of you who would suggest this would be a good thing too!) We have seen incredible technological advancement in the relatively short time-span during which humanity has raised itself to the level of conscious creature. And we have also seen an evolutionary step forward as humans begin to awaken spiritually.  Yes, there have always been enlightened beings among us who have led the way. But I see more and more evidence that humanity as a whole is beginning to awaken and “see the light.”

There is much talk out there these days about the “new economy.” The economic shifts of the past couple of years have been obvious to everyone across the globe.  The downturn has motivated a significant re-evaluation (and valuation) of how this global economy is working (and not).  Many of you may say these shifts are the harbingers of chaos and destruction.  Maybe so; but, in that case that which is destroyed makes room for the new.  We can all hope this new economy will be “lighter” – lighter on the planet, with lighter values, lighter of heart and spirit. Here again the shift is toward balance, not just balanced budgets but a balance of values: the things we are really looking for in life and how to achieve them regardless of economic means. This is a shift toward Feminine Values, toward what really matters! Aren’t you curious about how all this turns out?

Questions. One of the best ones I know comes from a Korean Zen koan (koans are those pithy, sometimes seemingly contradictory statements meant to twist our minds into such knots that enlightenment emerges): “What is this?” When confronted with a dilemma, stop and ask: “What is this”? And when an answer comes, ask again: “What is this”? Peel away the layers of confusion getting to curiosity and keep asking:  “What is this”? This is an incredible meditation practice and so useful in just about any situation. When I’m stuck in traffic and running late I ask: “What is this”? And I wait for the answer, finding patience and calmness in the midst of my stress over lateness.

Are you curious? What is this?

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