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The Full Moon, Goddess of the Night

February 26, 2010 2 comments

What a difference a day makes. The Colorado sky here is a brilliant blue with high puffy clouds. Yesterday’s three inches of snow have already melted from the roads and life is full of cheer. This fullness I’m feeling may have something to do with the rapidly waxing Moon to full. She arrives at her fullest at 9:38 am MST on Sunday. And the next few nights of her rising should be spectacular as we look out over the eastern plains.

Many of the ancient Goddesses who ruled over their people with benevolence and light were associated with the Moon. Inanna and many of her “descendants” were Moon Goddesses. What is it about the Moon that offers this wonderful feminine energy recognized and honored through the millennia? And what is it today that continues to influence us, even when we don’t realize it? Even when we pay no attention to her glorious dance!

Yes, ask any emergency room nurse or doctor about the influence of the Full Moon. No, I’m not writing here, yet, about astrology and the influences of the planets and stars. Just as the Moon influences our oceans, so too does she influence the ocean residue pumping through our bodies. It’s a watery world we live in and we are watery creatures. The Moon tugs at us in subtle ways and during Full Moons not so subtle ways.

So, what I’m suggesting is we all need to pay attention to the phases of the Moon; this helps us understand what may be going on with us in our bodies, our emotions, our minds and our spirits. The Goddess Moon not only watches over us, she plays with us and asks for our response! If you are a woman reading this you already know about the filling and emptying of the Moon who moves in rhythms parallel to your own.  Men, ask the Goddesses, the beautiful women, in your life, about these rhythms and begin to sense them yourselves. Honor the movements of the Moon and honor your  responses to them.

There are many ways from ancient traditions to honor the cycles of the moon.  A few months (moonths) ago Rosemary channeled a wonderful set of instructions on how to prepare for and respond to these cycles. You can down-load the audio of this message at:  Please accept this gift from me as a thank you for reading!

One of the wonderful Goddesses in my life, Barbara Everett of Minneapolis, is, among her many talents, an extraordinary astrologer. She has written a lovely piece on Sunday’s Moon; here’s an excerpt:

Pisces Symbol (note similarities to the Tai Chi!)

“Full Moon in the Sign of Pisces

“Pisces, the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, is the most mysterious sign of all.
It’s ruler is Neptune, the ancient god of the sea in which all secrets lie
hidden.  The glyph is two fish, joined together, but swimming in opposite
directions, telling of the dual nature of Pisces—–moving upward towards
evolution and advancement——or downward towards negativity and sadness.

“At the time and celebration of the Full Moon, emotions are quick to surface,
especially at this full moon.  Dreams are more available, tears come easily,
decisions are difficult to make.  Be especially kind and generous to yourself
and others as we swim from Darkness to Light, from Chaos to Beauty, from death
to immortality.  BELIEVE in the goodness of the human heart, BELIEVE in your
self as a divine being having a human experience, BELIEVE that Love heals,
changes the course of human events, and creates miracles of mind, body, and

Note the wateriness of this message! Emotions run strong during full moons. People may drive like “luna”-tics. Be careful, be aware, honor the Full Moon Goddess! Her influence will be with us for the next six days.