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From Inanna to Madonna

February 23, 2010 3 comments

I am reading two exceptional  books on the Goddess. The first one was purchased by Rosemary for her research and work on Inanna, a very early Sumerian Goddess of Heaven and Earth. As soon as I saw the book I knew I had to read it and Rosemary hasn’t seen it since! The book? Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth, Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer. Maybe it’s the red cover with gold lettering in the title that attracted me. Or maybe it is the name – Inanna…who knows what past-life connections I may have to this powerful feminine principal from ancient times.

Actually  the stories and hymns from the book are ancient; they were first written down on clay tablets in cuneiform at least 4,000 years ago.  Sumer was settled during the 5th millennium BC and became known as Sumer about 3,000 BC. The stories are likely far older in the oral literature carried by the people. Inanna’s reign spans a fascinating period of history when humans were in transition from a nomadic to an agrarian life style and began to gather and live in city-states. In the west we consider this period the rise of civilization there in the so called fertile crescent between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.  She also reigns over a very important shift in the way humanity governed itself as men began to gather power onto themselves and as the mystery of life held by women for millennia before this period began to lose it’s influence on society.

Was this a fateful or fatal shift in the balance of power? It was definitely fateful; time will tell if it was fatal! And this brings me to my first point: we are in the beginning of another shift.  Men who have held power over humanity for at least the past 4,000 years are beginning to lose their control. Women are coming to prominence in many fields; women are taking control of finances from the family level to institutions; women are beginning to play a major role in governing throughout the world; women are coming back into their own right. Women will save the world! –  Hopefully in the nick of time.

The Goddesses, Inanna, Ishtar, Mari, Diana, Isis, Hecate, Pasiphae, Selene, Brigit, Cybele, the Shekinah, Lilith, Persephone,… all moon goddesses, and all related, are still with us, just as the moon is still with us! It is time to find Her again if we are to save ourselves through Her support.

The second book? Longing for Darkness, Tara and the Black Madonna by China Galland.  This is the story of the one woman’s search for the Divine Feminine, not only for herself but for all women (and men!). I first read this book years ago; it is a great source book for Buddhist teachings and is a wonderful travelogue as Ms. Galland goes on pilgrimages in search of Tara and the Black Madonnas. Through her travels and time with teachers she discovers the connections among all the moon goddesses from Tara to Kali to Inanna to the Madonna. And she finds the Divine Feminine in herself.

I have the honor and privilege to live with the Divine Feminine as personified by Rosemary. All of these goddesses in my life give me hope for humanity. The immediate future does not look all that great! It has taken men 4,000 years to get us to this point. Perhaps it will take a few years of recovery and balance before we can see the true light through the brilliant and beautiful eyes of the Goddess.