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It’s a Sign!!! – Richard’s Commentary

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Inside-outside; optimism-pessimism; half-full-half-empty. There’s a spiral of thoughts here in Rosemary’s Exploration to digest. And somehow the article this week points directly at me!

I’ve been an optimist all my life. And I live a reasonably healthy internal life and do look for confirming signs all around me. And then I went to the doctor last week.

It’s funny Rosemary should use the example: “You might have been given a medical diagnosis that you don’t like.” My doctor visit, the first in several years, was just routine; I thought I should get a new base-line of all the numbers western medicine is so fond of analyzing. I feel in excellent health, eating well on a pretty strict regimen of raw nut, seed, fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast and lunch, exercising with yoga and qigong, meditating, working for myself and a pretty gentle boss (Rosemary); all good things right? So, the nurse took my blood pressure and seemed pretty alarmed; “all the celery in your smoothies doesn’t seem to be working” she remarked.

OK, I’ve had an issue with high blood pressure before; it’s a genetic condition. I have taken medication in the past but then controlled it reasonably well with Chinese herbs, acupuncture, etc. I thought I was good to go for life! Not so! The external sign here is a warning that things need to change even more.

And I am resisting this change; my resistance is not improving my blood pressure a bit! I am ignoring the external signs, but struggling to change the internal perspective in order to see the external signs change. While I remain an optimist my glass seems to be closer to empty than full! Am I fooling myself?

Since my experience at Qi Revolution with Jeff Primack I have been practicing his Level 1 Qigong Form every day. I am getting prepared for Level 1 training this Saturday. And I am planning to go for certification to teach Level 1 a week later on March 9th. I am optimistic that I can achieve this goal. I am changing my diet to include many of Jeff’s recommendations in his Conquering Any Disease book, following many of his suggestions for reducing high blood pressure (yep, more celery!) and curing heart disease. More internal changes.

Now, I realize this is a life-change and not an over-night change that I’m working on here. It’s only been a week since that doctor visit. But the optimist in me is looking for the external signs to support my internal changes. And my blood pressure remains high; that half-full glass is looking even more empty!

And the spiral continues, but in a downward spin. What is this about? All signs, whether they are inward or outward, point to lessons. There’s something karmic here; something much deeper than qigong practice and meditation. And I need to dig down where that spiral is drilling to wedge out this darkness that is shadowing my optimism. And no matter how deeply we dig for the lead or the gold, there is always another layer to dredge up, examine and alchemically transform. The signs point the way; they are critical signs to follow.

I am reading those signs carefully; I am taking my blood pressure multiple times a day. I am asking many questions and looking deeply in the dark mirror, working to clear it of dust. I am watching but not expecting new external signs any time soon. And that’s OK; I have time.

And I’m taking a newly prescribed drug (two, actually, in one pill). Yes, I have at least temporarily resorted to western medicine’s approach to my condition. I am hopeful this will improve my pressure and give me more time for the natural approach to kick in.

Yes, I read the sign, and while I didn’t like the direction it pointed, I realize there are many more lessons for this western man to learn, many more internal adjustments to make and many more years to practice!



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Spring is busting out all over!

Ha! Ha!  Fooled you!  It’s still winter here and we experienced a wintery mix just yesterday.

BUT I did see some flowers popping up through the frozen ground this week.  That gives me hope.

If you look for signs, you will find them.  If you keep your eyes focused on the little bits of snow or the frozen, leafless trees or bushes, that is what you will see.  What are you looking for?

In life we are given many opportunities to declare ourselves optimists or pessimists.  The glass is half-full or half-empty.  The fact is that the 8 ounce glass has 4 ounces in it, but the way we perceive that fact colors how we think about it, talk about it, feel about it.

How are you feeling about yourself, your life, your relationsips, your work right now?  Could that feeling be based on how you talk about something, which is based on what you think about it and how you perceive something that can be reduced to a fact, like the glass holding 4 ounces of liquid?

What signs are you looking for, or are you waiting for something to happen (externally) to change how you feel (internally)?  This, I think, is the crux of the ‘feeling stuck syndrome.’  We keep ourselves focused on that ‘something’ that we expect to change and then we wait for the external to shift so we can shift how we feel internally.  This is bass-ackwards!

Shift inside FIRST and watch the external situation change!  Reach inside yourself for the truth and act upon that, not your perceptions of the so-called reality you see outside yourself.  Where does your hope come from?  Are there signs that you are ignoring because you are looking for something to back up how you are feeling instead of shifting your interior state so that you can see the signs that help you to move forward with great hope?

This game of ‘inside-outside’ can trap us in every area of our lives.  We dislike a person, often projecting unconsciously our own insecurities and faults onto them, then they react to that negative energy.  We are so sure something isn’t going to work out that we talk about that expectation, reinforcing that thought, speaking it over and over again, and then we are so cocky when we say, ‘See!  I told you it wouldn’t work out!’  Often we never even looked for a way to make it work out because we were so sure that it wouldn’t.

And that is what happens to us – we don’t even seek solutions or improvements because we’re so convinced that there are none.

Reach out beyond what you can see to the possibilities that are there.  Keep your mind open to optimism.  Maybe things aren’t as bleak as they seem.  Maybe the glass really is half-full and not half-empty.  Take charge of how you think, speak, feel about something and it just might change around you.

You have the ability to shift your thinking, speaking and feeling.  Sure, there might be some circumstances that aren’t exactly the way you’d like them to be.  You might have been given a medical diagnosis that you don’t like.  You might be in a complicated relationship.  You might have financial issues, or a job you don’t like.  There are lots of things that could be happening around you.

BUT, and this is huge, you have the power to change how you interact with circumstances.  You can get angry, at yourself or someone else.  You can get depressed and close yourself off from others.  You can choose to do something about your situation, such as see a counselor or coach, change your eating program, get another job, move on to a different relationship.  And you can always choose to examine your own thoughts and feelings to decide if this is the level at which you wish to change.

Watch for signs that bring you hope.  If you see something that reinforces a thought that seems pessimistic, take the time to look around for what an optimist would see.  Play the game for yourself, by yourself.

After all, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow on Groundhog Day so we’re sure to have an early Spring, whether you see the flowers yet or not!  It’s a sign!!!

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INSPIRATION FROM ROSEMARY: Decide on the Signs to See

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Rosemary’s video for the week: Decide on the Signs to See

PS: If you are in the Annapolis, MD area you are in for a treat! Rosemary is offering her Rainbow Balance Color Therapy class on four successive Thursday evenings in March, the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. Special pricing for this class expires March 1. Act soon! If you are not in the area you’ll be able to take the class online very soon. Stay tuned for the details.

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I am still in that flow from Qi Revolution! Read this poem slowly; breathe with it; feel the qi!


Breathe in,
Breath out,
Let go.

Slow moves
Slow down

Flame builds,
Flame dies,

Moon fills,
Grows large.
Moon wanes,

Wind moves,
Blows strong.
Wind drops,

Creek flows,
Creek slows,

Tree boughs
Tree stands,

Feel qi,
Fill space.
Feel qi,

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

PS: Happy Full Moon; today, Monday at 3:26 pm Eastern time.

Qi Revolution

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qigongThis is what I experienced this past week; four days emersion in an energy bubble, a total “qi-field” created by Jeff Primack and 300 of my fellow qigong practitioners! And I have to tell you it was transformative! 32 hours of qi is something everyone has to experience. I believe this is why Jeff is calling this event a revolution; it truly does revolutionize one’s thinking about life, health, food, energy, the “field of all possibilities”, Source, Light, Love…the list goes on and on.

As some of you know I’ve been practicing qigong for about a year now. I have been working primarily with a brilliant acupuncturist and qigong instructor who trained with Jeff Primack and other masters. I have learned a “Five-Element” form that is truly life changing because it addresses all of the vital organs associated with the five elements in the Chinese system of health; these are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The five elements form a complete philosophy of life, health, mental and emotional well-being and longevity. And now I am adding at least the first level of Jeff’s form to take my practice into another dimension of the qi-field.

What is qi? I think of it as “life force.” It’s vitality, the feeling of energy, like an electric current that flows through everything. It seems to make the air around us and that we breathe into us alive with power. There are different names for this energetic field in many languages; this is Prana in Sanskrit, Mana in Hawaiian spirituality as examples. And through specialized practices we can begin to sense this vital force that animates the entire Universe. In this sense it is the creative force that manifests the All.

Qigong is a masterful way to get in tune with this force. It is a way to sense it externally to our bodies and a way to build it up and focus it within our bodies.  Qigong is a combination of movement and coordinated breath work. Movement is subtle, slow, meditative and focused. It is an excellent way to cultivate “no-mind” – to quiet the chattering “monkey-mind.” Breathing is regulated, deepened, another focus for the quiet mind; it oxygenates the entire body with a renewed sense of aliveness. Coordinating the movements with the focused breathing leaves no room for other thoughts; worries are left behind, endless loops of future plans and past review are pushed away; there is only room for now, the moment of the next move and the next breath!

Beyond Level 1 practice there are two additional levels, two other forms to work toward. Then there is Jeff’s approach to healthy food: “The Ultimate High-Phytochemical Food Healing System.” We also practiced a Strength Building form of Qigong, a tough routine for me to get through; I’ll have to build up to this practice!

And to give us breaks Jeff interspersed practice with several informative and always entertaining keynote talks on all the fascinating subjects I love to explore, from “near death experience” to life elsewhere in the Universe to the destiny of the human race!

Watching Jeff in action is a study in itself. He is virtually bursting with qi. He practices everything he teaches. Even when he has a senior student lead a Level 1 practice he is right there on stage going through the practice with us. This is one teacher who clearly practices what he preaches!

Jeff Primack takes the Qi Revolution on the road each year. His first stop this past weekend was Baltimore. If you are in this area and missed him, try to catch his event next year; you won’t be disappointed. And check out his website: for a future event near you. I’ll be seeing him again soon in Baltimore for Level 1 Qigong Training. I can hardly wait to be back in that powerful field of qi!

Here’s to your Qi-Health!


Where Are You Headed? – Richard’s Commentary

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Permission, Dreams, Plans. Yes, these are the steps to answer the question of heading.

Permission is a big first step! Many of us find ourselves in situations that are stressful, unfulfilling, and far from the dreams we may have had as kids or younger adults. And nearly as many find themselves with the sense they are locked in to a life “not of their choosing.” Well, I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but humans are all about “choice.” We do choose everything that leads to every moment whether we want to believe this or not.

Staying in a situation that is stressful, unfulfilling and far from our dreams is a choice. We may feel like we can’t make a change. But we must give ourselves permission to make the changes that will lead to more satisfying lives. This is the time, right now, when we must begin to live into our purpose. And there is no external authority to give us this permission, this choice. This can only come from within. Yes, sometimes it takes courage to give ourselves this permission, to choose to change. But there is little chance of improvement without change.

Dreams are the second step in determining your heading. I am not suggesting a change in heading without careful examination of what you want in life. Perhaps security is more important to you than living the life of your dreams. In this case remaining in a secure but stressful environment may be the better choice. Do a gut check. Do a values check. What is most important? If your answer is greater fulfillment then go back to your dreams. Imagine the life you want. Fill in the details, begin to feel that life, breathe it, taste it, hear it, see the way it unfolds. This is creating the detailed vision of that dream. Dare to dream big. Let your imagination soar. This is the creative and fun part of this process.

Plans are the details of the dreams. Without plans dreams will remain idle, the hazy, cloud-like sketches of fantasy. Plans are an extension to the details of the vision, another layer to continue to build the dreams toward reality, the blueprints for the transformation. Plans generate the actions you need to take to make the changes. They identify the resources you need and outline the schedule and sequence of those actions.

And plans require attention too. Measure and assess the work toward the desired changes to track progress and to adjust the process as you gain additional information. As you implement your plans you will get continuous feedback; use this to make any needed adjustments. One of Rosemary’s mentor’s, James Roché refers to this process as kaizen: making small adjustments to improve a process based on continuous feedback and assessment. Even after your dream comes true kaizen can be applied to make the dream even better!

I just finished a four-day workshop with Jeff Primack, his Qi Revolution program. And it was awesome. I’ve been doing qigong for about a year now and have embraced the concepts, worked through a couple of forms and have incorporated it into both my health regimen. I also plan to blend some qigong concepts into a workshop of my own I am planning for this summer. Qi Revolution changed this vision I have, not only for my workshop but for my entire life! This is an excellent example of kaizen. I am making adjustments to my workshop plan and my vision for my future based on the feedback, in this case from the Universe, which brought me to Jeff’s workshop. It’s not a total change in direction, but a significant refinement in heading, a course correction that will get me to my dream more effectively and maybe even more rapidly.

(I’ll write more about Qi Revolution in tomorrow’s post.)

Have you given yourself permission to dream big, beyond your current situation? It’s a big step! Dare to dream!



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Are you headed in the direction of your dreams or do you feel as if you are spinning your wheels and staying in one place?  Or are you marching forward but NOT in the direction of your dreams, hoping to change course eventually and get back on track?

One thing I know about the 21st Century is that Time is speeding up.  The clock still ticks away 24 hours every day but they seem to be passing more quickly than those same 24 hours used to pass.  There is a sense of urgency about doing our work in the World, living our Purpose.  Do you feel it, too?

I think this is why so many people are feeling frustrated with jobs, with situations, with politics, with anything that seems to be stuck in old patterns that are not moving forward.  We are all feeling a drive to manifest our dreams NOW.

This isn’t to advocate impatience but to urge you to examine yourself and your life and to be brutally honest with yourself.  Are you on the path to the realization of your heart’s desires?  Or are you waiting for something to happen to push you along?  Sweet One, the ‘something’ has happened!  It’s time to move!

Some people have pooh-poohed the Big Shift of 2012 because the world didn’t end on December 21, 2012.  Others believe there was a shift of something but they aren’t sure what that ‘something’ is.  Still others are waiting for something else to happen that might take several years to complete.

There’s a bit of truth in each of these beliefs, but here is what’s going on.  The Shift wasn’t about a comet hitting Planet Earth and causing the demise of our physical world and it also wasn’t about some chosen group [everyone thinks that they are in the chosen group and all others are outsiders] didn’t get swept away into some kind of heaven or nirvana.  The Big Shift was a shift in Consciousness, a part of the evolution of human awareness, and it really is a BIG Shift.

As each individual is given the choice of expanding or contracting, of participating in the evolution of Consciousness or ignoring it, then each individual also has a responsibility to move into living their own Life Purpose, the very reason that their Soul incarnated in this lifetime on this planet.  No more excuses.  No more delays.  No more waiting.  The Time is NOW.

Do you know your Purpose?  Are you poised and ready to live it but unsure of the direction you must take?

Look into your heart.  FEEL your heart’s desires.  Learn the direction of your dreams.

Most of our lives are spent answering to others’ expectations of us.  Most of us have not been taught to listen to our inner voice and determine our heart’s desires.  How, then, do we do this?

The first step is to give yourself permission to live your dreams.  You might think that this is easy but there seems to be a little voice that will pop up and undermine your determination to live your dreams.  Have you ever heard it?  ‘Who do you think you are to dream that big?’  ‘You’re not good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, slim enough, strong enough, etc. to accomplish that.’  ‘Nobody in the family has ever _________ so what makes you think you can do it?’  And on and on.

Do the work to still this voice.  You do have permission to live your dreams.  Your heart’s desires are the messages from your Soul about the direction this lifetime is to take.  Fulfilling your Life Purpose should feel like the realization of a nagging desire to move in a certain direction.  Allow yourself to pursue it.

The second step is to identify your dreams.  Figure it out.  Energize the vision of you stepping into those dreams.

Next, create a plan.  Notice what works to support you and what doesn’t and then adjust your life circumstances to allow the possibility of realizing the dreams you identify.

Take these steps and you’ll have the compass pointed in the right direction.  Let your heart’s desire be True North for your compass and set your course.  Then enjoy the ride!








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Rosemary’s video for the week: Where Are You Headed?

PS: Rosemary has had such a good time with her “15 for 50″ calls she’s extended the offer for a few more days. So,  if your plans are not shaping up as easily or quickly as you’d like, consider a special Compass Call: that’s a quick dive with Rosemary into Dimensional Exploration to confirm your direction or choose your next step.   But hurry, this offer expires soon!

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This past Friday I wrote about my experiences with the Merkaba. Several of you liked it; thank you! I also wrote the following shortly after that experience. (I’m being bold again!)


Spinning wonder grounding deep,
Drill to Mother’s heart and weep.
Spinning wonder lifting high,
Reach for Father’s heart, Sun’s sky.

Spinning arms of three cast out,
Spread to all directions, past doubt.
Spinning arms of three time-mind,
Then, when, ego, id so blind.

Spinning top, counter-revolving,
Balance on point, search for solving.
Spinning wheel, follow the clock,
Don’t stop now, avoid the shock.

Axis Mundi and far beyond,
Offer yourself as the magic wand.
Tilt and turn, point and learn,
Spiral through evolution’s burn.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

The Merkaba in My Life

February 15, 2013 Leave a comment

OK, so here I am being bold, even audacious! What in the world is a Merkaba?  I first encountered the Merkaba as a focal object for meditation at Rosemary’s seminary 20 years ago. At that time I could visualize it but it didn’t call to me. I was recently reminded of the Merkaba when I read Drunvalo Melchizedek’s latest book: The Mayan Ouroboros. The Merkaba is mentioned briefly, almost in passing, but it struck a chord with me me this time. So, I looked more deeply into this geometric form that some say holds the shape of the Human Lightbody. I’ve pictured it here but it is difficult to capture the dynamics of the crystalline model.merkaba

In essence the Merkaba is a pair of interlocked and spinning tetrahedrons. That part of this picture is more or less how I visualize this object within me. As I “see” it the lower tetrahedron spins counter-clockwise and the upper clockwise. There is incredible speed involved; some say they spin at the speed of light. There is tremendous energy with beams shooting below and above the pyramids.

With practice I can now visualize this Merkaba (my Merkaba) at will. It offers me a quick way to balance, to catch myself and reframe a moment or a situation. It is a grounding force as well as an uplifting one. I can especially tap into this spinning form when I am practicing qigong. It seems to fit particularly well with the movement for the wood element, the so-called “standing at stake” position or what I prefer to think of as hugging a tree. Recently, as I was finishing my 6th repetition of the 5-Element Form when I face in the direction of the Sun or Heaven, I was visualizing holding a Buddhic Column rather than a tree. It was a powerful meditation; here’s the description I wrote in my journal:

While I was holding the Buddhic Column, the Merkaba became prominent in my meditation. I seemed to merge with the Buddhic Column; I was no longer holding it but standing within it. It seemed to have expanded to engulf me. I felt light, lifted and I could both feel and see the light all around me. As the Merkaba spun I seemed to drill myself – my energy core – right down into the Earth. I felt her pain. I sent healing energy through my core. It was like I was an energy rod bringing light from above down into the heart of Mother Earth. The continuing trend was this downward spiral. There was a gravitational pull on me that felt more like a loving embrace than anything of a grabbing or greedy nature.

Toward the end of my meditation I was also lifted upward. The Sun’s gravity lifted me; I felt taller and my arms, still holding on to a part of the column, were lifted. This felt like a freeing force and my arms flew upward in a gesture of surrender and release.

And I popped out of my meditation. The Merkaba spun on, a constant light energy that animates. But my conscious awareness of it slipped to the background, merging with my unconscious, but only just beneath the surface. I have a sense I can call up to consciousness this energy pattern anytime I need to emphasize my lightbody in the physical plane. There is a magic power here that I need to protect and also practice for the good of all.

Well, there you have it. Audacious, right?

How are you being audacious in your transformation? This is the year, this is the time! We are all Lightbodies, called to be Light-Workers!