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Monday’s Poem: Evolution of Enlightenment?

On Saturday I listened in on the “Guru and Pandit” continuing series of discussions between Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber. As always it is a treat to hear these two expound on their evolving thought with respect to Spirituality and Integral Philosophy. But I was struck by one area of exploration during their latest offering about the evolution of human knowledge and, more generally the evolution of consciousness vis-à-vis Enlightenment. And I’m still pondering the question about whether Enlightenment is relative, therefore evolving, or absolute and therefore a touching on the Ground of all Being, the Absolute, unchanging, fully evolved Truth. This exploration motivated my poem for the week:

Evolution of Enlightenment?

Some would say
We know more today
Than the Buddha did
When he awakened.

Human consciousness
Is evolving, yes?
We are reaching higher stages
Of development.

But what is enlightenment?
Realization of Absolute Truth,
The fully formed, never changing
Ground of Being?

Awakening to the never changing,
Formlessness cannot change.
Buddha is fully evolved.
Question answered; problem solved.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

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