Surprise!!! – Richard’s Commentary

While thinking about my response to Rosemary’s article on this subject I received an email from a mentor/teacher/friend, a deep scholar and also a gifted astrologer, about the energies of the times we are experiencing. I’m quoting a bit of his latest offering to set the stage for my thoughts about surprises.

More on the BIG astrology now – it IS that important – from Chris

“The aspects of the end of this week represent a rupture in consensus reality.  In other words, what we take to be true about ourselves, our community, our nation, and our planet could be challenged or expanded (or both).  My best advice is that if we see an opening in the “medieval fort” of everyday, programmed awareness, we should run through that opening.

“The possibilities for expanding consciousness are huge.  But we have to choose to engage with those possibilities.  We have to step outside the fort and challenge things we take for granted.”

Chris Largent

Surprise!!!  A “rupture in consensus reality” certainly has the element of surprise embedded in it! Wow! But what does this really mean?

We have been anticipating big shifts with all the thought-energy, the expectations generated around 2012.  While much of the hype is gone, many understand that the Winter Solstice, 2012, was a turning point, not THE EVENT itself. We are now in the midst of that long turn. Some are suggesting that we may see big shifts with the Summer Solstice as the transformation to a new era begins to unfold in earnest. And many astrologers are aligning events in the Heavens with the correspondences of ancient calendars to conclude big things are happening.

Beliefs are certainly shifting and rapidly. Just look at one example around the issue of same-sex marriage rights. No matter what side of this issue you might support there has been an incredible, rapid shift in American acceptance of the LGBT Community and their rights to equal treatment under the law! Consensus reality is reforming here in a surprisingly positive direction. Chris goes on to say:

“The consciousness doors that open now will allow for big inner and outer shifts through the summer of 2014 – but the opening is NOW.”

Rosemary has this to say about consensus reality:

“As a human being, it is easy to fall into the trap of always wanting to be in control of your life. That would be nice. But the Earth is inhabited by other human beings who also want to be in control of their lives. What happens when these two desires collide?”

What happens is, willing or not, consensus reality is reformed around that collision. Of course it doesn’t have to be a collision! Chris says:

“…we are like currents in a river.  In other words, we look at the world in terms of fluid processes (and whole systems).  If we look closely at our lives, that’s what we see: we flow within larger patterns, and we create patterns as our life-processes flow with other life processes.”

I love this analogy of lives that flow together, but there’s no doubt that there is colliding yet to come as we bump through the next months of transformation! As consensus reality dissolves around us we need to be prepared for the reformation of our reality. These are exciting times! And while I don’t always like surprises (I’m one of those people who likes to be in control) I am now at a stage of life where anticipation of big changes and moving forward on the evolutionary path of consciousness is very appealing.

What other cultural surprises might we anticipate? Well, they wouldn’t be surprises if we knew about them in advance! Are you prepared for the long predicted and anticipated shifts? Are you ready for the BIG SURPRISE?


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