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ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Pay Attention to Your ‘Aha!’ Moments!

Today’s message comes from The Divine Feminine:

“Dear Ones,

There is much going on in the realm of Planet Earth that must be addressed by those who would lead a Conscious Life. ‘Global Warming’ is misnamed. It describes but a part of what is changing. ‘Global Shift’ or ‘Global Transformation’ would be much more accurate than ‘Climate Change,’ for far more than the climate is changing!

The Planet is responding to the energy requirements of the RESULTING PLANET of the New Earth. She is telling you what you must do to shift with the Planet through her transformation. YOU, the humans of Earth, are being called to transform, not the climate. The change must come in humanity and in human consciousness. It is the PEOPLE OF EARTH who are being signaled that the long-awaited time for change is upon the Planet NOW.

Many years ago forward-thinking humans saw the signs that were given about the coming changes. It was easier to start the conversation with a discussion of physical changes rather than those that must happen at the human consciousness level. Of course, there is an interdependency because the only way to effect changes in the physical aspects of human life on Earth is to start with changes in the consciousness of the humans on Earth.

People need to know that their thoughts are creating their physical reality. There is a connection between the dimensions of Consciousness and Physical Existence on Planet Earth. Thoughts can cause a shift in physical reality and these thoughts depend on the beliefs behind them. If people refuse to consider a shift in their belief system then there is no hope that they will modify their behavior or shift the physical reality around them.

People used to believe that the Earth was a flat plane in space. They thought that sailing away in a straight line meant falling off the edge of that flat Earth. Today, you know that the Earth is a roundish ball in space. The beliefs that shaped the decisions around sailing from place to place were modified to take into account the new information.

Human consciousness expands in quantum leaps when awareness grows enough to shift into new beliefs and away from old paradigms. Human history demonstrates these leaps throughout its story.

Now is the time for another quantum leap in consciousness. Many humans are realizing this because they are having personal ‘aha!’ moments from which they can never return to older, narrower ways of thinking.

Some, however, leap backwards in fear of the implications of their own ‘aha!’ moments. Some people fear change so much that they refuse to accept even their own experiences and, thus, they retreat behind an artificial veil and refuse to grow. These people are often aided in this by those who wish to hold back the evolution of human consciousness from its inevitable progress. They will not succeed.

The moment for the SHIFT has arrived on Planet Earth. Much is being transformed. Many humans are participating. Stay true to your values and be willing to shift your thoughts.

Communicate with Mother Nature and ask how you can help her. Stay in touch with people around the world so that your view and perspective are not confined by your physical location and only those people close by.

Expand YOUR consciousness to assist in the expansion of all human consciousness.


And so it is.”

Do you pay attention to your own ‘aha!’ moments? These are the Exquisite Thoughts that bring profound realization to you, the thoughts that shift you so much that you cannot easily un-shift. The moments that are glimpses of something greater, of something beyond the ordinary, help us to grow in our awareness of the Cosmic Reality in which we participate.

Focus on these moments and allow your ‘aha!’ moments to keep you on a path of personal growth in consciousness!









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