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ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Storm Surge in Your Life!

Are you surrounded by storms in your life? It seems as if everyone has something going on that feels like a big storm or a series of little storms, but this is how people are describing the transitions and transformations that they are experiencing.

‘Maelstrom’ might be a better word to use, for there seems to be a lot of turbulence associated with the lessons we are all learning these days.

You might not believe it but being in this turmoil is not as bad as it seems, when you look at the big picture of your life. Of course, when you are in the midst of a storm, it’s difficult to focus on anything but the storm. However, if you lift your thoughts and consciousness to a higher level, you will see that there is a lesson to learn in every storm.

In the physical world, storms often come during the hottest part of the day and serve to break the unrelenting heat with a bit of a cool down. The air can be clearer after a storm. Some people relish a good storm with thunder and lightning and others hide in fear. Certainly there are physical storms that must be respected for the force of Nature is very powerful.

In the meta-physical world, the storms of your life are inviting you to shift into that higher consciousness so that you can complete the lesson presented and move on with your life. After the lesson is learned you no longer need the storm!

Look around you and notice where the energy feels turbulent. Is it in a relationship? A job or business? A living situation? Your finances? Your family? Your health?

Then ask yourself if you are focusing on the storm or on the lesson to be learned. They are two different things.

If you find that you are able to see only the storm then you might need to ask for help from someone who can help you get a different perspective. There is no shame in this. In fact, it is only the strong person, who is ready to evolve and grow, who is willing to seek assistance in that growth. The storm can blind one to the other possibilities that are around. It can be helpful to have a guide.

If, however, you are focused on the lesson that is being presented to you through the storm, then you will not be distracted by the storm and will continue to move forward in your personal growth and the evolution of your consciousness. The more you practice keeping your focus on the lesson, the less will be the impact of each storm that invites your growth.

Time is speeding up for humans on a path of evolution and the storms seem to be more frequent and more turbulent. This signals that our growth is happening in huge leaps, not in tiny steps. Think of a baby chick who has developed inside a nice, secure eggshell environment. There comes a time when the chick must work hard to emerge and continue its growth in the harsher outside world. And, yet, the real growth happens after pecking its way through that shell.

You are pecking your way through the shell of old patterns of thought, limiting beliefs, behaviors that will not serve the new you. Keep working at it. You will break through!

See each lesson as guidance about the next step for you. Each storm is clearing the air so that you can see the way forward. Keep working on yourself and your growth will be in quantum leaps and the reward will be great.

Weather the storm today by looking for the lesson that leads you to your best tomorrow.


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