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Last week I wrote about our experience with Sri Karunamayi, Amma, and the Guru Purnima celebration we participated in during the July Full Moon, July 21. Her charge for the coming months is offered in her 2013 Guru Purnima message. She urges us to Bhakti, or true devotion to our Guru and the Truth. She suggests that rather than ask our Guru for favors, boons and blessings, we are to offer our Guru bhakti and seek our own Truth within, to seek the Self. With this energy in my heart I wrote the following:


In India it is Bhakti,
Another word for worship.
What is this Heart-swell,
This sense of surrender?

Amma calls all to Bhakti!
The Holy Mother awaits response.
Hearts open out to Her,
Compel feet a step closer.

Her Lotus Feet walk a thousand.
Her surrender is complete.
What is one more step for now and
One more lesson to be learned?

There is no there to step beyond.
The path leads all within.
There is no outer self to worship.
Devotion to the Self is All.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

PS:  You can watch Amma deliver her Guru Purnima message for 2013 here!

  1. July 29, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    We don’t know how many journeys we have performed on this planet called ‘Earth’. May this current presence be our last one ! You deserve this. Take as many as you can on your final voyage. Because you can see your path and destination. You know the truth. Goodbye !

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