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MONDAY’S POEM: Homecoming

I found this poem in a notebook stored from another time. I had written it for our daughter for Christmas exactly 20 years ago . She was coming home from school; and I remembered some of my own homecomings from when I would return from college.

And here it is Christmas again. Many will be coming home; perhaps there will be some resonance with this:


Sitting in the car
Outside the door
Emotions racing
I hesitated.

I knew all would
Be the same.
Nothing changed.
Not all was good;
Not all was bad.

Mixed – like life
I faced my future,
Opened my door,
Stepped out,
Breathed the fresh,
Unchanged country air.

I glanced around,
Saw the familiar
Scene remembered
For so long now,
Beyond remembering.
Time mingled with
Space – things froze.

I broke the spell
With a shake; stepped
Forward toward
The door with the
Weathered knob
And turned it open.

The threshold seemed
A barrier, not an entry.
A gateless gate from now
To the past; to the future?
I needed to know!

So I crossed over;
Inhaled the sameness;
Devoured the love waiting –
I was back home.

©1993 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.

Have a very happy “homecoming”!

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