A Topsy-Turvy Week!

Remember my lesson for the year I mentioned yesterday? Yeah, it was patience. And I got another test of it today. I’d like to think it was a “final exam” but I know better!

The “slide” of the week began about a week ago with the Full Moon on Valentine’s Day. We’ve been in a waning moon cycle ever since; and the energy of the week has seemed to wane as well. How have you experienced the week?

On Sunday Rosemary and I each had excellent experiences with a Shaman friend who led a wonderful workshop. I felt the afternoon session was well done, interactive, experiential; just the kind of workshop we both enjoy. But later that evening and well into Monday I felt down and in a dark place. I had some shadow work to do. I’m not sure if I got in touch with some negativity during my shamanic journey that I wasn’t fully conscious of, or if I simply had some issues to work through.

Fortunately I did work through them and by Tuesday I was on an upswing. I had a reasonably productive couple of days mid-week. Maybe the lessons of patience in the school of Love were getting a bit easier.

Ha! Don’t be deceived. True there are times when life gives us a break and lightens up a bit on the steady stream of the lesson plan. But never for long!

Thursdays are the days we produce Rosemary’s weekly Ezine, her MuseLetter which we publish early every Friday morning. Our goal is to work on this through the week, but we usually procrastinate (we are both Leos after all!) and leave it all to Thursday night. We shoot a video, process it, Rosemary writes the article, her Mystic Message, and the news article. And I format produce and publish it through our email application. (Oh, and I usually write this blog post as well.)

Yesterday was the usual full day so we began the Ezine with the video shoot at around 7:00 pm. Then I began processing the video using iMovie, as usual. Whoa! Nothing was “usual” about iMovie! I did vaguely remember processing an automatic update to the app a few days ago and thought nothing of it. But when I opened the app I didn’t recognize it. Wow, I’ve seen make-overs before, but this is a whole new model.

So, I’m back in school, learning how to process movies all over again. And I failed my first exam, badly! I could not save the video after I had processed it. At that point I was swiftly escorted into my next lesson in patience! I wasn’t even sure I would be able to recover until Rosemary suggested using her Airbook. Yes, it still had the older version of iMovie! Back to the familiar! So, another hour or so later I finally did get the video processed.

The lessons just keep coming. In my discussion with Rosemary on this whole subject of school and lessons she said two things happen as we learn: 1) we immediately get tested on how well we’ve learned; and 2) the lessons then get harder.

It’s about growth, evolution in consciousness. And Apple seems to be pushing the limits of my growth through patience!

I hope you can take a recess from the School of Life this weekend!

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