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ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: How’s That Planning Thing Going for You?

We can plan.  We can organize.  We can expect.  And then Life Happens.

Have you ever had a plan, had everything organized down to the tiniest detail, and set your expectations on that plan working out exactly as you planned it?  And have you had the experience of having little or big glitches shift things out of Plan A?

We have all had this experience.  We THINK we are in charge of everything but the Universe sometimes (or often) has a different plan and guess who succeeds?

This isn’t about whether or not you should develop a plan of action to accomplish something.  It’s good to have a plan.  But do you become so invested in YOUR plan that you forget the ‘this or something better’ part of your request to the Universe?  There is a value in learning to go with the flow.

We saw this with the birth of our grandson.  His parents had Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and the baby decided to be born on HIS schedule, the way HE wanted to come into the world, with HIS CHOSEN astrological birth chart.  He was born the day that a surprise baby shower had been planned for his Mommy.  The surprise was his appearance in the world 3 ½ weeks early!

What plans have you developed that have seemed to go awry?  How do you react when that happens?

Remember that the formula is:

Event happens.  Then you React.  And then you CHOOSE how you will respond.

Event (Plan seems to go awry).  What is your REACTION?  Anger?  Upset? Depression? Denial? So many different emotions can arise and they can stem from previous experiences, even from your childhood.  Reactions start at the unconscious level. But your RESPONSE is chosen consciously.

Do you allow your reaction to dictate your response?  Or do you hit the pause button and give yourself a chance to consciously choose how you will respond?  This is how you live a conscious life.

Babies choose how and when they will come into the world.  Most of us accept that they have a plan of their own.  But what about other plans that don’t go the way you want them to, or planned them, or expected?  What if another person interferes with your plans?  What do you do then?

Remember that you CHOOSE how to respond.  You can choose to get upset and to stay upset but that isn’t a very resourceful place to be.  Even if you do get upset, you can decide to respond by figuring out a new plan, to go with the flow.

Do you plan differently in your work than at home?  Are you flexible in the workplace to get along with others but you are rigid at home because you want things to be just the way you intend for them to be?  Notice if you operate differently and then ask yourself, ‘Why?’  Sometimes it is easier to adjust plans in the workplace because you are not emotionally invested in them and you are resourceful when you are in ‘work mode.’ But when you are at home, with the family or in a social setting, you might have stronger expectations that you have control over your life.  Can you go with the flow?  Are you willing to work on Plan B or Plan C?

If you are the opposite – going with the flow outside of work but expecting everyone around you at work to line up with your plan – what could you gain by adding some flexibility to your methods?  What if Plan A was the goal but Plan B was also OK?

Think about this the next time you decide that your plans must go exactly as you arranged them.  Those creative babies might have a mind of their own!

This or something better.

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