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What is this? Music of the Heart.

Remember that Korean Zen koan I mentioned last week? I think I need to ask that question and sit for a while with the answers that come! What is this?

First, it is this potent, full Pisces Moon. It is so full of water; I feel the water rising in my very body; it’s like a flood tide rolling in to inundate me with the salty flow of emotion. And I don’t think I’m alone. Did you watch the Olympic hockey game yesterday between Canada and the US? When the US scored that last second goal to tie the game at the end of the third period, even the announcers were having trouble getting the words out; I thought the one guy was going to burst into tears! — Pisces full moon! And what a flood of emotions on both sides of that excellent match-up when Canada scored the winning goal in overtime.

What is this?

We are still in the influence of Grandmother Moon. She will be impacting our emotions for another couple of days. Since she peaked yesterday at 9:38 am MST we will likely sense her presence, even if we can’t see her, until Wednesday. Just be still with it. Be easy with yourself. Meditate on the energies you are feeling. Breathe into your middle and sense what’s there. Is it unsettled? What is this? Flow with the chop and churning. Is it still like a frozen pond? What is this? Melt into it.

What is this?

It’s Holi Festival — Happy Holi! In India and many places with Hindu populations people are throwing colorful powder and water at one-another. This is a Vishnu celebration marking the beginning of spring and the return of color to our lives. Yesterday at our Sundays at the Center celebration (see www.SundaysatTheCenter.org) we learned about the Holi Festival. One of the more interesting reasons given for using colors to celebrate this holiday relates to Krishna , an avatar of Vishnu, and his wife, Radha.  It seems Krishna’s mother thought Radha’s complexion was too light for Krishna who was dark. So, she suggested applying color to Radha’s face!  In many of the images of Krishna and Radha, he is given a bluish face while Radha is much lighter. So, even the Gods and Goddesses of ancient India were conscious of the color of their skin and wanted to be darker! Are we ready for the Moon to be darker, to begin to shrink into herself, to fall back into the Sun? Are we ready to let go of what is no longer serving us and consider what we may want to bring in with the waning of the Moon to Newness?

What is this?

Rosemary, the Goddess in my life, hosted an incredible “Conversations with The Other Side” last week. We had a full house and so many of the messages from other dimensions were teaching us about Consciousness and Conscious Living. Then again, on Sunday the message for the day was about Consciousness in the Cosmos, and Earth Consciousness within the Cosmos. If you are not linked in with these thoughts, these lessons in Conscious Living, then here’s how to do it: Rosemary’s blog is: www.wisdomconnections.net; her website is: www.rosemarybredeson.com. And, as a sample of what is available through this remarkable woman, I offer here a poem she received and translated for me at the Conversations with The Other Side event; this poem was “dictated from The Other Side” – maybe from medieval times:

The lute was created
To allow strings to sing.
The music of the heart
Can be played through an instrument
Or through the voice.
But the one who knows their own heart
Needs no instrument to sing.
The one who shares a heart with others
Can do it silently.

What is this?

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