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Goddess Encounters: The first is memorable!

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday here in Colorado we had clouds and the threat of snow; we saw a few flakes. Today it is beautifully bright with brilliant skies and a warm Sun pulling us toward the 50-degree mark and spring! The Moon is waning too; have you felt her diminished influence?

Goddesses are like the Moon. Actually they are the Moon! When we are near them and they are in their full power there is no questioning their influence; there is no questioning period. It is best just to remain in that glow of energy and accept the emotions as they flow. It can be a wonderfully good feeling to be in that flow.

I grew up in a Lutheran household; there were no Goddess Encounters then! Far from it! Luther threw all that “stuff” out during his rebellious years, stripping any lingering hints of the Feminine side of God from his religion. I rejected all of it during my rebellious years. Oh, I read the myths, histories and even some of her-stories. My head was in science. But then I bumped up against the limits of science. There was too much left unexplained. And the older I grew the the greater that unexplained heap became. And even as a Presbyterian, the thinkers, the scientists, the “frozen chosen”, there was still no room for Goddess. The women of the Bible were lovely people but far beneath the masculine god preached about on Sunday.

I had bumped up against the limits of religion. They leave no room for growth! All of them have their boundaries. What happens when those boundaries are shredded? You are bounced out; even the most liberal churches expect some “confession of faith” and expect conformance with that confession. I realized then I was searching for something that had no name; the closest I could come to a descriptive word was “spirituality.” I know, it’s a pretty lame word and becoming even more so with over- and mis-use.

Rosemary was searching then too. She found a seminary in Oklahoma (of all places) called Sancta Sophia, Lady Wisdom. It sounded good. And it was there during visits and keeping up with Rosemary”s studies that I first began to encounter Goddess. This was a gradual encounter that is still unfolding.

At Sancta Sophia Seminary, a mystery school founded on the Christ-mythos and based on spiritual teachings, such as those of  Alice Bailey, I was introduced to the “Aquarian Rosary.”  This is a “translation” of the Roman Catholic rosary updated for non-Catholics and more in keeping with the principles of Santa Sophia and the “New Age.” Clearly, as a non-Catholic, this whole idea of chanting to Mary as a form of “mantra yoga” was pretty strange for me. And the fumbling with beads and a cross; wow!  But I was searching and as a searcher I was willing to look in every corner, even a Rosary corner. When I visited the seminary we gathered to chant the Rosary. I not only enjoyed it I felt something, some presence, some power, not unlike how I sense the full Moon. And then one day at the end of the Rosary chant, my Rosemary says: “Mary is here and has a message for us.” What?! This is my wife stating she is going to channel a message from Mother Mary.

And I felt it! This was The Divine Feminine I was hearing. This was the Feminine Voice of God speaking to us through Rosemary.

The Face of the Goddess is infinite. The Voice of the Goddess is filled with compassion for us, for the Earth. And She has many Names. She is The Mother of All Things. Rosemary continues to channel Mary, Inanna, The Divine Feminine. And it’s sometimes difficult to remember who the speaker is when Rosemary channels. It’s difficult to separate this worldly woman, my wife, from the Voice from far beyond and yet so close, so intimate.

I have been blessed by many encounters with Divine Feminine energy, the Goddess.   Sri Karunamayi (Amma) embodies the Divine Mother. I will write more of my encounters with Amma later this week; meanwhile visit her site: http://www.karunamayi.org/

Do you remember your first encounter with Goddess?

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