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Goddess Consciousness: An ‘Enlightenment Movement’ within Humanity

This week’s Mystic Message from The Divine Feminine, as channeled by Rosemary, speaks to an expanded consciousness we are called to explore, to push against the limits of the known and understood. (You can read the message at: www.wisdomconnections.net.) For me at least a part of this expanded consciousness, by definition, includes what I am calling “Goddess Consciousness.” The Divine Feminine is calling us to awaken, to explore, to expand.

Here’s what they say: “What does expand consciousness is exploring ideas that are beyond what one understands in the moment.  The possibility that long-held beliefs might be supplanted by newer/other ideas allows a person to explore, to consider an awareness beyond the accepted, the familiar, even the currently approved ideas of one’s group.” The familiar saying “think outside the box” may be replaced by “believe outside the box” until even that next belief is expanded upon to become new. Remember that story about the Rosary I told yesterday? I was called to join a circle of women to chant the Aquarian Rosary; I accepted and I was expanded – blown away, actually!

Spring is in the air in Colorado today; it’s a sunny 50 degrees. Spring brings renewal, a refresh of everything that has lain dormant through the winter months. Brigit of Ireland is celebrated in March. It is She who brings spring and the greening of the Emerald Isle. Is there any question that Spring is a Goddess? She wears such beautiful colors. She puts a dance in our steps, a quick rhythm in our hearts. It’s the same with ideas, concepts, beliefs; they too need refreshing, and often. When a new thought, idea, belief comes to mind it brings a spring to ones step, a flutter to the heart. Why would anyone want to shut out something new and fresh, like a flash of inspiration?

We celebrate the spirit of renewal, of expanded consciousness every Sunday here in Colorado Springs. We call our celebration “Sundays at The Center” and they are held at The Center for Powerful Living. (Go to www.SundaysatTheCenter.org for details.) Each Sunday as part of our celebration, Rosemary channels a message from The Divine Feminine. We record  these messages  and are still considering ways to get them out to a wider audience. These messages are always appropriate guidance for our times.

This past Sunday Rosemary channeled a message titled: “The Place of the Earth in the Cosmos.”  It is a provocative message and speaks to this whole concept of Human Consciousness and why we are here on Planet Earth.    And it needs to be heard by many. We are offering it here:  www.rosemarybredeson.com

Please enjoy this message. Let us know if you would like to hear more. Sign up for Rosemary’s free Ezine, Guidance for Conscious Living, through which she offers a new message from The Divine Feminine each week. These are paths to expanded awareness and Goddess Consciousness.

How are you expanding your awareness?

  1. March 3, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    This may seem a bit disjointed, as I’m going to be addressing several different subjects along with this one. Also, keep in mind that I’m coming at this from a pagan/Wiccan point of view on this.

    I’ve been dealing and working with the Goddess for about 16 years now. Even at the beginning, it never sat well with me with the Divine Feminine, just by Herself. It took me a few years to figure out the balance needed by working with both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. The Two work together in symbiosis, yin and yang, in harmony, balancing One Another. It took time to realize that most of the working covens feel the need to have a High Priest and a High Priestess because of their lack of the balance in themselves. I do realize how arrogant that sounds; it’s not pretty, and it’s something I work on every day. It’s also going to get somewhat worse.

    As a gay man, I’ve found a unique connection on the dual nature of my sexuality. I’m male, but I definitely get the girl jokes as well. Most Native People called us Two-Spirits, with links to both genders. It’s an interesting thing to deal with. In my reading over the last decade and a half, as well as conversations with friends, I’ve come to several conclusions about the the Divine Feminine. She’s wonderful and terrible, and has to have the tempering of the Divine Masculine, as does He need Her stability as well. Someone once said, and I’m totally paraphrasing and mangling this, “Switching from a Patriarchy to a Matriarchy is the same thing with different plumbing.” I couldn’t agree more. There needs to be a God Consciousness as well as a Goddess Consciousness. Bringing the balance into the consciousness of society is going to be a long, arduous process, but hopefully it will be very, very rewarding.

    And that, dear cousin of mine, is the biggest thing that I feel the “world ending” of 2012 will be. It won’t be a physical world-ending; it will be a psychological and spiritual world-shifting.

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