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Mother Love; Goddess Love

We are all glad it’s Friday; even those of us who are fortunate enough to be “retired” from the corporate world still appreciate Friday evenings. I don’t know if this is such a well traveled rut for me that Fridays just feel better or if I am still enough in that weekly cycle, “the grind”, to continue to appreciate the more relaxed feeling that comes from closing down, at least a little bit, for this time of the week.  I’ll be doing that as soon as I publish this!

A few days ago I mentioned the name of an Indian Holy Woman Rosemary and I have known and been following for a long time – probably close to 15 years now, since she started touring the US in 1995.  She goes on a yearly tour of the West through the late spring and summer months to bring the teachings of her Hindu faith to her many thousands of followers here. She teaches from the Vedas, she initiates into powerful practices and she renews hope in the beauty and purpose of humanity. Mostly she brings the incredible power of a Mother’s Love for all of her “children.”  And unless you’ve experienced her or someone like her, there is no describing the feeling of love she vibrates when she calls us her children and “her babies.”

Her name is Sri Karunamayi; but we all call her Amma, Mother in her native language, Telugu. And you can read about this remarkable woman at:  www.karunamayi.org.

I have participated in many activities with Amma over the years: I have sat in silence with her at several of her retreats; I have done pranayama breathing exercises with her before and after meditation; I have been initiated into several chants, including the ancient and powerful Gayatri Mantra; I have chanted the Sri Saraswati Mantra to greet her and to wish her farewell; I have experienced personal darshan with her and received her blessing; and I have bowed to the floor to touch her precious feet; mostly I have just been in her presence and that’s enough to feel again that Motherly Love we all long for and deserve, no matter our age! We all need to feel that kind of unconditional love.

Sri Karunamayi is a devotee and, I believe, Avatar of Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of Learning.  You will notice that Amma uses many of Saraswati’s symbols including swan and peacock. Saraswati is always portrayed with a Veena, an ancient Indian stringed instrument.  According to saisathyasai.com: “The Veena points to the collective sound of all our thoughts and actions as it is manifest as music in the cosmic universe.” Amma’s voice is an echo of that “collective sound” and stays with one always.

That word: Avatar, is much in our language these days with the extraordinary movie by that name, video games in which players take on avatars, and even blogs where we can post our own “gravatars.” What is this about? Are we looking to take on a new persona to escape our own? Are we anxious to embody a powerful archetype to empower ourselves in a dis-empowering world? Amma is one woman who has done this, not to escape, but, indeed, to move fully into that Goddess energy and embrace the duties and responsibilities expected of a Goddess. Not many people can do this. Amma braved many hardships in order to accomplish what she has. And she continues to embrace her role in the very deepest sense. These world tours she takes on are not easy. I’ve seen first hand the logistics involved in her cross-country treks. Take a look at her tour schedule and you will know this is a rugged life!

And she does this all for love, for her children. Her Western tours are for both teaching and for fund raising. You can read about her many missions on her site. Just as one example she is building houses for displaced refugees. For our 25th wedding anniversary in 2008, Rosemary and I asked that all gifts be given in the name of SMVA Trust specifically to build one of these houses. I am pleased that we raised the $1100 to do just that, thanks to friends and family and a little extra from us.

If you want to experience Amma’s Mother Love, this pure Saraswati Goddess Love check her tour schedule and find a way to be in her presence this year!

As an aside but still related, I received the most magnificent and long awaited gift in the mail today. I had ordered a Tibetan style felted wool vest from a charming little website mid-February. (www.eternalknots.com) These vests and jackets are made by Tibetan refugees in Nepal and all the money goes to them, for feeding mothers and children among others. I can tell from the handiwork and care in the vest’s construction that this is a product of Love, a Mother’s Love to feed her children, and even love for some stranger on the other side of Mother Earth. I felt this high vibration of love as soon as I tried it on; and, of course, it fits beautifully. Order one for yourself or as a gift. But don’t expect instant gratification; it’s a long way to Nepal, even by “express mail”!

What a lovely way to begin the weekend. Namaste!

  1. March 5, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    to chime in here about Amma:
    I can remember instantly what it feels like to be in the presence of total, unconditional Love from Divine Mother when in the presence of Sri Karunamayi. It warms the heart and puts a smile on the face. And when she puts her hand on your head it can move you to tears because it is such a beautiful feeling, pure Love. I have sat in retreats with Amma in silent meditation and have been amazed at the passage of time during the meditation – up to 2 hours! It’s as if she gets inside your head to show you the way and to help you to feel loved. There is nothing like it!
    I try, in all interactions, to radiate this kind of Love to others. I realize that it is not as all-encompassing as Amma’s Love but it’s the best I can do. Being connected to the Divine Feminine, in whatever form you can find, is a great thing and brings a wonderful energy to the atmosphere of Planet Earth. Imagine if everyone did this!

    And Richard looks fabulous in his Tibetan vest!

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