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The Mystic Message of the week: Listen to the “cosmic beings” – the Children!

On Wednesdays I take the opportunity to provide my own comment on the Mystic Message of the week which is published in Rosemary’s Ezine on Fridays and then posted to her blog on Mondays. (You can sign up for the FREE Ezine to receive “guidance for conscious living” including the Mystic Message from The Divine Feminine at www.rosemarybredeson.com. And you can subscribe to www.wisdomconnections.net to receive the blog posts each week.) You can read this week’s message at:  www.wisdomconnections.com.

I hope you are in frequent contact with children. They do have a lot to teach us! I’m reminded of the old Art Linkletter phrase, and name of the segment of his TV show: “Kids say the darnedest things.” Yes, they do, and what made that show funny, and the things kids said priceless was the profound truth that so often underlay the cute answers coming from those young mouths. Listen to your kids, no matter their ages; and if you are as fortunate as I, listen to your grandkids; they have so much to teach.

But while we are listening for their “bon mots” it is also important to consider what we have to offer to our children and grandchildren. It starts with support and encouragement. In her Ezine and blog Rosemary referred to our granddaughter who sees fairies. Yes, she does. And whether we can see them or not is irrelevant both to us and to her. We’ve encouraged her to describe them, draw them, talk to them. She is also able to give messages to people from their spirit guides.  (Like Grandma-Mimi, like granddaughter!) Again, we’ve encouraged this and she has had fun with it; and her audience is always appreciative.

Dreams are also very important for kids to explore. Listen to their dreams with appropriate attention. Too often I’ve heard someone say: “it was only a dream.” Dreams are our Higher Conscious Minds speaking through our unconscious minds; and whether these come through children or adults, they are important messages. Yes, often these are personal and apply to the individual. But whether personal or profound they deserve attention and exploration. Listen for meanings and magic in children’s dreams.

We can also support the children by offering them a structure for their questions, explorations, and dream interpretations. “Why?” is a frequent question I hear from kids. And sometimes I also hear an adult become exasperated when the question is too frequently repeated in a spiraling fashion which seems to lead nowhere. But pay attention here; listen for the question which may lie beneath the “why?” And listen to your own answers – are they appropriate, or are they designed to get off the subject!

Our answers need to be genuine. And maybe our answers can be designed to draw from the child the motivation for the question in the first place. Again, listening for the motivation may provide the wisdom that is there to be gained by both child and adult.

Frequently the questions and answers dialog with kids can lead to stories. And the stories can be jointly created during the conversation, or the child may be interested in creating the story, or the adult may lead the dialog into a story to incorporate the question/answer or the subject under discussion. Stories offer wonderful teaching moments (remember I’m saying here that this teaching is bi-directional). First we listen to the children’s stories; then, if appropriate, we offer our own stories to reinforce or expand the teaching.

It is good to have a collection of stories to share in this way. One of my teachers, Martín Prechtel, teaches almost exclusively through stories and riddles; very powerful! This past summer I read one of his stories: “The Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun” to our granddaughter at bed-time; she thoroughly enjoyed both the story and the conversation we had about its meanings. The myths of goddesses and gods survive today because they offer deep lessons from our collective unconsciousness.

Do you have a good repertoire of stories at the ready to join in significant conversations with kids?

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