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from The Divine Feminine: Redirect the Conversation

This week’s message, channeled by Rosemary, is a very good one for men to hear. There are many conversations which need to be redirected; yes, fear-based conversations need to be guided toward helpful and encouraging talk, as suggested by The Divine Feminine. But, too often, especially in the work-place and other places where men congregate, conversations turn to subjects which are less than uplifting; they tend toward “gutter talk” as opposed to “higher talk.”

OK, I’ve been out of the work-place for a couple of years, but not too long to recall some conversations which I would rather forget. It is true that with HR organizations cracking down on inappropriate conversations and behavior in offices, these unpleasant encounters were on the decline as I approached “retirement.” However, they will not disappear entirely until people, especially men, decide to rise above the “gym-locker talk” and engage in real conversations.

What do I mean by “real conversations”?  I mean positive, uplifting, discussions of higher-vibration. Yes, I know these are difficult conversations for men to have. It is so easy to tell an off-color joke; take a jab at the President, Congress, the courts; talk sports, or weather, or the price of gas…These are “safe conversations.” But are they meaningful? When is the last time you had a spiritual conversation with another man? Not so easy, but certainly possible. And that’s what this blog is really all about – getting to a space where men can become comfortable with having conversations with other men about “the goddess” as an example.

What do you do when someone tells an off-color joke in your presence, especially one which denigrates another human being or group of humans? My latest tactic is to at least ignore it, turn away if possible, and if not to say “I’d rather not listen to jokes like that; it’s not funny to put down others that way.” Yes, this may sound stuffy, but it is a way to “redirect the conversation.” And maybe it will also redirect the relationship.

There are many ways for men to deflect and even redirect uncomfortable conversations. There is the passive way of either ignoring the drift of the conversation or turning completely away from the person or group with a polite excuse to withdraw. There is the redirection way of changing the subject, even with humor: “Well, I don’t know about that, but I read recently…”. There is the contradictory approach of stating disagreement with the point or points being made. And, there is the challenge approach of addressing the subject head-on and not only disagreeing with the point, but disagreeing with the entire direction of the conversation.

No, these approaches are not easy. And you may find that some “friends” drop from your list. But we are in heady times of change. The Divine Feminine are frequently calling us to examine our relationships because there is no time to waste on non-productive, challenging, hurtful, even denigrating relationships. We are being called to higher levels of consciousness and higher conversations. If you can’t comfortably redirect conversations you find yourself engaged in then examine who you are having these conversations with. Examine why people who make you uncomfortable are in your life.

You may wonder how this relates to “men and the goddess.” First, the message I am commenting on here is from The Goddess. She comes to us in many guises and speaks in many voices; one of these voices is that of The Divine Feminine. Second, men are needed; their voices need to be heard in the Spiritual Conversation which we must engage in during these times of change and rapid growth. This is why I’m taking so much time with Joseph Gelfer’s book, which I’m in the middle of reviewing through these posts. He has initiated an important conversation about Masculine Spiritualities. And we need to keep the conversation going. Third, the voice of any “New Spirituality” must include strong feminine and masculine voices harmonized into a Divine Conversation; goddesses and gods must congregate “around the fire” and speak holy words of hope and promise to one-another. This is the ultimate redirected conversation. Let’s get ready to engage in it!

  1. April 21, 2010 at 4:49 pm


    I’ve never been any good at small talk, but I’m quite good at big talk. My tactic when these kind of unsavory conversations are in full swing is to pull it back to some existential bottom line. Most conversations are only one or two short steps away from grappling with death and/or the search for meaning: worse case, you look like a nut and the conversation grinds to an uncomfortable halt, but I’m surprised how often folks will run with Ultimate Concerns when given the chance.

    I think the point is that while exposing one’s interiority feels like a gamble, most people recognize on some level that it’s the only real issue available to us.

    • April 21, 2010 at 6:30 pm

      Yes! I like your approach, Joseph. And, frankly, we have reached the point where the gamble is not only worth it, it’s necessary! As you say, “it’s the only real issue.”

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