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Something New: Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

I missed posting yesterday; I postponed it while I was immersed in other projects. Fortunately I got a lot done, including some thinking about the direction for this blog. While I have really enjoyed posting my comments on the books I’m reading, especially my series on Joseph Gelfer’s book on Men and Spirituality, I have to streamline what this is about and also perhaps focus it a bit better.

That said I do plan to continue my reviews on what I’m reading of a spiritual nature, especially as my choices relate to men and spirituality. So, starting next week Mondays and Fridays will be given to book reviewing, and since I’m in the middle of Matthew Fox’s The Hidden Spirituality of Men I will write a series of reviews on the “Metaphors” (really archetypes) he discusses to “awaken the Sacred Masculine”. I’m sure the title alone sends a shiver up Dr. Gelfer’s spine!

On Wednesdays I will continue to comment on the The Mystic Message as channeled to Rosemary by The Divine Feminine and published each week in her Ezine and on her blog (www.wisdomconnections.net). This leaves Tuesdays and Thursdays for something new! I am going to pick up a practice I did  a few years ago and share it online. For most of 2002 I drew three “oracle cards” each morning and recorded them in a journal. I wrote out a synopsis of their meanings, pulled out a theme from the three and then related them to my day. Looking back through that journal today, I recall how powerful, helpful and meaningful those cards were for me as I was living through a rather chaotic period then. I used three decks: an old Osho deck, the Voyager Tarot deck, and a deck of “Grandmother Cards”.

We have a new deck this year that Rosemary and I have both been enjoying: it is Doreen Virtue’s “Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.” I plan to start using this deck each Tuesday and Thursday for multiple purposes:

1) the main purpose is to get a sense for the week from the oracles the Goddesses offer;
2) each card and the booklet with the deck teaches something about the Goddesses, something for all of us to learn;
3) with time we may begin to see patterns in the cards drawn which may inform how the months and year are unfolding.

I also plan to draw a Grandmother Card each day with the thought that they may amplify what the Goddesses have to offer and may also bring forward some ancient wisdom from the Native American Grandmothers represented in this deck.

OK, so I realize today is Friday, but I want to get started with this project. I also want to set an intention for this project, as noted above. So I will draw a Goddess Card and a Grandmother Card today to see what guidance they offer as we begin.

Goddess Card: OstaraFertility
The quote on the card is “It is the perfect time for you to start new projects, access new ideas, and give birth to new conditions.” See how this works!

Grandmother Card: Dancing Morning Star of the Wise Women
She says: “I love to dance, and the dance taught me how to be a wise woman. To dance you must discard everything but the music you feel in your body. So I released all distractions and moved in radiance to the beat of my own heart and I expanded to the stars.”

I think we are off to a good start! Ostara is the Goddess for whom the direction East, rising Sun, and Easter are named. She represents the return of light and new growth. She is a Teutonic Goddess of fertility and Spring. What better Goddess can we call upon to help with our new project! And today is Beltane Eve, the day the fires a lit on hill and mountain tops to celebrate the return of the Sun.

Dancing Morning Star says this is a time to dance, to celebrate the Sun’s return, new growth, Spring, May Day! Shall we dance the Sun up tomorrow to honor his return? Shall we turn to the East, remembering Ostara, and offer our thanks and praise for the glorious light and warmth of him who gives us life?

One of Dr. Virtue’s meanings for the Ostara Card is “Your new idea or venture will be successful.” Yes, I think She (Ostara) will help make it so!

  1. May 1, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    Hello Richard – thank you for offering a blog from the divine masculine perspective. Your wife sounds like a gem and I share her viewpoints as well as your own and I am so glad you are writing for men who are integrating Sophia’s return! Thank you for this blog again! I wanted to offer to send you a deck that I think you and Rosemary would enjoy for your work since I noticed you are using the Goddess guidance cards. It is called Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess and I think it would fit nicely with the work you and Rosemary are doing in Colorado Springs. Just email me your address and I will by honored to send you a complimentary deck. Namaste.

    • May 4, 2010 at 10:19 am

      As I get ready to draw cards today I was reminded of your comment. Thanks for the support, Pamela. I have visited your site and enjoy the look and sense I get from your cards. I will be grateful to view and review them. And I’m certain Rosemary will be delighted to see them as well. We have collected many decks through the years and enjoy them all! Blessings!

  2. April 30, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    Great post, Dear! So often people forget that there are multiple ways to connect with Inner Wisdom but using cards like these is perhaps the easiest way. We hold the deck, shuffle the cards all the while thinking of our question or intention or asking for a general message, then draw a card or cards. Our Unconscious Mind knows exactly which card contains the message that is important for us to hear at any given time. It’s always spot on! I hope that people, especially men, reading this blog will try using a tool for connecting to the wisdom available. It might be too much to teach the use of a pendulum but, if they’re looking for water on their land, someone will come out with dowsing rods to find it!

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