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ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Money Wisdom for 2013

This post is from Rosemary’s latest MuseLetter which is published every Friday.Here she sets the stage for improving our relationship to money, a great change to make for 2013! From Rosemary:

Here is a message from 2011 that is great guidance for starting the New Year with a reminder about the Consciousness of Money. Do you need to change your consciousness regarding this topic? Do you feel emotional when you think about your financial situation? Are you worried? Are you playing ostrich (head in the sand)? Here are some wise words to help you make 2013 your best money year ever.

Mystic Message for March 4 2011:

This message comes from the teachers at The Sirius Mystery Temple who are giving me teachings about the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness. I am researching the Twelve Dimensions and these teachers are in a dimension around the star Sirius. This channeled teaching is about the Consciousness of Money.

“Money is an exchange of energy between two parties who have agreed upon its value. That is it. Money has no value outside the transaction that establishes its value by the agreement of two parties. Just as a house has a set value only when two parties contract to exchange the house for money at an agreed-upon amount.

Those who hoard money do not understand or appreciate that money is intended to be in circulation in a society. Money is an energy flow and, as such, must be kept flowing. Because its value is determined by an agreement between humans (or entities) then there must be a flow of energy. Those who spend more money than they have are also interrupting the flow of energy because the agreed-upon value of a transaction does not have the energy it needs to flow.

Monetary systems create artificial value that does not have the appropriate energy in it. This is why they can collapse.

Those who are working to expand their consciousness must examine their relationship with money. If they are afraid to spend it then they must examine that fear. If they spend too much then they must examine why that is so.

The rules of a Conscious Relationship with Money are as follows:

  1. Do not allow the energy of money to stagnate with you. Hold onto what you need to feel secure. Designate different funds with a purpose for the money in them so that a use, an energy, is attached to that fund.
  2. Share money with those who are not conscious enough yet to create wealth for themselves.
  3. Do not owe money to others. Pay your debts. Create a spending plan and stick to it as well as you can; i.e., do not overspend.
  4. Do not allow others to take your money from you. Collect what is owed to you. Make conscious choices about giving away money.
  5. Share what you have. Tip generously. Choose charities wisely and support the causes you believe in.
  6. Examine your beliefs around money, especially the source of those beliefs. If you are growing in consciousness then what your parents and grandparents believed may no longer be relevant.
  7. It is all right to use money for fun. It is also all right to save some money. Make conscious choices about both.

The Consciousness of Money boils down to this: Money is Energy. It needs to flow. Two people determine the value of money in every transaction. Money has no intrinsic value.

It is important, then, not to imbue it with any. Do not worship at the altar of money. Rather, see money as part of the flow of energy in the Universe. Treat it as such.”

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