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It seems that everyone these days is feeling the weight of a struggle in some area of their life – financial, family, health, career, spiritual. It can be a simple problem that must be solved or a complex issue that is beyond one’s control. The common thread seems to be that there is a sense of urgency about the issue and the question is, ‘What is my next step?’

Where do you seek the answer to that question? Are you willing to take responsibility for finding the solutions yourself or do you hide your head in the sand ostrich-style and hope it will go away? Are you waiting for someone to come along and solve it for you?

The answer is within you, no matter what the problem or issue might be that you are facing. Others might share wisdom or their experience. Some might be experts, some might not know what they are talking about. You might get conflicting advice from others and feel confused.

Do your research AND check in with your own inner guidance. Even if everyone around you gives you the same advice but your ‘gut feeling’ contradicts that, follow the direction of your gut. Your intuition is tuned in to the lessons that are there for you to learn. Your angels and guides are ready to help you grow. Your inner support system will help you.

Of course, it is wise to have a human support system, too, but only if those people are willing to support you in whatever YOU choose as your path. Are you surrounded by folks who want you to do things their way? Do you feel that you are criticized if you choose a path they don’t support? Then find a new support system!

The power is in you to move forward in your life. You are equipped to handle whatever lessons come your way. No matter how large or small the issue is that is on your plate today, you can take care of it.

What is the problem that wakes you up at night? What is sitting in that pile on the corner of your desk that you are hoping will go away? Who are you avoiding calling because you dread the conversation?

The power is in you if you claim it! You are not helpless even if some days it feels that way.

Ask for help. Find a friend or counselor or advisor to listen to you and to help you put one foot in front of the other. Because this is what it takes to move forward.

Many sensitive people are feeling the energy of change on the planet at this time. It is affecting different people in different ways but some of us are having similar reactions. There are big changes coming. We are all in the cauldron of transformation whether we really want to be there or not. The question is not ‘Will you change?’ but ‘How will you change?’

Ask yourself if you can see a new way to handle whatever problems you are facing no matter what they are. If everything in your life is going smoothly then look for ways that you can advance your personal growth.

It is time to transform. We’re still feeling the effects of the 2012 energy that gave a huge boost to the transformation energy. It’s not over yet!

The good news is that the power is in you!!!

PS: In this video Rosemary talks about going inside yourself to find the power to move forward. Find your guidance and empowerment inside you! Not sure how? Talk to Rosemary! Apply for a FREE “Discovery Session” with her and learn tools of self-discovery! Apply Here

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