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The Year of YOU! – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary is nothing if not provocative. She wrote her Ezine article last week after coming down from her very successful Possibilities Playshop during which she led our group through an afternoon of meditation to meet a guide for the year, more meditation to clear blocks and cut cords, and most importantly to get in touch with our “bodacious wish” for the year. Then we created a “roadmap” or a “guidebook” to move us through the year to help us make our “bodacious wish” come true! So, I am not surprised when she states:

This year make a pact with yourself to BE WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE. If that is your only resolution, goal, to-do YOU WILL BE AMAZING this year!

The Playshop was all about being. We did not use our left-brains; we did not plan; we did not schedule; we made no resolutions. The only “to-do” was to continue to work on the Guidebook and add detail selected intuitively using our right-brains and our own inner guidance.

The Playshop, the Guidebook, pictures pulled from magazines, words cut out because they trigger some meaningful thought or feeling or experience, cards pulled from an intuitive deck or Tarot deck are all tools to help us plumb our inner depths. We all know why we are here; we were born knowing. As we grow, get an education, move into a career path, earn our way, build relationships, join communities, we often forget or repress our truth, our purpose. But we know!

Books come into our lives to help us remember. Yesterday evening our Spiritual Exploration Group came together around the topic of books, especially books that were the most influential in our lives. My measure of this is “What single book would you want to have if stranded on a desert island?” We had a wonderful conversation; many fabulous books were discussed and shared. The books that seemed the most meaningful were those that drew ourselves out; set ourselves free; helped us remember who we are and why we are here!

BE WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE begins with remembering. Find and use the tools to remember. It’s there inside; draw it out.

With this new year of the Wood Horse I am meditating more, dreaming more, practicing mindfulness and receiving incredible guidance. Where does this come from? Inside me; I am remembering. And these memories are beautiful, expanding and powerful expressions of WHO I AM.

And I WILL BE AMAZING this year!

How are you experiencing the Wood Horse energy after the first quarter moon into the New Lunar Year? Are you ready to be who you came here to be? My bodacious wish for you is to have an amazing year! We live in an amazing time of heightened potential. We all have a role to play. I will look for you in the field!

PS: The Possibilities Playshop Rosemary held to create our 2014 Guidebooks,  roadmaps for the year directed by the moon and our intuition, was a truly amazing event. And now you can play too! The videos of the meditations and the process for creating the Guidebook are now available; Details Here

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