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Union and the Echo of Time

I’ve written now of my two messages channeled by Rosemary on December 7, 2012 (review the recording here). The first came from the three “Floating Heads” who have called themselves QRS. The second came from a Native American Guide – a Feminine Guide who spoke of the Union, or Unity, of Body and Spirit. Today I explore the coincidence of these two messages and their overall meaning for me:

Of course, it is no coincidence that QRS and my Native American Goddess Guide came together on the same night this past December to offer their messages to me. What is the nexus of the messages, the integration of the two?

QRS spoke of time and the importance of pulling future strength, character, structure from the future into the now in order to create the future. Time is an echo-chamber and the resonance set up in the present reverberates through all time. The future is now, the past is now; it is all right here, only and always in this moment. There is a Union here. We come back to wholeness. As we are holographic beings of the wholeness of creation so too is the present moment a holographic instance of All Time! The All is instantaneous.

One way to conceive of this is to imagine the moment before the Big Bang. At that moment there was a single seed containing all of the potentiality of everything and every-when. This singularity was it. (And here I use the past tense loosely because it is just as valid to claim it is now and in the future!) This singularity was/is eternal. We are still living within this Eternal Singularity; we are the potential within it. This Singularity is the seed hologram of Everything and All Time.

So what?

The consciousness of this greater dimensionality of reality has broad implications to how we might choose to live our lives. It is the integrated message of QRS and my Native American Goddess Guide. As we live, love and think in this moment we affect both the past and the future and we effect them as well! QRS is nudging me along a path that is essential to their future as they are living it – both 500 years in the future and now, through the echo I am creating. And 500 years ago my ancestors sent out an echo that is me. And I speak to them through this echo-link urging them to live, love and think in such a way that I might live just so, now! And we are all One in the great Seed Singularity that is pure potential for all of this to unfold just so!

Love, gratitude and forgiveness are profound attitudes and actions that are at the core of how to live with the implications of this Union of the All across All Time. If Brian Swimme (author of “The Universe is a Green Dragon”) is correct, then it is Love that motivates the Singularity Seed, that eternal stillness that was/is Pure Potential, to sprout and bloom into the Grand Universe. With Love as the echoing motivation for the New Human, an extraordinary sense of Gratitude swells my heart and deep Forgiveness for all limits place on Self and Other (One) swells my Spirit; and we drift into a place of expanded consciousness that can only be described as BlissPrajna ParamitaThe Heart of Perfect Wisdom.

Gate, gate, para-gate! And so it is…

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