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From The Divine Feminine:

“Dear Ones,

Help is here! We are working with your personal angels and guides to get your attention so that you can accelerate your personal growth in these turbulent times. Pay attention.

Sometimes the messages are blatant and are held in your face so that you cannot miss them. At other times the messages are subtle and might be repeated many times before you realize that they are, indeed, messages for you to interpret. When you are aware that there are messages available constantly you can notice the many forms in which they come to you.

The form is not as important as the content of the message, for humanity is beyond the point where the form of communication matters. It is much more important that, for the evolving consciousness of the human race, you learn what is the next lesson in your own personal syllabus and continue on your path of growth.

This is not the time to compare yourself to others on the path. Each individual is responsible for their own personal growth and the pace at which that growth is occurring. If you feel that you are not growing as rapidly as you wish, you are in total control of your growth. If you feel that the lessons are coming toward you too rapidly, then ask yourself why the Universe believes that you are ready for these lessons and you do not have the same confidence.

Planet Earth has no time to wait. All who have chosen to be alive in this moment of history have a role to play in the evolving consciousness and in the evolution of the Planet. While you may think that your personal growth is yours alone, that is not true. It is your responsibility and that responsibility extends to all of those around you.

This is why it is so important that you watch for signs, for messages that will guide you in your growth. Does a book fall off the shelf in front of you? Do you keep hearing a particular song? Are you seeing the same numbers or words showing up?

There are many ways that the messages can appear and, when you are open, you will recognize their meaning for you. If you are seeking and not finding, then ask for help from a trusted confidant or counselor. The messages are in front of you. There is no need to work too hard to find them. Relax and look around you. Be aware. Be conscious. Invite your angels and guides to speak to you.

Keep a journal of your dreams and your experiences. Notice patterns. Meditate and remain open to recognizing the signals that there is something important for you to receive. Pay attention to the different ways that signs appear to you.

It is not enough to get the messages and to recognize the meanings. You must also take action on the guidance you receive. Now is not the time to hide!

Be a carrier of information. As you learn, share what you have learned, even if it is just with one person. Connect. The Universe will bring you the connections that are necessary to the growth of all who are evolving.

Remember that your Soul chose to be on the Planet and a part of this moment in human evolution. Rejoice in the part that you are playing.

Be constantly asking yourself, ‘What is the message?’

And so it is.”

— Rosemary’s note: We live in exciting times. Participate FULLY!!!!

PS: Are you seeing patterns in your life but not sure what they mean? Do you receive signs and messages you want to interpret? Do you need help with your next step on your personal growth path? Apply for a FREE Discovery Session with Rosemary to explore your signs and messages! Apply Here


July 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Freedom and Energy

When your energy is locked up inside you, there can be no forward motion in your life. Do you feel stuck in some area and are you unsure of your roadmap out of the stuck place?

The first place to look is to examine your life for the places where your life looks the same as it did one year or five years or ten years ago. Are you clinging to something familiar merely because it is familiar or are you constantly re-evaluating yourself and your life for the ways in which you can grow and expand? When you put your attention to your personal growth you will find the energy to move forward.

Staying in a stuck place actually takes more energy than moving with the flow of life. Does this surprise you? Being stuck means that you are resisting the natural flow of growth and evolution. It takes a lot of energy to deny yourself the opportunities that present themselves for you to enjoy forward motion and the expansion of your consciousness.

There are always lessons to be learned, experiences to be enjoyed, new frontiers to explore. Every new thing learned expands your awareness so that you can never go back to the time before you learned that. You do, however, always have the freedom to choose to ignore the lessons that present themselves to you.

And energy flows where your attention goes. On what are you focusing your attention? Do you think more about what you lack in your life or are you putting your attention on manifesting your dreams? The energy needed for manifestation comes from the belief in your ability to realize those dreams. If you have limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that keep pulling your attention back to what you don’t have, the energy will not flow into the attracting force needed for manifestation.

Of course, you are free to choose where you will focus your attention, but when you realize that you do have choice, why would you focus on lack?

Freedom doesn’t just mean the freedom to choose. It also means the freedom to BE. You can be free of the bonds that keep you tied to the past, to negative thoughts, to limiting beliefs, especially those that are sourced from someone outside of yourself. You are free to choose to BE the person you were born on Planet Earth to be, to live your purpose.

When you put your attention on being instead of doing, your energy flows into being the you you were meant to be. Doing, taking action in your life, then follows being yourself.

Where are there energy blocks in you, in your life? Identify the stuck places and take action to move the energy through the blocks. Free up any stuck energy so that you can truly be free. Focus your attention on manifesting your dreams and watch how much energy can then flow into that manifestation.

Freedom and energy – intimately connected and your choice!

PS: Rosmary’s Conversation with The Other Side this Saturday, July 13, promises to be another great evening. For a sample of the depth and detail of the messages you can expect to hear, she has posted some samples on her website: Sample Messages. Go to the link to hear and see how this works and how you can benefit with messages from The Other Side! Attendance is easy from anywhere in the world!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Will the REAL YOU please stand up?

April 24, 2013 Leave a comment

This week’s article is a message from The Divine Feminine:

Dear Ones,

Your work now is to be fully YOU.  Who are you?  Independent of your roles, your relationships, your duties and obligations.  Who are you when no one is looking?  Who are you in your dreams and fantasies?

What do you wish you could say?  Say it.

What do you wish you could do?  Do it.

Who do you want to be?  Be that person.

There is nothing stopping you except you.

Who is limiting you?  Only your beliefs and thoughts about you hold you back.

What is your relationship with money?  If money seems to be a limiting factor in your life then you have cut off the flow of money to you and through you by defining a limiting belief about HOW money operates.

If, for example, you say, “I would like to travel but I don’t have the money,” then you are defining how you cannot travel and you are correct.  If, however, you say to the Universe, “I would like to travel to ________ and I am grateful and eager to see how you will provide that trip,” then you allow the Universe many options for making that happen.

If you believe that you cannot make the money you need then you are only looking at a particular method of receiving money and, again, you limit the ways in which the Universe can bring money to you.

Be grateful.  Be curious.  Be open.

Be yourself.

Who must you BE to receive the money you desire

Be the powerful manifestor that you already are.  Be in the flow of your Life Purpose.  Be constantly grateful for the reality that is your Life, for the lessons you are learning, for the people who are helping you to learn those lessons.  Be in touch with your Inner Child who is trying to feel safe, happy, protected and playful.  Be creative, for you may have forgotten how to play and create.  Be joyful, for Joy is a powerful magnet to attract more Joy into your Life.

Be who you are behind the limiting beliefs you have created about yourself.  Stop defining yourself by the money you do or do not have.  Stop confining yourself to what you used to believe and think.

Leap forward into possibilities that hold the most Joy for you.

You are there.  You are here.  You are the Light of the World.  You are the Delight of the Universe.

Expand your Consciousness to embrace the biggest version of YOU that you can imagine and then allow that to continue to expand.  The Universe sees YOU as large as you REALLY are.  Dissolve the limitations that you have put on yourself and BE THE BIGGER VISION OF YOU.

And so it it.

Rosemary’s Comments:

I don’t know about you but I need the reminder to stop playing small.  It seems much easier to focus on what seems do-able then to stretch into the bigger visions.  Take a leap of faith!  Reach for something that really scares you!  Trust the Universe to support your bigger visions.

And I have learned that it is important to ask for help.

We asked the Universe for a house to rent and our friend asked for someone to rent her house.  Voila!  We move in August.  It happens just that way when you trust.

PS:  The final week of the Spring Book Special: Get Your Woman On!  Embracing Beauty, Grace and the Power of Women – The Amazon Best Selling book that Rosemary co-authored with some amazing women – is available this April at a very special price – $12 with free shipping in the US and some great bonuses!  This would be an inspirational gift for Mother’s Day for a woman who would like to read 39 stories of transformation.  Here’s how to get your copy: Book Sale


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Rosemary’s video for the week: Who Are You REALLY?

PS: Book sale! Spring Book Special: Get Your Woman On!  Embracing Beauty, Grace and the Power of Women – The Amazon Best Selling book that Rosemary co-authored with some amazing women – is available this month at a very special price –$12 with free shipping in the US and some great bonuses!  This would be an inspirational gift for Mother’s Day for a woman who would like to read 39 stories of transformation.  Here’s how to get your copy: Book Sale

ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Examine Your Expectations

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Rosemary’s video for the week: Examine Your Expectations

PS: Rosemary did an interview with BlogTalkRadio program, Explore the Afterlife, the other day. You can listen to the recording here!

Where Are You Headed? – Richard’s Commentary

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Permission, Dreams, Plans. Yes, these are the steps to answer the question of heading.

Permission is a big first step! Many of us find ourselves in situations that are stressful, unfulfilling, and far from the dreams we may have had as kids or younger adults. And nearly as many find themselves with the sense they are locked in to a life “not of their choosing.” Well, I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but humans are all about “choice.” We do choose everything that leads to every moment whether we want to believe this or not.

Staying in a situation that is stressful, unfulfilling and far from our dreams is a choice. We may feel like we can’t make a change. But we must give ourselves permission to make the changes that will lead to more satisfying lives. This is the time, right now, when we must begin to live into our purpose. And there is no external authority to give us this permission, this choice. This can only come from within. Yes, sometimes it takes courage to give ourselves this permission, to choose to change. But there is little chance of improvement without change.

Dreams are the second step in determining your heading. I am not suggesting a change in heading without careful examination of what you want in life. Perhaps security is more important to you than living the life of your dreams. In this case remaining in a secure but stressful environment may be the better choice. Do a gut check. Do a values check. What is most important? If your answer is greater fulfillment then go back to your dreams. Imagine the life you want. Fill in the details, begin to feel that life, breathe it, taste it, hear it, see the way it unfolds. This is creating the detailed vision of that dream. Dare to dream big. Let your imagination soar. This is the creative and fun part of this process.

Plans are the details of the dreams. Without plans dreams will remain idle, the hazy, cloud-like sketches of fantasy. Plans are an extension to the details of the vision, another layer to continue to build the dreams toward reality, the blueprints for the transformation. Plans generate the actions you need to take to make the changes. They identify the resources you need and outline the schedule and sequence of those actions.

And plans require attention too. Measure and assess the work toward the desired changes to track progress and to adjust the process as you gain additional information. As you implement your plans you will get continuous feedback; use this to make any needed adjustments. One of Rosemary’s mentor’s, James Roché refers to this process as kaizen: making small adjustments to improve a process based on continuous feedback and assessment. Even after your dream comes true kaizen can be applied to make the dream even better!

I just finished a four-day workshop with Jeff Primack, his Qi Revolution program. And it was awesome. I’ve been doing qigong for about a year now and have embraced the concepts, worked through a couple of forms and have incorporated it into both my health regimen. I also plan to blend some qigong concepts into a workshop of my own I am planning for this summer. Qi Revolution changed this vision I have, not only for my workshop but for my entire life! This is an excellent example of kaizen. I am making adjustments to my workshop plan and my vision for my future based on the feedback, in this case from the Universe, which brought me to Jeff’s workshop. It’s not a total change in direction, but a significant refinement in heading, a course correction that will get me to my dream more effectively and maybe even more rapidly.

(I’ll write more about Qi Revolution in tomorrow’s post.)

Have you given yourself permission to dream big, beyond your current situation? It’s a big step! Dare to dream!



February 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Are you headed in the direction of your dreams or do you feel as if you are spinning your wheels and staying in one place?  Or are you marching forward but NOT in the direction of your dreams, hoping to change course eventually and get back on track?

One thing I know about the 21st Century is that Time is speeding up.  The clock still ticks away 24 hours every day but they seem to be passing more quickly than those same 24 hours used to pass.  There is a sense of urgency about doing our work in the World, living our Purpose.  Do you feel it, too?

I think this is why so many people are feeling frustrated with jobs, with situations, with politics, with anything that seems to be stuck in old patterns that are not moving forward.  We are all feeling a drive to manifest our dreams NOW.

This isn’t to advocate impatience but to urge you to examine yourself and your life and to be brutally honest with yourself.  Are you on the path to the realization of your heart’s desires?  Or are you waiting for something to happen to push you along?  Sweet One, the ‘something’ has happened!  It’s time to move!

Some people have pooh-poohed the Big Shift of 2012 because the world didn’t end on December 21, 2012.  Others believe there was a shift of something but they aren’t sure what that ‘something’ is.  Still others are waiting for something else to happen that might take several years to complete.

There’s a bit of truth in each of these beliefs, but here is what’s going on.  The Shift wasn’t about a comet hitting Planet Earth and causing the demise of our physical world and it also wasn’t about some chosen group [everyone thinks that they are in the chosen group and all others are outsiders] didn’t get swept away into some kind of heaven or nirvana.  The Big Shift was a shift in Consciousness, a part of the evolution of human awareness, and it really is a BIG Shift.

As each individual is given the choice of expanding or contracting, of participating in the evolution of Consciousness or ignoring it, then each individual also has a responsibility to move into living their own Life Purpose, the very reason that their Soul incarnated in this lifetime on this planet.  No more excuses.  No more delays.  No more waiting.  The Time is NOW.

Do you know your Purpose?  Are you poised and ready to live it but unsure of the direction you must take?

Look into your heart.  FEEL your heart’s desires.  Learn the direction of your dreams.

Most of our lives are spent answering to others’ expectations of us.  Most of us have not been taught to listen to our inner voice and determine our heart’s desires.  How, then, do we do this?

The first step is to give yourself permission to live your dreams.  You might think that this is easy but there seems to be a little voice that will pop up and undermine your determination to live your dreams.  Have you ever heard it?  ‘Who do you think you are to dream that big?’  ‘You’re not good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, slim enough, strong enough, etc. to accomplish that.’  ‘Nobody in the family has ever _________ so what makes you think you can do it?’  And on and on.

Do the work to still this voice.  You do have permission to live your dreams.  Your heart’s desires are the messages from your Soul about the direction this lifetime is to take.  Fulfilling your Life Purpose should feel like the realization of a nagging desire to move in a certain direction.  Allow yourself to pursue it.

The second step is to identify your dreams.  Figure it out.  Energize the vision of you stepping into those dreams.

Next, create a plan.  Notice what works to support you and what doesn’t and then adjust your life circumstances to allow the possibility of realizing the dreams you identify.

Take these steps and you’ll have the compass pointed in the right direction.  Let your heart’s desire be True North for your compass and set your course.  Then enjoy the ride!








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